The State Funded Pension Scheme Funds Management Reporting Rules

Original Language Title: Valsts fondēto pensiju shēmas līdzekļu pārvaldīšanas pārskatu sagatavošanas noteikumi

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Financial and capital market Commission Regulation No 125 in Riga in 2007 (September 14. 2. No 37 p.)
The State funded pension scheme management rules of preparation of the report Issued under the State funded pension law in article 14 the first part i. General questions 1. determines the order in which the State funded pension scheme fund managers prepare an investment plan overview of the State funded pension scheme management, accounting and contributions made to the investment (hereinafter the report) needed financial and capital market Commission (hereinafter the Commission) to carry out supervision The Bank of Latvia-financial accounts report and the preparation of the balance of payments, as well as the State social insurance agency.
2. The rules are binding on all State funded pension scheme managers of funds (hereinafter funds Manager).
3. The funds Manager according to the requirements of this regulation for each of its existing investment in the management plan shall be prepared the following reports: 3.1 "investment plan asset and liability report" under UPDK 0651293 form (annex 1);
3.2. investment plan statement of income and expenditure "under UPDK 0651294 form (annex 2);
3.3. investment plan net asset movement statement "under UPDK 0651103 form (annex 3);
3.4. investment plan investment portfolio overview "under UPDK 0651295 form (annex 4);
3.5. "investment plan for the reconciliation of assets and liabilities by currency report" under UPDK 0651296 form (annex 5).
4. the report shall be made, subject to the following requirements: 4.1 used in reports currency is the monetary unit of the Republic of Latvia;
4.2 country code indicates the corresponding between the standard ISO 3166 folksy "countries and their territorial breakdown unit name code";
4.3. currency code according to international standard ISO 4217, "codes for currencies and resources";
4.4. international financial institutions which are not registered as residents of one State (the European bank for reconstruction and development, European regional development fund, the European investment bank, the bank for international settlements, etc.), under "registration of the issuer or guarantor in country code" specifies the conditional country code "66";
4.5. the column "of the issuer or guarantor of the code of the country of registration" indicate the country code, in which the issuer of a registered or, if under the emission prospectus fulfillment of obligations assumed (guarantee) company, its registration (origin) country code;
4.6. the column "the regulated market of the country of registration code" indicates the country (from any country), which includes the financial instruments on a regulated market, the code. Under the heading "publicly traded existing open investment funds, which can invest capital securities, investment certificates" and "public circulation of open Fund units" do not fill in this field, if the units are not included in the regulated market.
5. the terms used in the rules comply with the State funded pension law, Commission Regulation No 120 07.07.2006. "the State funded pension scheme investment plan annual report" and with the Bank of Latvia Board of 12.07.2001. decision No 88/7 approved "monetary financial institutions a monthly balance report and preparation of the annex rules" used terms.
6. review and evaluation of the content of the heading corresponds to Commission Regulation No 120 07.07.2006. "the State funded pension scheme investment plan annual report rules ', if these rules otherwise.
II. investment portfolio for the plan review and the review of the investment plan for the reconciliation of assets and liabilities by currencies "preparation 7." investment plan investment portfolio report ' financial instruments are divided into regulated market trading in financial instruments and other financial instruments.
8. investment plan investment portfolio overview "2. under" debt securities and other fixed income securities "2." Contribution to the issuer's debt securities issued "presented in the investment plan of the issuer's debt securities to the issuer of the nominal value of all the issued debt securities total nominal value, expressed as a percentage.
9. investment plan investment portfolio overview "section 3" shares and other securities with fixed income ": 2. in box 9.1." participation in the share capital of the issuer of the investment plan "presented on the nominal value of the equity securities of the issuer in relation to the issuer's share capital amount, expressed as a percentage;
9.2. the column "vote" shows investment plan capital for investments in securities resulting from the ratio of the number of voting rights of the issuer's voting population, expressed as a percentage.
10. investment portfolio for the plan review "5." investments in venture capital market "2." Contribution to the issuer's financial instruments issued "indicate respectively the investment plan available: 10.1. the relevant issuer's equity ratio of nominal share capital of the issuer, expressed as a percentage, or 10.2 units against the carrying amount of the risk capital fund's net assets, expressed as a percentage.
11. investment plan investment portfolio overview "section 6" transactions in financial derivatives ": 11.1 points in column (B) derivative financial instruments (derivatives possible types, see Commission Regulation No 60 02.05.2007." calculation of minimum capital requirements rules "(hereinafter – MKP), paragraph 92);
11.2.1. box "book value; Active "shows derivative financial instruments positive book value but 2. box" book value; passive ' negative book value;
11.3. in column 3 the financial derivatives the notional value is determined according to the provisions of annex 1 of the MKP was 34 points.
12. investment portfolio the plan review "under the" Investment 7. credit institutions ", the first indicates the credit institution – a custodian. Calculating a single credit institution deposits and investments of the same financial instruments issued by the credit institution, taking into account: the deposit principal amount, 12.1 all term deposit and claim on request (except for the requirements to request the custodian) carrying amount reduced by the amount of the accrued interest, if the contract does not provide for the cost of accrued interest in the event of breach of contract;
12.2. risks of the extent of transactions in financial derivatives (hereinafter – the amount of exposures), calculated using the market value method pursuant to the provisions of annex 1 of the MKP's part 4;
12.3. investments in other financial instruments issued by credit institutions.
13. investment plan for the reconciliation of assets and liabilities by currency report "4. the column" Harmonization "reflects the investment plan with commitments in the non-harmonised investment currency. The calculation of the total amount of the investment, with commitments agreed currencies, not only the positive indicators of the extent of harmonisation. For information purposes, the report also includes the lats and euro. All amounts expressed in foreign currency, the report reflects a conversion of local currency after Latvia Bank foreign exchange rate at the date of the report.
III. submission of Reports 14. Funds Manager prepares: the reports referred to in paragraph 1 on the situation on the last day of each quarter and shall be submitted to the Commission to review the quarter following the 15th of the month. reports referred to in the paragraph about the State the last date of each month and submitted to the Commission by the 15th of the following month.
15. the report shall be drawn up for submission to the Commission's Regulation No. 156 16.07.2004. "electronically submit statistical reports preparation and dispatch rules".
16. If the Commission finds that the report has been prepared in error, it will be announced in the report to the applicant. If the Commission has not indicated otherwise, corrected report shall be submitted not later than the working day following notification of the existence of the error from the Commission.
IV. Closing questions 17. provisions enter into force 01.11.2007.18. This provision of the date of entry into force be declared unenforceable in the Commission Regulation No 164 12.06.2002. "the State funded pension scheme management's reporting rules".
Financial and capital market Commission Vice Chairman j. Brazovsk a