Provisions On State Budget Appropriation Reserve Use

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts budžeta apropriācijas rezerves izmantošanu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 594 in Riga august 28 2007 (pr. No 47 36) rules on State budget appropriations for the use of the reserve in accordance with the issued the law on budget and financial management 9.1 the first paragraph of article 1. determines the order in which the ministries, other Central Government authorities (hereinafter the Ministry) and the law on local government uses the national budget for the current year (hereinafter referred to as the budget Act) approved appropriations in reserve appropriations current financial year (n).
2. Local authorities proposals for the allocation of appropriations from the reserve of appropriations presented only those ministries responsible for national programmes and subprogrammes of the budget execution.
3. the budget for the year n by law planned appropriations reserves is a grant from the general revenue, which is used only in the budget law for the preceding financial year (n – 1) planned, but not learning expenditure corresponding to the budget law for the year n in those rules. Appropriation reserve does not extend to the policy instruments of the European Union and other foreign financial assistance granted to projects co-financed by appropriations.
4. After n-1 annual national budget account closing ministries are entitled to 1 March of year n to log on to the appropriations of the year n reserve appropriations, an amount not exceeding unused grant from the general revenue an amount in year n-1, subject to this provision of paragraph 3 and in accordance with the budget law of year n.
5. If the Ministry actions due to n – 1 year unused appropriations and budget year n is not specified in the law, the Ministry may apply to be appropriations of the year n and use it in year n in the following situations: 5.1 was started and did not complete the purchase procedure, but the measure concerned in year n no allocation or the planned amount was not enough;
5.2. budget planned and started the national investment projects (except expenses reimbursement) for completion if the n year appropriations not allocated for these purposes, or the planned amount was not enough;
5.3 payments required in the budget planned and ongoing activities and orders, if the final settlement payments (excluding utilities) could not provide suppliers of goods or services in the work of unsatisfactory quality or delayed delivery and allocation for these purposes in year n are not granted or the planned amount was not enough;
5.4. preparation of investment projects for land acquisition (alienation), if the need for the purchase of objective justification is submitted.
6. To apply for the reserve appropriations appropriations, submitted to the Ministry of finance, Ministry of the application (annex 1) only for budget programmes or sub-programmes in which the authorities and the local authorities applied to the appropriations in the reserve of appropriations. The application shall state: 6.1 resource expenditure as well as the closed allocation (grant from the general revenue) in the previous year by the programmes and sub-programmes;
6.2. information about the Ministry and its subordinated institutions closed, indicating the budget appropriations account number and the amount of appropriations closed.
7. Ministry for the needed appropriations reserves some of the following information (annex 2): 7.1 not grounds for the use of appropriations in the Ministry, its subordinated bodies or authorities in the year n-1;
7.2. the justifiable demand for funding from one-time measures appropriation reserve, including relevant programmes or subprogrammes of the budget.
8. The Ministry of finance, the Ministry of examination of applications, evaluate: not of the use of appropriations 8.1;
8.2. the subordination of the Ministry or the authority has taken the necessary steps to ensure the year n-1 learning the appropriations allocated in full;
8.3. or the measures referred to in the explanatory memorandum of the Ministry of reasons related to public procurement procedures comply with the public procurement monitoring Bureau database information;
5.2. does the measure of reserve appropriations appropriations would be no more than n-1 year closed appropriations;
8.5. or use of funding requested the Ministry to meet the usage defined in the rules of the law of the budget for year n.
9. The Ministry of Finance has the right to request additional information from the Ministry on its reserve the appropriations requested appropriations and the measures for which funding is provided.
10. The Ministry of Finance within two weeks after receipt of the request of all the Ministry inform the Ministry and harmonized with those of the appropriations to be allocated appropriations from the reserve amount.
11. during the week after the allocation of the amounts to be allocated to the reconciliation of appropriations reserves, the Ministry of the Ministry of Finance shall provide information on the required appropriations, indicating changes in the specified program (subprogram) year n year n of plans according to the structure of the budget law, from "appropriation reserve" "appropriation and the total appropriations of the Ministry (annex 3).
12. by paragraph 11 of these rules in the evaluation of that information to the Ministry of finance to prepare and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft order of the Cabinet of Ministers on the appropriations year n reserves, indicating the specific distribution the Ministry program, subprogramme and expenditure of economic classification code according to the budget law n.
13. the budget law approved appropriations for year n reserve divides the Cabinet until May 1 year n.
14. The Ministry of Finance of the reserve the appropriations received up to the end of year n. The relevant programme or sub-programme of the unused appropriations from the reserve appropriations grants from general revenue, is closed at the end of year n and the coming years are not included in the reserve the appropriations request.
15. Regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2008.
Prime Minister, Minister of finance Spurdziņš o. Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2008.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 28 august 2007.-Regulation No. 594 Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 august 2007.-Regulation No. 594 Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok annex 3 Cabinet

28. august 2007.-Regulation No. 594 in the law on the State budget for the current year budget set the revenue and expenditure breakdown by programmes and sub-programmes to year n Minister with special responsibility for the acquisition of funds from the European Union's Affairs n. Brok