Re-Exports Of Goods Of The Notification Procedure

Original Language Title: Preču atpakaļizvešanas paziņojuma iesniegšanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 602 in 2015 (October 20. No. 55 6) re-export of goods for the procedure for submission of the notification Issued in accordance with the customs law article 4, third paragraph 1. establish procedures, customs clearance of goods a customs-approved treatment or use, goods re-exports (re-exports of goods hereinafter) shall submit the notification of goods re-exports. 2. the re-export of the goods in a communication of the Commission of 2 July 1993, Regulation (EEC) No 2454/93 laying down provisions for the implementation of Council Regulation (EEC) No 2913/92 establishing the Community Customs Code (hereinafter referred to as Commission of 2 July 1993, Regulation No 2454/93), 841. paragraph 2 of article (a) referred to in the first paragraph. 3. the re-export notification is signed and submitted to the State revenue service electronic declaration system (hereinafter referred to as the electronic declaration system) before the goods are re-exported, adding the cargo accompanying documents scanned that will re-export the goods. 4. the re-export of electronically submitted To the notification, the person shall sign a contract with the State revenue service. The contract with the State revenue service should not be shut down if the person submits the notice of re-export signed with a secure electronic signature under the electronic Act. Personal user ID and password are considered persons signing a replacement for the handwritten signature of the re-export notification (excluding re-exports of messages that are signed with a secure electronic signature). 5. signed electronically shall also be deemed re-export notification submitted by the natural person submitted the electronic declaration system through the portal personal authentication tools available. 6. the re-export notification submitted electronically shall be deemed signed it at the time of dispatch. 7. when submitting the notification, the goods re-exports indicates the following: 7.1 the goods re-exported at the notifier's single European Union authorised economic operator registration and identification number (EOU); 7.2. the re-export of the goods of the applicant's name and address, or the name and address of the operator; 7.3. the shipper's name and address, or the name and address of the operator; 7.4. the trade description (name), which will apply to re-export the goods, the quantity of goods and freight for shipment specified in the document location; 7.5. the re-export of the goods of the scheduled date and time; 7.6. the vehicle type and registration number of the goods to be exported from the customs territory of the community; 7.7. the Office submitted in the previous document (which contains the product identification data) type (for example, the import summary declaration, manifesto, the International Bill of lading), the number and date; 7.8. the information on the expected dates of unloading location (a State which is not a Member State of the European Union); 7.9. the load type and number of the accompanying document, to which re-exportation of goods. 8. cargo accompanying documents that electronic declaration system of goods re-exports added notice, the applicant shall keep not less than three years, the period from the end of the year, when the goods are re-exported. 9. the re-export of the goods at the time of submission of the communication electronic declaration system is not functioning, the person at the Customs Office, which is under the supervision of the location from which the goods are exported from the customs territory of the European Union, submitted a notification paper (annex) in duplicate (resignation). 10. the re-export of the goods Before the person is obliged to Commission 18 December 2006, Regulation No 1875/2006 in Article 592 limits set according to the mode of transport for the electronic declaration system arrival statement. 11. Be declared unenforceable in Cabinet 15 February 2011 Regulation No 129 ' customs-approved treatment or use, goods re-exports of goods-procedure "(Latvian journal, no. 28, 2011). The Prime Minister is the Rapidity of the Newsletters Finance Minister John Rare attachment Cabinet of Ministers of 20 October 2015 regulations no re-export of goods Message 602 Finance Minister John a Rare