Hunting Farm Development Fund Rules

Original Language Title: Medību saimniecības attīstības fonda nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 743 in 2007 on November 6 (Mon. No 62 20) hunting farm development fund rules Issued in accordance with article 31 of the law on hunting a fourth 1. determines the hunting farm Development Fund (hereinafter Fund), management and disposal procedures. 2. Ministry of Agriculture administers and monitors the financial resources of the Fund. In order to ensure the targeted and effective distribution of resources of the Fund and the monitoring of the use of the appropriate hunting statutory fund objectives, the Ministry of agriculture creates a Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the Council). 3. the Council shall consist of: 3.1 the Minister of agriculture;
3.2. two representatives of the Ministry of agriculture;
3.3. a representative of the Ministry of the environment;
3.4. the municipal representative of the Union;
3.5. the national forest service spokesman. 4. The President of the Council is the Minister of agriculture. 5. The President of the Council shall: 5.1. After this rule 3 and 14 points in those organisations are delegated their representative to the Council and the Advisory Council of the Foundation (hereinafter the Board), for three years approved by the Council and the personnel of the Board and Deputy Chairman of the Council;
5.2 runs Council meetings;
5.3. signing the minutes of the proceedings of the Council;
5.4. the beneficiary may request additional reports on the Fund's use of the funds granted by the Council;
5.5. on the basis of the decision of the Council, invited auditors check Fund. 6. the Council from among the members of the Council by majority vote, elect a Deputy Chairman of the Council. 7. the President of the Council in the absence of his duties shall be the Deputy Chairman of the Council. 8. the Council: 8.1 the Council shall approve the agenda;
8.2. approve the Fund guidelines, which include a Fund's priorities for action under the hunting farm development policy planning documents and regulations, procedures for the submission of projects project evaluation criteria and financing arrangements;
8.3. each year, determine the distribution of funds under the guidelines;
8.4. the co-financing criteria approved projects financed by the Fund;
8.5. decisions on the financing of the projects submitted for approval, following the expert and Advisory Council of the evaluation results. 3. These provisions by the authorities referred to in paragraph project submissions will not be accepted;
8.6. a decision on the repayment of the funds assigned program account, if the beneficiary of the Fund allocation not used in the application of the project tasks and provided for the purpose, the project quality or do not use funds within the time specified in the contract;
8.7. you can request additional information on the projects submitted;
8.8. decide with the other activities of the Fund. 9. Each member of the Council in decision-making has one vote. If the vote splits equal, the Chairman of the Board shall have a casting vote. The Council is valid unless they participate in the hearing not less than five members of the Council. 10. on the basis of the Council decision, the Ministry of agriculture contract funded project the artist. 11. the Council's decision may be appealed to the administrative procedure law. 12. in order to ensure transparency of the use of funding by the Fund and raise public interest in the distribution of resources of the Fund, as well as public participation in decision-making, the Ministry of agriculture set up a Consultative Council. Decisions of the Board's recommendations. 13. the Board assessed the eligibility of the project application to the Fund's guidelines. Evaluation results shall be submitted to the Secretariat of the Council. 14. the composition of the Board include: 14.1 two society "Latvian hunters ' Association ' representatives;
14.2. the Ornithology society representative;
14.3. The Latvian Terioloģij Association representative;
14.4. forest owners;
14.5. the national joint stock company "Latvian State forests";
14.6. the national agency "Latvian National mežzinātn Institute" silava "" representative;
14.7. The Latvian Fund for nature;
14.8. The Biology Institute of the University of Latvia. 15. the Advisory Board from among the members of the Board shall be by majority vote of the Board shall elect its Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board. Advisory Council in the absence of the President, his duties shall be the Deputy Chairman of the Board. 16. the Chairman of the Board: 16.1. chaired by meeting of the Board;
16.2. the signature of the Board minutes of meetings and evaluation results and forward them to the Secretariat of the Council;
16.3. participate in an advisory capacity at meetings of the Council during the discussion of draft submissions;
16.4. to call upon the decision of the Board of experts for the evaluation of project applications. 17. the Council and the Secretariat of the Board shall perform the functions of the Ministry of agriculture. Council and Advisory Board secretariat functions are the following: 17.1. at least three times a year to convene Council meetings and meetings of the Board;
17.2. the development of Council meetings and Advisory Council meeting agenda;
17.3. to record the sessions of the Council;
17.4. send (electronically or in writing) to all members of the minutes of the meeting of the Council within 10 working days after the meeting;
17.5. not later than five working days before the meeting electronically or in writing to inform the Council and the Advisory Council for the convening of the meeting and the agenda of the meeting;
17.6. to submit projects for consideration by the Advisory Council;
17.7. the Coordinating Council and Advisory Board;
11.1. to publish the newspaper "Latvian journal" and the Ministry of Agriculture website on the internet a list of the projects funded, including their names, project applicants and project costs. 18. Each member of the Board in decision making is one vote. If the vote splits in the casting is Chairman of the Board. 19. the Council and the members of the Advisory Forum shall not be remunerated for the work of the Council. On the resources of the Fund are not created institutions or Fund. 20. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 March 2004, Regulation No 123 "hunting farm development fund rules" (Latvian journal, 2004, no. 37). 21. the regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2008. Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. rose