The Rules Of Procedure Provide Training In First Aid And First Aid Medical Materials Required For Minimum

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par kārtību, kādā nodrošina apmācību pirmās palīdzības sniegšanā, un pirmās palīdzības sniegšanai nepieciešamo medicīnisko materiālu minimumu

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 668 Riga 2007 (2 October. Nr. 55. §) rules on procedure provides training in first aid and first aid supplies necessary medical minimum material Issued under the Labour Protection Act article 12 the third and fourth part 1. determines the order in which provides training in first aid and first aid medical material necessary for the minimum. 2. First aid for medical material to 100 workers the minimum laid down in the annex to these provisions. 3. the employer shall first aid in the employment of the trainees for determines, on the basis of the risk assessment results obtained in accordance with the laws and regulations of the internal monitoring of the procedure. 4. Employees, in accordance with the risk assessment results, the need to train first aid, the employer sent to training institutions which it is authorised to carry out, in accordance with the laws and regulations on training first aid. 5. The rules referred to in paragraph 4, the institution in accordance with the laws of the first-aid training in first aid training programs to teach employees to provide first aid and after training workers shall issue a certificate of first aid training in the hearing. Certificate is valid for five years. 6. Workers after a first aid training course of the hearing that rule referred to in paragraph 5 a copy of the certificate shall submit to the employer (the presentation of the original). Prime Minister a. Halloween Health Minister V. Veldr attachment of the Cabinet's October 2, 2007.-Regulation No. 668 first aid medical material necessary for the minimum (to 100 employees) 1. Single-use gloves Pack-1 2-1 3 Clip the needle.. Scissors (10-14 cm) with rounded ends-1 4. Resuscitation mask Pack-1 5. Triangular bandage (136 x 96 x 96 cm)-Pack of 2 6. Adhesive plasters (2-3 cm) coil-wound 1 7. patch (different sizes) in sterile packaging-15 8. Mesh casts no 3 ( 40 cm)-3 9. Gauze links (4 x 0.1 m) in sterile packaging-4 10. Marla links (4 x 0.05 m) in sterile packaging-Dressings 2 11. package in sterile packaging-2 12. Marla Kit (600 x 800 mm) in sterile packaging-1 13. Gauze compress (400 x 600 mm) in sterile packaging-1 14. Gauze compress (100 x 100 mm) in sterile packaging-5 15. Foil blanket (one side metallized , the other-bright color) packaging-1 16. Medical material operating instructions in the language of the country-1 Health Minister v. Veldr MC