Privatization Certificate Terms Of Use

Original Language Title: Privatizācijas sertifikātu izmantošanas noteikumi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 712 in Riga in 2007 (on 16 October. No 58 45) privatisation rules regarding the use of Certificates Issued in accordance with the law "on privatisation certificates" in article 4, the first, third and part of article 5.1, second subparagraph, and article 18, fourth, tenth, and eleventh part i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. privatization certificate account (except the account that will be credited to the legal or natural person assigned certificates) (hereinafter account) the opening fee and order;
1.2. the arrangements for privatisation certificates (hereinafter referred to as certificates) use privatization, alienation and the land reform process (referred to as the privatisation process);
1.3. settlement procedures with certificates;
1.4. the procedure deletes the privatisation process, used to pay for the opening of accounts and received State jurisdiction consists of the existing certificates;
1.5. the order in which you pay stamp duty on sale and donation, as well as the calculation of the mass of the succession certificate value;
1.6. procedures for servicing accounts, reports on the opening of accounts and the use of the certificate;
1.7. the tariff part (including the Cabinet of Ministers set the fee for account opening) received credit from the payment of the account service. 2. Account opening and servicing joint stock company "Latvian savings bank" and the State joint stock company "Latvian mortgage and land bank", as well as other credit institutions (hereinafter referred to as the bank), which has the right to accept cash deposits of natural persons (31.9. these provisions) and their own internal rules (the rules) is brought to the market through the company certificate of Licensing Commission. 3. The Bank's own internal rules into line with the certificate market society through licensing Commission (hereinafter the Commission). Bank internal rules governing the account opening, servicing and account number assignment, as well as interbank transfer order and determine the part of the tariff, which is paid to the bank to which the certificate is transferred. The Bank shall provide the Commission with a report on the opening of accounts, the use of the certificate, circulation, and delete. 4. the Commission assigned the control of the bank, and the outstanding amount of the certificate is deleted, as well as account opening, servicing and account opening fees and service compliance with laws and regulations. II. Certificate account opening and servicing of following open 5. Bank account: 5.1. certificate of accrual account;
5.2. the certificate trading account;
5.3. certificate in the special account;
5.4. the certificate of investment account;
5.5. temporary account certificate;
5.6. the certificate account, which includes a legal or natural person assigned certificates. 6. Certificate of accrual account (hereinafter referred to as the accumulation account) for each privatizējam (movable, redeemable) State or municipal property or their group (hereinafter property), the privatisation Commission opens the national joint stock company "Privatization Agency" (hereinafter-the privatisation Agency), a public joint stock company "Latvian mortgage and land bank", State joint stock company "national real estate" or other State or local institution which accepts certificates as a means of payment for the property object (referred to as the requesting institution privatisation). 7. for accumulation account, requesting institution the bank privatization shall submit an application stating the particulars of the property object. The application shall be accompanied by the responsible employee signature sample card. 8. account opening accumulation and its number shall be notified to the buyer prior to purchase (or lease-purchase) contract (hereinafter-purchase agreement) was signed. If the object property privatisation several buyers, accumulation account every buyer opens a separate sub-account. 9. the Accumulation of funds in the account certificate shall not be transferable to other accounts. If you cancelled or amended purchase agreement, accumulation account credited certificates or part thereof may be transferred back to the account from which they were credited to the accumulation account, or to a specified account of the liquidator, if the subject of privatisation is eliminated. 10. When all the certificates provided for in the purchase agreement are transferred to the accumulation account as well as all the provisions of the Treaty and privatisation (project) conditions, requesting authority privatization within three months take a decision on the accumulation account or sub-account of the closure and the transfer certificate for deletion and notify the bank in writing in which the accumulation account is open, and the bank, which is open to the buyer or investment account is temporary. 11. the certificate trading account (hereinafter referred to as the trading account) open the law "on privatisation certificates" article 17 referred to in the third subparagraph of the licensed corporation (hereinafter referred to as society through), if it is presented by the bank: 11.1. application for opening a trading account;
11.2. intermediate public license copy;
11.3. a copy of the registration certificate, certified by the laws and regulations established or made in the bank;
