The Order In Which The National Probation Service Organized Criminal-Forced Labor-Enforcement

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Valsts probācijas dienests organizē kriminālsoda - piespiedu darbs - izpildi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 581 Riga, 28 august 2007 (pr. No 47 13) the order in which the national probation service organized criminal-forced labour-execution Issued under the public service Act, a probation article 12 of i. General questions 1.-criminal rules provide forced labor (hereinafter referred to as forced labor)-the organisation of enforcement procedures. 2. Persons with a court order or a Prosecutor's statement about the punishment suitable for forced labour (referred to as probation client), employing the State Probation Service (hereinafter service) or State or local government authorities, corporations, agencies, non-governmental organizations (further-de wind), with which the Department has entered into a contract for the probation job definition of customers of forced labour. 3. Forced job execution service, organizing its territorial unit whose territory the probation client declared place of residence. 4. If the customer has several probation declared place of residence, probation, the client specifies the declared place of residence in the territory of which undertake to endure the punishment. 5. If the customer forced probation work progresses, resident outside the declared place of residence, forced performance organised by other territorial unit of the service based on the customer's application of the probation. II. Forced Labour enforcement organisation 6. Probation client who has arrived in the territorial unit of service to apply for parole officers, explaining the forced labor conditions and the execution of the order. Probation client with signature declares that he is aware of the forced labor conditions and the execution of the order. 7. the customer specifies the Probation officers to address, in which he undertakes to receive correspondence addressed to myself and signify it with a signature. 8. the officers shall select the employer agree on the place and time of probation, the customer may come to the employer, and shall issue to the customer of the assignment of probation visits to the employer. Probation client with a signature confirming that they have received the assignment. 9. If the customer is a minor probation, one of the officers forced labor and conditions of implementation of the agenda, as well as a copy of the assignment shall be issued or registered letter sent to the parents of the probation or other customer's legal representatives. 10. the dates referred to in the assignment, and during the probation officers and the customer arrives at the employer. 11. the officers shall draw up a schedule for a period of not less than the calendar week and matched it with the employer. The agreed schedule, the employer shall be attested by the signature. Officers with the agreed timetable presents probation and probation of customer, customer will certify it with a signature. 12. If the customer is under probation for 15 years or until 18 years of age continues to get basic education, work schedule drawn up for a period of not more than two hours a day and 10 hours a week, if forced labour carried out during the school year, and no longer than four hours a day and 20 hours per week if forced labour is performed on the holiday. 13. If the customer is older the probation for 15 years, but have not reached 18 years of age and do not continue to get basic education, work schedule drawn up for a period of not more than seven hours a day and 35 hours a week. 14. If the customer wants the probation work longer than four hours a day, he certifies in writing that this day not studying and not working. 15. If probation customer forced labour performed for more than four hours a day writing schedule, provides for a break. Break time and duration of the officers shall determine, in consultation with the employer and the probation clients. Break not forced labour. 16. A new working schedule drawn up, if the end of the period: 16.1, which drafted the previous work schedule;
16.2. to make significant changes in the work schedule drawn up in advance. In this case, the previous schedule is valid for the period for which it has not drawn up a new schedule. 17. the amendments to the work schedule after consulting the employers take the officers. The amendment shall be made if the customer expected probation work time that is not listed in this schedule, but include the period for which it is drawn up. Employer and probation a signed customer declares that he is familiar with the changes in the work schedule. 18. If the customer is a minor probation, officers participate in a presentation to the minors protection and the provisions of the agenda. 19. the Department controls how the client performs the work of probation: 19.1. communicating with the employer;
19.2. the arrival of forced labor in the place of execution. 20. the forced labour for only worked the hours that the customer works in probation work schedule within the time and forced to work out the forced labor conditions and the execution of the order. 21. following the work schedule in the end of the term of the probation officers, the client and the employer to certify that the probation period set by the customer are made by forced labor. 22. If officers work schedule within the time arrives the forced performance place and finds that the customer does not find there the probation and notice to officers is not informed, consider that on this day the customer forced probation work not done. 23. Forced labour during the invitation to come to the customer of the probation on the specified date and time, the territorial Department of the service, to discuss with forced labor issues, the executive officers shall personally or sent by registered letter. If the invitation is served personally, probation client with signature confirms that the invitation is received. 24. Forced labour during the execution of the officers shall have the right to interview the probation clients and employer. 25. If the customer is a disease of the probation is not able to perform forced labour, he shall notify the officers. If the probation is not forced to work for the client is able to make more than two days in a row, he presented to the service following a recovery officer disability page. Officers of the inability to insert a copy of the probation page client case. 26. in addition to the medical institutions issued disability page eligible number of sickness absence must not exceed two days per calendar month. 27. If the employer for the period specified in the work schedule does not provide the customer with the probation work or is not available, the probation the client shall immediately inform the officers by communicating over the phone, or on arrival at the service of territorial unit. 28. If the service has received the customer's written application of probation to allow request to temporarily suspend the implementation of the forced labour in connection with the departure from the country or another important reason for the customer, the officers examined the 15 days notice in writing and notify the probation decision to the customer. 29. The provisions referred to in paragraph 28 of the probation application client: 29.1. the grounds for the request;
29.2. the address where the client will be within reach of probation;
29.3. date on which to begin or continue to undertake forced labour. 30. the service may not stop the forced labour, if: 30.1. forced labour during the probation clients violated the forced labour enforcement conditions and procedure and is on the alert;
30.2. stopping forced labour enforcement, the Prosecutor's statement on or before the deadline set in the execution of a judgment of conviction limitation accession moment forced labour may not be possible to complete the execution. 31. This provision 28. in the cases referred to in point customer may challenge the probation officers decision by the head of the service, the application of administrative processes governing laws. 32. Forced labour during the execution of the officers shall have the right to appoint the probation client to a different employer, where this would contribute to the effective implementation of the forced labour. III. the action of the service if the customer does not fulfil the probation obligations 33. Officers shall issue or by registered letter sent to the probation warning if client probation: 33.1. within 15 days of the Penal Procedure Code of Latvia in the period in which he had to attend to apply forced labour sentence, does not submit the service supporting documents on arrival;

33.2. the prescribed time without justification does not perform forced labour. 34. Notice shall specify the period within which the probation service, the customer must come to the territorial unit. Period may not be shorter than 10 days after the notice is sent. 35. If the customer has violated probation forced labor conditions and procedures, officers shall have the right to request from the customer's explanation of the probation. 36. Forced labour conditions and violations of probation officers noted in the case of the client by post under the laws and regulations governing customer's use of the probation, design, transfer, termination, renewal and retention procedures. 37. If the customer is a minor probation, one alert instance is issued or registered letter sent to the parents of the probation or other customer's legal representatives. 38. If a registered letter sent to 7 of these regulations address referred to in paragraph, considered that the probation warning is received by the customer on the seventh day following the transfer of the letter in the mail. IV. Transport arrangements cover 39. If the customer wants the probation to cover expenses for the use of public transport, related to his appearance in the territorial unit of the service and forced labor in the place of execution, he shall submit a written application to the Department concerned and the public transport tickets: 39.1. If forced the job lasts a month or less,-within three working days after the completion of forced labor;
39.2. If forced the job lasts longer than a month-within three working days after the completion of forced labour or once a month. 40. If the documents submitted by the customer the probation for a public transport costs are reasonable, the service probation customer expenses of public transport within 30 days after the provision of the document referred to in paragraph 39. V. closing question 41. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 November 2007. Prime Minister-Minister of Finance Minister of Justice Spurdziņš o. g. Smith

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