The Order In Which The System Of The Ministry Of The Interior Authorities And Prison Administration Officials With A Special Service Rank The Performance Of Civil Servants In The Ministry Of The Interior Of The Post And The Ministry Of Justice

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā Iekšlietu ministrijas sistēmas iestāžu un Ieslodzījuma vietu pārvaldes amatpersona ar speciālo dienesta pakāpi pilda valsts civildienesta ierēdņa amatu Iekšlietu ministrijā un Tieslietu ministrijā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 599 in 2007 (4 September. 49. § 12) the order in which the system of the Ministry of the Interior authorities and prison administration officials with a special service rank the performance of civil servants in the Ministry of the Interior of the post and the Ministry of Justice Issued in accordance with national civil law, article 3 of the fifth 1. determines the order in which the Ministry system inside the institutions and prison administration with a special service officer, that for a certain period of time in the public interest of civil servants appointed to a post in the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of Justice (official) the performance of the official's position, the order in which you want the service, disciplinārsodīšan, as well as pay, benefits and compensation to be allocated. 2. the decision on the appointment of officials, officials of the current special rank officials in granting official appointed by the last post stated the special rank of appointed officials and he retired from the service in question shall be adopted by the Minister of the Interior or the Minister of Justice. 3. the Executive Officer's job duties in accordance with the job description. 4. the official service includes time, to which it appointed an official post in the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of Justice. 5. the officials under civil laws governing is responsible for disciplinary action disciplinary, made in conjunction with the Office of compliance officials. If you do this a disciplinary, which apply to the release of the public service, the Minister of Interior or the Minister of Justice retired officials from the service. 6. If a disciplinary is not associated with the official position, the officer is liable to disciplinary action in accordance with the laws and regulations of officials with special ranks disciplinary actions. 7. in the light of the legislation for the protection of special ranks pay, the officer shall receive monthly salary: 7.1 the last post to a specific job category and job level, given the retirement of officials;
7.2. the premium for special service;
7.3. bonus for the extra work (work, absent or vacant officials exercise of additional direct job);
7.4. allowances for exercise of the information technology and communications;
7.5. bonuses according to officials working for the investment. 8. the monthly base salary of Officials about a report, if changed conditions pay officials with special ranks and officers of the monthly base salary and allowances for special service rank total is less than the specified monthly wages for civil servants. 9. in the light of the legislation on benefits and compensation of officials with special ranks, officer receives: 9.1. lump sum payment if the interest of the State officials transferred in Ministry or the Ministry of Justice and the Executive;
9.2. a lump sum payment on the birth of a child;
9.3. the lump sum payment due to the officer's family member (spouse, child, parent, grandparent, adoptive parent or adopted child) or dependent death;
9.4. the lump sum payment, the payment of annual leave;
9.5. the lump-sum benefit in respect of a major accident;
9.6. a lump sum payment for each five years of continuous retirement;
9.7. retraining allowance;
9.8. the refund of travel expenses if an official is appointed by the public interest, officials do not have their permanent residence in the administrative territory, which is her place of employment;
9.9. the intake compensation. 10. Death of an official person who has taken the official funeral, receives a lump sum payment of base salary this month about officials in accordance with the laws and regulations of the executive ranks with special benefits and compensation. Prime Minister-Minister of defence (A). the Interior Minister Slakter i. Godmanis