11.4. a copy of the Statute laws of purported established or made in the bank;
11.5. the signature samples, demonstrating the legal order or made at the bank. 12. the certificates from the account may not be transferred: 12.1. the investment account;
12.2. the accumulation account, except where the intermediary company has acquired rights in the name of privatisation process of acquiring property object, and has made the bank privatization authorities conducting the inquiry, which contains the property object, the accumulation account number and either the number of the certificate. The mediation company may transfer to the accrual account statement shows only the number of the certificate. 13. Certificate of special account (hereinafter referred to as the special account) open capital company whose capital State and local property shares or votes at the general meeting of members separately or together is less than 25 percent. 14. the special account opened for a corporation, if it is presented by the bank: 14.1. an application to open a special account;
14.2. a copy of the registration certificate, certified by the laws and regulations established or made in the bank;
14.3. a copy of the Statute laws of purported established or made in the bank;
14.4. the Corporation's Board authorized officials approved participant list (extract from the register of the shareholders or members), which in accordance with the articles of association may participate in the capital increase, and these officials assurances on this provision in paragraph 13 that such conditions are met;
14.5. the signature samples, demonstrating the legal order or made at the bank. 15. The special account may set off only those certificates, obtained in a trade from the Commission this provision in paragraph 52. 16. The special account of the real estate buyer's account may only be set off against the real estate purchase agreement set out in the certificate. 17. The special account bank closed after the certificate obtained by execution of the purchase agreement, have been used. 18. capital contribution certificates to the public account (hereinafter invest in you account) opens, if it is presented by the bank: 18.1. application to open investment accounts;
18.2. a copy of the registration certificate, certified by the laws and regulations established or made in the bank;
18.3. a copy of the Statute laws of purported established or made in the bank;
18.4. the signature samples, demonstrating the legal order or made in the bank;
18.5. the list of participants (an indication of each participant's use or the number of certificates and sold personal number or registration certificate number of a corporation). The list of participants the participants or their signature authorized representatives, and the signature of an authorized officer of the Corporation;
18.6. the authorized officials of the Corporation a certified extract of the minutes of the general meeting (if the participant transfers or sells the certificates to kapitāls society), which contains a decision that the share capital will be increased by the privatised assets obtained for these certificates;
11.6. the privatization authorities conducting the certificate of acquired rights to privatize certain property object. Certificate shall state the number of the certificate to be used on the privatisation and accumulation account number that will be transferred. 19. the Bank's investment account documents record should include the total number of certificates, but each participant opens a separate sub-account, indicating the purpose of the transfer (sale or transfer), either the number of certificates and ID number or registration certificate number of a capital company. 20. the account of the investment certificates may be transferred to: 20.1. the accrual accounts-paid for the property of the privatizējam object;
20.2. the members of the Corporation accounts certificates sold or transferred to a corporation for use in the process of privatization;

20.3. to the new members ' accounts (if participants have changed)-after the bank has submitted to the Corporation's Board authorized officials approved the list of participants (an extract from the register of the shareholders or members) in accordance with the articles of association may participate in the capital increase;
20.4. If the Corporation is dissolved. The liquidators investment account which certificates are used in the process of privatization or selling through society held its auction. 21. temporary account Certificate (hereinafter interim account) open: 21.1. no person to whom the account is assigned to a certificate, if the transfer in accordance with the decision of the institution conducting the privatization it has acquired the rights to close a property purchase contract, the object of the tender using certificates;
21.2. the person who meets the national and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion to the use of article 33 of the law of nosacīj tions. 22. each property purchase the item opens a separate temporary account. 23. the suspense accounts shall be submitted to the bank to open: 23.1. application for opening an account;
