Rules On Land Use Classification Procedures And Criteria For Determining The

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par zemes lietošanas veidu klasifikācijas kārtību un to noteikšanas kritērijiem

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Updated 2008-02-19., Latvian Journal No. 27 (3811) Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 562 in Riga in 2007 (august 21. No 46 15. §) rules on land use classification procedures and their detection criteria Issued in accordance with land-use planning law of article 24 1. determines the classification of land use procedures and criteria for determining it. 2. land use shall be classified and defined according to the annex to these provisions. 3. Land use category is by nature similar to land use. 4. The real property cadastre of the State information system for land use classification according to these rules introduce up to 31 December 2007. Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of the Minister of Justice-economic Minister j. Malcolm annex Cabinet's august 21 2007 the Regulation No 562 land use classification of land use Categories of criteria for determining an identifier name identifier name 01 011 agricultural area arable land land regularly processed, or processed in the former land, which, by its natural characteristics of agricultural crops to be used for the volume, as well as the land of forest planting material , fruit and berry farms 012 Orchard land on which to plant fruit trees, berry bushes and perennial Berry, intended for fruit production in the Meadow land, where 013 by his natural characteristics to be used for mowing grass and long term (multiple years) cultured (back) or naturally (pašiesējuš) founded the cultural production zālveid 014 pasture land where the long term use grazing and cultivated (back) or naturally (pašiesējuš) founded the cultural zālveid of fodder production forest Forest 02 021 land , dominated by trees in all stages of development, which is the height of the location can be reached at least seven metres and a current or potential crown cover is at least 20 percent of the forested areas occupied Bush undergrowth Below 03 031, dominated by Woody (osier, krūkļ, honeysuckle Bush, irbene, segliņ, currants, hazelnuts, paegļ, Rowan tree, Eve), which consists of up to six metres high trunks 04 the swamp the swamp the swamp 041-land of the pārmitr aerēt of peat, weak soils that tree height location may not reach more than seven meters and repetitions is dominated by various species of Sphagnum and sedge species 05 water land 051 land beneath the waters of the land occupied by the River (including streams), lakes, ponds, ūdensnotek (trenches) and other bodies, as well as the coastal waters the ground beneath 052 fish ponds, the land occupied by the artificially re-established water fish-farming land under buildings and 06 courtyards 061 the ground beneath the buildings and courtyards land occupied by the building, the building and yard, as well as the maintenance of buildings and the land required for the ' 07 the ground beneath the road ground beneath roads 071 land occupied by roads, railway or road and track, as well as other partition bars 08 Earth 081 general land land occupied by the Earth, cemeteries, parks, lauc, stig, gullies, ravines, slopes, if they are not to be regarded as forest or scrub pārplūstoš seed plantations and clearings, as well as land used for mineral extraction in the place of the Minister of Justice-economic Minister j. Malcolm