Regional Development And Local Government Ministries Charter

Original Language Title: Reģionālās attīstības un pašvaldību lietu ministrijas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 698 in Riga in 2007 (on 16 October. No 58) regional development and Municipal Affairs Ministry regulations Issued pursuant to the public administration Act, article 16 of the equipment the first part i. General questions 1. Regional development and Municipal Affairs (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) is the leading State authority national development and regional development planning and coordination in the field of local development, spatial planning, public investment and land policy.
2. the Ministry is directly responsible for the regional development and Municipal Affairs (hereinafter: the Minister).
3. the Ministry is the highest authority in the Ministry's subordinated to the national regulatory authority – the State regional development agency.
II. The Ministry's functions, tasks and responsibilities 4. The Ministry shall have the following functions: 4.1 ensuring national development planning process coordination, developing solid national long-and medium-term developments;
4.2. develop policy and coordinate its implementation in the following areas: 4.2.1. regional policy;
4.2.2. spatial planning policy;
4.2.3. the national investment policy;
4.2.4. land policy;
4.2.5. local development policies;
4.3. coordinate municipal reforms and monitor implementation of laws and other regulations of the tasks defined in the scope of local government;
4.4. the development of laws and other normative acts, as well as to organize and coordinate the implementation of the laws of the areas of competence of the Ministry;
4.5. other external regulations defined functions.
5. in order to ensure the fulfilment of the functions of the Ministry performs the following tasks: 5.1 national development planning and coordination: 5.1.1 ensure national sustainable development strategies (including national planning);
5.1.2. ensure the national development plan and monitoring of implementation;
5.1.3. provide national long and medium-term development priorities of mutual linking, promoting the unity of development planning process;
5.1.4. provide national development Council;
5.1.5. to coordinate the strategic planning system and the introduction of regional and local government level;
5.1.6. develop and implement national development research coordination system;
5.2. regional policies and spatial planning policy: 5.2.1. establish regional development planning documents and coordinate their implementation;
5.2.2. in the conditions of the planning region development status and to strengthen the role of the national development planning and policy implementation process concerned;
5.2.3. establish and maintain regional and local governance level planning document database and archive.
5.2.4 evaluate the planning region, the municipal planning and development in compliance with the national planning and other policy planning documents and legislation;
5.2.5. the methodical drives, monitors and coordinates the planning regions, districts and local government planning and development programmes;
5.2.6. ensuring the national regional development Council and its secretariat functions;
5.2.7. supports regional development support measures, monitoring and impact assessment;
5.2.8. participates in regional development measures and the support measures of territorial cooperation actions, leadership and coordination: supports the European Union's PHARE cross border cooperation programme (intergovernmental), economic and social cohesion programmes, as well as in regional development in the coordination of bilateral cooperation programs, programming, implementation and monitoring; participates in the 2004-2006 programming period of the structural funds of the European Union and provides first level intermediate functions; participates in the 2007 – 2013 programming period of the European Union fund management, ensure the Ministry's responsibility in the implementation of the structural funds system and intermediate functions; by the national authority responsible for the European Union's initiatives in the implementation of INTERREG; the national authorities responsible for functions 3. objective "European territorial cooperation" programme for policy development and coordination under objective 3 "European territorial cooperation" programmes; provides leading, certifying and audit authorities of cross-border cooperation function in Latvia – Lithuania and the functions of the managing authority in cross-border cooperation programmes Latvia – Estonia – Russia the European neighbourhood and partnership instrument;
5.2.9. ensure landscape planning policy guidelines;
5.2.10. provides landscape planning policy coordination;
5.3. create a unified and coordinated public investment planning and monitoring system, ensuring a coordinated State and local investment planning and monitoring;
5.4. develop policy and land management system model and coordinate its implementation and enforcement;
5.5. local development policies and monitoring the activities of local government reform: 5.5.1. establish a joint local development strategy and coordinating its implementation;
5.5.2. the organized municipal reform;
5.5.3. monitors the legality of the activities of the municipality under the municipal laws regulating the actions and other regulations specified competence;
5.5.4. coordinated by the local Government of the single information system;
5.5.5. ensure administrative and territorial reform of the Council;
5.6. ensure preschool education network under the coordination of the interests of the population.
6. According to the Ministry's competence: 6.1. provide opinions on other government direct administration and a derived public person developed legislation and planning document for the project;
6.2. legal cases succeed managerial decisions;
6.3. inform the public about the national policy the Ministry competence areas and consult with non-governmental organizations in the decision-making process, as well as promote the development of social dialogue in policy-making and implementation;
6.4. the procedure laid down in the laws and cooperate with other public administrations of the single national policy development and implementation;
6.5. provide direct administration institutions and secondary public persons methodical assistance in the scope of the Ministry;
4.1. preparing and law in the order provided to put on our funding from the State budget for the implementation of the legislation and the relevant policy planning documents, the measures envisaged, as well as the Ministry of finance and its subordinated institutions of public administration functions;
6.7. the Republic of Latvia provides binding international agreements and enforcement;
6.8. representing national interests in international organisations and European institutions.