23.2. the privatization authorities conducting the certificate of acquired rights to privatize certain property object (statement showing the number of certificates used for privatisation and the accumulation account number where you will be transferred to the certificate) or national and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion to the use of article 33 of the Act in the register referred to in the statement, which contains the particulars of the applicant and the proposed site (address, cadastral designation);
23.3. the legal person: 23.3.1. a copy of the certificate of registration, certified law or made in the bank;
23.3.2. statutes or other governing the legal person's copy of the document attesting the law or made in the bank;
23.4. sample signature that certified law or made in the bank. 24. the certificates including the temporary account if they purchased from or through gift or inheritance received from another person. 25. From the temporary account to the accrual accounts transferred to the institution conducting the privatisation statement contains the number of the certificate (this rule 23.2. below). 26. If the temporary account certificates are not used in the process of privatization, is sold through the public or give away, if the bank has submitted one of the inquiries: 26.1. the requesting authority privatization certificate or national and municipal property privatization and privatization certificates of completion to the use of article 33 of the law referred to an extract from the register that the temporary account owner has lost the right to privatise the property object;
26.2. requesting the privatisation authorities certified that the temporary account holder must credit accumulation account is less than the specified number of certificates supervising the privatisation authority previously issued certificate (this rule 23.2). 27. the suspense accounts bank switch if the institution conducting the privatization certificate for completion of privatisation of property object or received the account holder's request. 28. Account opening additional conditions: 28.1. legal person opens a separate account in the offset property information certificates;
28.2. the brokerage firm which received Commission authorisation certificate of licensing auction, open auction trading organisation, which counts only the auction close to complete certificates. 29. the portion of the fee received for the service account in the previous month and calculated according to annex 1 of these provisions, the bank until the end of the current month to the account of the Agency. III. Certificate account servicing 30. Bank in which the bank account is the owner of a certificate or in possession of the Deputy keeper of the civil code in the meaning of article 876. 31. the Bank shall, operating on the customer's account, has the following responsibilities: 31.1. check bank documentation of persons supporting documents as well as documents proving the client's authorized representative civil capacity;
31.2. to conclude a written standard of the bank approved the contract with the customer about the account service. The contract shall include the information on the account maintenance procedures and services;
31.3. to observe the operation of the certificate in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as the bank's internal rules governing these operations, and to inform the Commission of the offence;
19.5. to take account of the case in which the recorded messages on the client presented identity documents (document name, issuer, date of issue and expiry, number), all with the client certificate store operations, customer or bank documents submitted copies of documents produced and other documents;
31.5. If the transfer task specified in the recipient's account certificate does not exist, notify the bank that sent the certificate, the certificate of transfer, as well as its failure to design the appropriate task atpakaļpārvedum;
19.6. to charge stamp duty on sale and donation and the tenth of each month and the twenty-fourth date to transfer it to the specified account to the Treasury;
19.7. to enter into contracts with other banks that service the certificate accounts, for the transfer tasks, procedures, mutual funds for transfers sent or received in the performance of their tasks and the transfer of the account;
19.8. If the bank moving customer service center to another location or to another bank account service, not later than one month before the termination of the account service to coordinate arrangements for the transfer of accounts with the Commission, to announce this decision for customers and for its own account to transfer the account to the customer's bank in written submissions. The customer shall submit an application to the bank account the date of interruption of service;
19.8. If the bank loses the status of credit institutions or the right to accept cash deposits of natural persons, or decides to end the account service, immediately terminate new account opening, account service to continue to transfer them to another bank, and to conclude a contract with another bank account transfers account transfers, harmonization of procedures with the Commission;
31.10. If the entry on operations with certificates are made for schools, the media, to ensure the conservation of this entry cialitāt and konfiden software, enabling legislation for the institutions established to familiarize yourself with the contents of the record;
31.11. to draw up legislation on the withdrawal of the certificate and deletion, with a separate indication of the property compensation certificates;
