Rules On The Tree And Round Timber Tracking

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par koku un apaļo kokmateriālu uzskaiti

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 744 6 2007 in Riga November (pr. No 62 21) rules on wood and timber accounting circular Issued in accordance with the law "on the tree and the wood round accounting transactions" in article 5, second paragraph, the third subparagraph of article 6 and article 10 i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. trees and round timber accounting procedures;
1.2. documents showing trees and round timber, transactions with trees and round timber, trees and personal consumption for round timber, as well as the registration and storage of documents;
1.3. the round timber is imperative determine the applicable national standards;
1.4. the accreditation requirements for economic operators active in the wood and round timber and determine minimum amount at which these merchants may enter into liability insurance contracts. 2. The control of the implementation of provisions under the competence of the State revenue service carried out in cooperation with the national forest service. 3. round timber tree or the owner or legal possessor, carrying out economic activity with trees or round wood is responsible for trees and timber accounting for round, as well as the justification for keeping documents according to the laws and regulations on accounting and information systems organization and documented data and archiving of electronic documents. II. The tree and round timber accounting arrangements for temporary storage, as well as accounting, business, and personal consumption is supporting documents 4. Accounting for business with the trees, the tree owner or legal possessor provides the following information: 4.1. justification document name, number and date;
4.2. the transaction volume of the tree and their value in dollars. 5. when accounting for round timber of a temporary storage place, the person in whose possession or legal possession is a tree or from their round timber, at the end of the reporting period provides the following information: 5.1 for round timber actual volume;
5.2. from a temporary storage site, had round timber volume and corresponding justification document name, number and date;
5.3. personal consumption round timber used;
5.4. the round timber stowage place remaining round timber;
5.5. in subsequent financial transactions in non-round timber volume. 6. Where a natural person who does not carry out economic activities with SAIM round timber, circular timber use only personal consumption, it shall draw up a report for the personal consumption, use round timber (annex) and provide the storage for a period of five years. Personal statement presented to the State revenue service and the national forest service to request for it. III. accounting for round timber standing order at the place of storage and records supporting documents 7. to make the round of counting ongoing timber storage places, natural and legal persons operating the operator, keep records of the register (hereinafter register). 8. If the register in electronic form, information stored in the register in electronic form and print it in chronological order. 9. the registry information is provided at the request of the State revenue service. 10. Permanent storage site circular timber accounted for after trying. Based on the measurement of the transaction amount is determined with round timber. 11. Permanent storage site records: uzmērīt and records 11.1 take round timber;
11.2. the removed round timber;
11.3. no uzmērīt round timber volume (according to this provision, paragraph 15). 12. Entries in the register shall be made within eight working hours of the round wood is trying. At the beginning of each month and end on the register indicates the total amount of round timber. The register is closed until the next calendar 15th date of the month. 13. Determine certifying a document giving the following information: 13.1. document serial number;
13.2. determine the date and place;
13.3. the round timber supplier and recipient;
13.4. the document accompanying the consignment or other appropriate justification document name and number;
13.5. the round timber assortment (name);
13.6. the round timber species or groups of species;
8.5. the name of each round timber volume, determined according to the length for which payment is made (in cubic metres);
13.8. round the total volume of timber, the length of which, expressed in accordance with the national standard EN 82:2003 "trying for round timber (in cubic metres);
13.9. the name of each scrap round timber volume (in cubic metres);
13.10. details of the physical person (name, surname and personal code) or legal person (name and number), which made the uzmērījum;
13.11. other messages, which register the Organizer deems necessary. 14. Determine the documents recorded in chronological order in an electronic or paper registration. 15. If the round timber is not possible to determine immediately upon their arrival at the place of storage of the standing uzmērīt goods not recorded, stating the date, the accompanying document or other appropriate justification document name, number of sent (delivered) round timber volume and supplier properties (entity-name and registration number of the natural person – given name, surname, personal code). 16. If the deal with round wood and leave the permanent storage, presented evidence of trying. When trying to take the place of dispatch, after round timber receipts to determine in the certificate shall be in the amount of the check mark uzmērīt sampling in the recipient's standing inventory in the warehouse. 17. If the shipper or for round timber of the beneficiary is located abroad and determine according to paragraph 18 of these regulations, the circular wood records shall take or remove the standing place of storage, based on this rule 13. document referred to in paragraph 16. IV. Round timber requirements and determine the requirements for economic operators active in the wood and round timber in the field determine 18. Dealings with round timber the size, volume and volume and expression of the results of the applicable national standard EN 82:2003 "trying for round timber". 19. The economic operator who works wood and round timber trying, meet the following requirements: 19.1. it is an accredited national agency "Latvian National Accreditation Bureau" under the Latvian national standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 "the competence of testing and calibration laboratories-General requirements", and the Ministry of economy has published a notice in the newspaper "Gazette";
19.2. it has insured his civil liability. 20. The trader who works in wood and round timber, determine liability insurance agreement minimum amount is LVL 50000 a year. 21. the tree or the volume of wood circular uzmērījum, carried out by an economic operator, akred Papa who works in wood and round timber in the area, trying to be recognized as the best. V. closing question 22. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 6 September 2005, Regulation No 684 "rules on the tree and accounting procedures for round timber, round timber requirements and determine the requirements for the accreditation of organizations that work in the wood and round timber trying" (Latvian journal, 2005, nr. 145). Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze attachment Cabinet on 6 November 2007, regulations no 744 overview of ____ in personal consumption used round timber volume of Agriculture Minister m. rose