7. The Ministry shall have the following rights: 7.1. to request and receive from the authorities and public entities the tasks the Ministry news, statistical and other information and documents;
7.2. to involve policy issues Ministry, other government agencies, municipalities and other authorities;
7.3. issue a subordinated to the Ministry of the national regulatory authority in binding legislation, in so far as the law does not provide otherwise;
7.4. to participate in the work of international organizations in activities and coordinate international cooperation in matters within the competence of the Ministry;
7.5. to participate in the municipal liaison bodies, including intergovernmental (intergovernmental) cooperation in the work of the Organization;
7.6. to assess the effectiveness of the internal control system and the laws and regulations in order to make the financial, quality, performance assessment, and other audits in subordinated to the Ministry of public administration;
7.7. to exercise other legal rights.
III. structure and officials of the Ministry competence 8. Ministry led by Minister.
9. Minister: 9.1. is responsible to Parliament for the activities of the Ministry;
9.2. the Ministry determines the operational strategy;
9.3. in accordance with the competence and in accordance with the appropriate authority sign the intergovernmental (intergovernmental) cooperation agreements;
9.4. recommends the approval of the Ministry of the Prime Minister's Parliamentary Secretary nomination, Parliamentary Secretary determines the tasks, as well as request his resignation;
9.5. after approval by the Cabinet of Ministers appointed State Secretary of the Ministry and subordinated to the Ministry of public administrations to the extent of driving, the law does not provide otherwise;
9.6. in accordance with the laws and other regulations determining competence, monitor and control the subordinated to the Ministry of public administration activities or tasks that empowered the Ministry officials;
9.7. in accordance with the law "On local governments" to fulfil the cabinet authorized the Minister's functions;
9.8. the term of Office of its contracts concluded with advisory officials or employees;

9.9. the Ministry also issued laws and regulations – cases – the subordinated the Ministry of public administration officials and employees of binding orders, instructions and guidance on the competence of the Ministry issues;
9.10. the laws and regulations of other specific functions.
Parliamentary Secretary: 10 10.1. participates in the Commission of the Saeima and its work;
10.2. the Ministry is responsible for the progress of the Bill in the Parliament and its committees;
10.3. the laws and regulations of other specific functions.
11. Secretary of State: Ministry manages 11.1 administrative work and ensure the continuity of its work, where the political leadership of the Ministry;
11.2. in accordance with the competency of the Ministry, without the express authorisation of the representative;
11.3. issues orders on matters within the competence of the Ministry, so far as the law does not provide otherwise;
11.4. According to competency is entitled to give instructions to the officials and employees of the Ministry;
11.5. the central apparatus of the Ministry approved a list of posts under the State budget to the Ministry specified wage fund;
11.6. appointed and released from Office by the Ministry officials and the recruitment and dismissal of employees of the Ministry, which works on the basis of the contract of employment, as well as according to the competence of the other agreements concluded;
7.3. ensure the functioning of the Ministry, according to the financial means granted;
11.8. the laws and regulations of other specific functions.
12. is the Deputy to the Secretary of State. Deputy Secretary of State and his functions under the Ministry's departments and their competence in the rules of procedure of the Ministry.
13. The Ministry's departments and divisions, as well as independent departments. Departments and independent department creates, reorganize and eliminate the Secretary of State.
14. the departments and chapters are independent of the subject to the Secretary of State or a Deputy Under Secretary in the Division of functions provided.
15. the work of the Department is headed by the Director of the Department. Department Director's competence in the relevant Department in the rules of procedure and the Director's job description.
16. the substantive work of the Department is headed by a head of Department. Head of Department in the jurisdiction is determined in the rules of procedure of the relevant Department and head of the job description.
17. In order to examine the competence of the Ministry of the underlying issues, the Minister or State Secretary of the Ministry can be created by the Council, the Commission and the other institutions of the Advisory and guidance, including those authorized representatives of other institutions and individuals. The above regulations approved by the appropriate authority in the Minister or Secretary of State.
IV. activities of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of the activity reports of the Ministry of Justice of 18 performance provides the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is responsible for the management decisions for the creation and operation of the system.
19. The Secretary of State has the right to cancel the Ministry of administration officials prettiesisko and internal regulations.
20. The Secretary of State issued administrative provisions and the actual action of an individual may appeal to the Court. Other administration officials in the Department of administrative acts issued or actual action of officials of private disputes to the Secretary of State, if the legislation or Cabinet regulations provide otherwise.
21. the laws and regulations of the Ministry in accordance with the procedure laid down for State reports in development planning, regional policy, public investment policy, land policy, spatial planning policy, local development policies, municipal reform and local government action on the implementation of the monitoring, the Ministry's functions and the use of budget resources, as well as prepare an annual public report on the State of planning, regional development, investment, land and spatial planning policy and local development and the monitoring of the implementation of the action.
22. The Secretary of State not less than once a year, provide to the Minister reports on the activities of the competence of the Ministry.
23. The Minister shall have the right at any time to request a review of the national development planning, regional policy, public investment policy, land policy, spatial planning policy, local development policies, municipal reform and local government action on the implementation of the monitoring, as well as for the Ministry or its subordinated to the existing activities of the national regulatory authority.
V. closing question 24. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 4 February 2003, the provisions of no. 56 "regional development and local government Ministry's Statute" (Latvian journal, 2003, nr. 21; 2005, 164. No; 2007, nr. 5).
Prime Minister a. Halloween regional development and local Government Minister, Culture Minister h. demakova Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on the 20 October 2007.