31.12. in accordance with the bank's and the client's signed agreement to inform the customer, if the bank is unable to meet customer's tasks;
31.13. examine the client and the bank or the banking dispute between the Association of commercial banks of Latvia Court of arbitration, if the client and the bank or does not stipulate an inter-bank agreements or arrangements for the settlement of disputes;
31.14. to transfer the account to the customer's bank branch or another bank, sending the transfer task, indicating the nature of the transaction-the "account transfer", and the statement that lists all the registered account operations;
31.15. laws and to discharge other obligations. 32. the Bank performs certificate records and is responsible for the total number of certificates in the bank and its subsidiaries (branches, settlement centres) match the number of the certificate that is assigned to the natural and legal persons will open accounts at the bank, received from other banks and bank branches, transferred to other banks and bank branches, delete, and void. The Commission shall be entitled to temporarily suspend the privatisation of banks, the certificate with the certificate account is opened, or the respective bank departments, if found the certificate number of outstanding non-compliance with legislative requirements. 33. No source documents (for example, a municipal decision, transfer task) accounts illegally netted a certificate is void with their date of transfer and disposal of all such certificates requested accounts. If the client is transferred to a different account or otherwise use certificates which it has granted or is credited to his account without justification and without valid documents in the written contract, or the other way is illegal, he is responsible for the liabilities that arose from it. 34. If the fault is not properly executed certificate transfer task or the bank does not comply with this provision the requirements of paragraphs 31, all the losses borne by the bank. 35. If the account is opened, based on the mediation of special public permission (license), its use may restrict, suspend or terminate the law on intermediation companies in accordance with the procedure laid down by the decision of the Commission. 36. the Bank shall immediately notify the investigating authorities, the Commission and the account holder on a fake certificate transfer task, illegal account credited certificates or their cancellation. 37. the Bank shall suspend all certificate holder's account service, makes up for that and account service restored after appropriate investigation authorities of the decision in the following cases:

37.1. the owner of the certificate was submitted by the bank transfer order after the receipt of the account statement containing the particulars of the certificates that are credited to the account without the source documents;
37.2. a certificate holder who has not received this rule 37.1. account statement referred, has made the bank transfer order for certificates in quantity that the balance transfers after the task is completed is less than the amount of the certificate, the certificate holder's account is credited with no source documents;
37.3.36. these provisions in the case referred to in paragraph 1. 38. the pledge contract the bank a certificate recording the pledge's account documents (with indication of the number of certificates and pledged the collateral taker), pledged a record number of certificates the certificate of pledge book (statement of account) and amend the caption to the pledge contract. 39. each certificate holder is entitled to receive from the bank guarantee in writing that he supports the claim of a third party to transfer the certificates from your account and perform transactions with the number of the certificate only with the consent of the third party. 40. to transfer certificates to other contacts you or do other business with certificates: 24.9. certificate owner or the assignee, trustee or custodian, as well as legacy patron or performer, or the authorized person shall submit a certificate transfer task, in which the bank is open the certificate owner or the testator's account, and transfer task: 40.1.1. transferable certificate;
40.1.2. the nature of the transaction (for example, sale, donation, legacy, privatisation, prepayment, atpakaļpārvedum, warranty, pledge, transfer account);
40.1.3. certificate recipient's account number, if certificates are transferred to a different account or account transferred to another bank or bank branch;
40.1.4. other account servicing regulations mentioned in the news;
40.2. before submitting the transfer task: the customer pays a fee for account 40.2.1. service in accordance with the provisions of annex 2;
40.2.2. the additional expenses of the bank in the same order of magnitude as for the transfer of a certificate and for renewal of the account (if account has been closed in accordance with these terms), if the client has specified a non-existent account number and the bank has received 31.5. these provisions referred to in paragraph atpakaļpārvedum below;
40.2.3. legal or statutory fee for account opening. 41. the Bank executes the transfer order for certificates in the following cases: 25.5. law "on privatisation certificates" in article 17, in the first, second and third subparagraphs, and article 18, first, second, third and fifth in the cases referred to in part;
41.2. the certificate owner or the parents or guardian, a protector, as well as patron of the heritage or artist submit transfer task if it handles certificates as with movable property civil law 278. in accordance with the procedure laid down in article;
41.3. the minor's parents, which terminated or interrupted right of parents, and it placed the Republic of Latvia or the orphanage of children without parental custody of the remaining children, the head of the authority as the guardian's task to sell minor's intermediary certificates by the auction company. In this case, the money credited to the bank when opening an account on the minor's name. 42. If the bank determines that the merchant is excluded from the commercial register: 42.1. account closed if it does not contain the certificate;
26.2. on account of the existing certificates shall notify to the State revenue service, Registrar of companies and the privatisation Agency. 43. jurisdiction consists of the State certificates in the State revenue service selling only if the revenue from other property not covered by all of the claims of creditors. In this case, the certificate shall be sold at public auction in a fixed order selected mediation firm that is eligible to hold a certificate auction. When all of the sales contract or of the claims of creditors are met, the State revenue service within three months, notify the bank about the unsold certificates, as well as the deletion of the account closure, which had jurisdiction over State certificates. IV. transfer of the certificate, the Corporation 44. If a decision is taken to pay the share capital of a capital company privatised assets acquired on the existing membership certificates, the Corporation transferred members switch special mandate agreement with the Corporation. Under this contract, the Corporation open investment account and credited to the certificates in the name of paying for the property object. 45. This rule 18.5 referred members list at the same time, it is this provision, paragraph 44 of the mandate. 46. The Corporation in its own name with its investment account can pay for the certificates property object, if the account is credited to all the provisions referred to in paragraph 18.5. below list the members that are listed in the certificate. 47. The Corporation may open a new investment account to increase the basic capital by the privatised assets, obtained the certificates for participants transferred where: 29.3. the bank has received the certificate of the institution conducting the privatization of the property object to the privatisation or the account holder's complete submission and established previously opened investment account;
47.2. the bank submitted that rule the documents referred to in paragraph 18. V. the sale, donation and succession 48. State fee for certificate of sale or donation (further-duty) 0.2% of the sold or donated to the face value of the certificate before the certificate of payment of an amount to transfer to another account, and payment of the fee receipt or money order order indicates the account number from which the certificates are transferred, but the transfer task indicates Government fees payment receipt number (details of the money transfer). 49. State fee need not be paid in the following cases: 30.5. If certificates donates the persons who are the first and second degrees of kinship or marriage relations with the owner of the certificate and the bank has shown affinity (marriage) certificate original or submitted copies of the relevant documents, which certify the legislation established or made in the bank;
30.6. the certificate holders who immigrated or repatriated from the bank of Latvia, if they are submitted by the citizenship and Migration Board Certified on departure from Latvia to permanent residence in another country. This certified statement shall be valid for six months after issuance;
30.6. If the certificates sold through public auction companies, referred to in the law "on privatisation certificates" in the third paragraph of article 17. 50. State fee on the sale (donation) in favour of the public in General. 51. The certificates can be sold: 51.1. with its bank, which opened in the seller's account;

51.2. the mediation Act in public auction. 52. the certificate of Commission trading business provided by the bank where you have the bank account of the seller of the certificates. The buyer of a bank certificate of deposit in the purchase contract and the transfer of the certificate specified in the purchase order, plus stamp duty, bank charges and Commission fees for the transfer of the operation of the certificate. The seller receives a certificate from the bank agreed the purchase fee, if the bank transfer order in the submitted certificate contains the transfer goal-"trade"-purchase fee, paid and payable and if a certificate purchaser has lodged a bank agreed to purchase fee. Bank transfer to the account of the purchaser of the certificate have been met the requirements set out in this paragraph. 53. the certificate accepting first-and second-degree relatives or the spouse of the bank evidenced by the inscription on the certificate and record the transfer task apdāvinām-person account documents, if the donor is tested for affinity (marriage) original documents or evidence submitted by the bank copies of relevant documents, which certify the legislation. The bank records the donor's account of the documents presented in the case names, numbers and dates of issue. 54. the legacy patron, artist or heirs shall be entitled to deal with the testator's account if the bank has filed a legitimate entry into force of the Court decision on the inheritance of the appointment of a protector or inheritance or the original approval of legislation that established the bank made copy. If the testator has not opened an account, heritage trustee, executor or the heirs will open an account on the testator's name. Legacy patron is entitled to sell the testator account certificates only auction, organized by the licensed brokerage company. 55. the national fee for legacy certificates calculated according to the newspaper "Latvian journal" published by the Ministry of the economy over the last 10 days the average market price for the certificate auctions inheritance law enters into force. Vi. Using certificates in the process of privatization certificates 56. Settlements with the privatisation process carried out by the bank transfer order for certificates from the privatisation of the entity transferring the account to the privatization authorities conducting the open storage account and paying for the banking services, transfer, and delete certificates. Settlement of property objects with certificates that belong to the minor person, take the person's parents or guardians, by submitting a transfer order for certificates of transfer of the minor's account or if the parent account, the minor party assigned certificates are transferred to older accounts. 57. the requesting authority Privatization control certificate payer compliance with the subject of privatisation, privatisation of subjects compared the account number with the account number, from which it is transferred. 58. If the accrual account is credited to the certificates, which do not belong to the privatisation of the entity requesting the privatisation authority within five working days of this error to notify the subject of privatisation and the bank concerned. Bank within five working days after receipt of payment for the bank's services certificates transferred back. About bank service is payable if the certificate is not properly paid to the bank. 59. payments on the certificates property of the object in accordance with the provisions of approved the privatisation (of the project) or the decision to surrender and the privatisation contract concluded with the sponsoring bodies of privatisation. Payment certificates in use privatisation process, if the contract or in another law within the period prescribed in the bank where you have the bank account of the subject's certificate of privatization, has adopted the appropriate certificate for the execution of the transfer task. 60. The privatization of the subject shall have the right to replace the Security (deposit) the contribution of this provision, the certificate referred to in paragraph 38 of the pledge of not less than 10% of the purchase cost. If the security is lost, the sponsoring body of privatization shall notify the bank and all of the mortgage agreement, the certificate specified in delete in the same order as the certificates that were used in the privatization. 61. The public offer of shares (subscription) about certificates issued to the public. The notification shall specify the deadline of the tender, the day of the week where you can subscribe, privatizējam Corporation, total and privatization of the expected number of shares, subscription period and opened about each of the shares face value. Each subscription period indicates the preliminary subscription (sales) (offered and the number of shares sold and stock prices). 62. the sale of the certificates of shares reserved for local shares in the open offer of public order shall enter into force when it has been approved by the Ministry of economy. VII. Delete Certificate 63. Bank deletes certificates not less frequently than once a month: 39.2. by decision of the institutions conducting the privatisation;
39.3. the privatisation agency receiving the decision on account opening certificates received during deletion;
63.3. by the State revenue service of receipt of the decision on awarding the State property of the certificates, which are required to satisfy the claims of creditors;
63.4. a regulatory provision in the cases. 64. the accrual account into certificates that deleted messages are issued by the bank privatization authority and conducting the monthly report to the privatisation Agency. VIII. Closing issue 65. If this rule 31.2. referred to in the contract with the client is, open an account before the entry into force of these regulations, the date of type-approval of the Treaty after it concluded, assuming the certificate of transfer tasks to execute. Prime Minister a. Halloween, Minister of education and Science (B). the Rivž annex 1: Cabinet of 16 October 2007 regulations No 712 For account opening and servicing fees received which the NCB shall transfer to the Agency part of the Charge for the opening of accounts and operations, which the bank transferred to the account specified by the Agency, from the Cabinet of Ministers in certain fees for certificate of account opening and service total monthly revenue in cash except the following remuneration for banking service: 1. For account, excluding temporary account opening for person-2.50 LVL.
2. account opening for legal person or a temporary account for person-5.00 LVL.
3. On the account reopened for person-2.50 LVL.
4. the transfer of certificates granted before the open account-2.00 LVL.
5. the certificate of deletion policy re pressed person: 5.1 for the first invitation sent-1.91 lats;
5.2. on the invitation of a repeated-1.08 lats;
5.3. deleting a certificate, paying out money-1.33 lats;
5.4. the Latvian mortgage and land bank job, checking the lists-0.52 lats.
6. On the certificate account service-100% of the tariff. Minister of education and science Rivž B, annex 2 to the Cabinet on 16 October 2007, regulations No 712 privatization certificate account service tariffs for the credit institution serving the privatization certificate accounts, you can specify the account service tariffs that exceed the following rates: 1. Natural persons of privatization certificate account maintenance: account statement 1.1 issue: 1.1.1. upon the customer's request for account number of certificates and operations performed lats 1.1.2 designed 1.10 account statement (certificate of notebooks) 5.00 ls issue 1.2. temporary closure of account (paid at the same time with the account opening) 5.00 LVL 1.3. privatization certificate transfer (free of charge on privatisation of dwelling): 1.3.1. to account at the same bank (three bank working days) 4.20 lats 1.3.2. to account in another bank (the three bank working days) 5.30 lats 1.3.3. urgent remittance (within 24 hours) 11.00 lats 1.3.4. accepting transfer task on another customer service centre or another bank;
11.00 lats 1.3.5. on the first and second degree relative or spouse's account, as well as in the case of succession or from the person's account who immigrated or repatriated from Latvian lats 6.60 1.4. transfer of temporary account: 1.4.1. to account at the same bank in LVL 10.00 1.4.2. to account in another bank in lats 12.00 1.5. certificate of registration of the pledge: 1.5.1. submitting a standard mortgage contract. dollars 5.00 1.5.2 submitting mortgage contract drawn up by the customer;
10.00 LVL 1.6. account transfer to another bank or customer service center: 1.6.1. at the customer's request;
6.60 lats 1.6.2. accepting documents in another customer service center guarantees a 1.7 pounds 11.00 service that will be made by third parties of certificates without consent: by submitting a standard 1.7.1 5.50 dollars contract by submitting customer 1.7.2. Drawing up a contract of 2 Lats 11.00. Legal persons privatization certificate account maintenance: open a sub-account 2.1 1.00 LVL 2.2. account maintenance fee per month: 2.2.1. national and local government bodies in privatization certificate accounts;
2.00 LVL 2.2.2. other accounts 0.02% of the nominal value at the beginning of the month, but not less than 2 Lats 2.3. account statement is issued:

2.3.1. once a month for the account number of the existing certificate 1.00 lats 2.3.2. at the customer's request for the account number of the existing certificate and such operations $5.00 2.4 account closing (paid at the account opening) 5.00 LS 2.5. certificate account opening and servicing required to further document the design and manufacture of copies (for example, signature sample card, a copy of the Statute, a copy of the registration certificate) $5.00 2.6. privatization certificate transfers (free of charge on residential home object privatization) 2.6.1. for an account: at the same bank (three bank working days) 10.00 LVL 2.6.2. on account in other bank in lats 12.00 2.6.3. urgent transfer to an account at the same bank (within 24 hours) $25.00 2.6.4. assuming the task of another transfer customer service centre or another bank 12.00 LVL 2.7. certificate of registration of the pledge: 2.7.1. submitting a typical mortgage contract 10.00 LVL 2.7.2. by submitting a customer pledge contract drawn up by the 12.00 LVL 2.8. guarantee service on it that will be made by third parties of certificates without consent: 2.8.1. submitting a model contract 5.00 LVL 2.8.2. submitting a customer contract, drawn up by 10.00 LVL 2.9. deleting certificate accumulation account 1.00 lats 2.10 Commission sales service (special accounts) 10.00 LVL + 5% of the purchase amount 2.11. legal documents and records to check, in accordance with the agreements concluded by adopting from the mediation of public certificate and transfer tasks to 20.00 dollars, Minister of education and science Rivž of B.