The Order In Which Reserve Soldiers And Reservists Shall Be Recorded And The Records, "said Reserve Soldiers On Active Service, As Well As Requested And Issued Information About Reserve Soldiers And Reservists

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā rezerves karavīrus un rezervistus reģistrē un uzskaita, rezerves karavīrus iesauc aktīvajā dienestā, kā arī pieprasa un izsniedz informāciju par rezerves karavīriem un rezervistiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 779 in 2007 (November 20. 65. § 4) the order in which reserve soldiers and reservists shall be recorded and the records, "said reserve soldiers on active service, as well as requested and issued information about reserve soldiers and reservists have been issued in accordance with the military service act article 64 of the first and second subparagraph, and article 50 of the law on the treatment of the fifth part i. General questions 1. determines the order in which national armed forces reserve accounting unit (hereinafter referred to as the reserve accounting department) 1.1. registered and records: reserve soldiers and reservists;
1.2. requests and receives from the Interior Ministry's population registry system, public administrations, local authorities, medical institutions and other legal entities the information you need about military service records to the parties;
1.3. "active service reserve soldiers.
2. The rules are not applied when you reserve soldiers and reservists in case of mobilization "and it is in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the mobilization.
II. The reserve soldiers and reservists for registration and accounting procedures 3. Reserve soldiers and reservists registration and records include national armed forces reserve soldiers and reservists in the register (hereinafter register), personal data and other information on military service records to the parties, the inclusion of this information in the registry and registry maintenance.
4. the register shall include the following: 4.1 the particulars of reserve soldiers from the professional service of retired soldiers (until 30 June 2002 for active service and rating service soldiers) who are fit for military service;
4.2. news about the reservists, Latvian citizens men who reached 18 years of age who do not have a specific disability and for which no decision is taken to remove from accounting for health reasons.
5. National armed forces unit within three working days after the retraining of the staff of the soldiers sent to the reserve soldiers tracking card reserves accounting department under the retired soldier declared place of residence.
6. Information on the Registry registers the information for reservists and the jam message for updating the register recorded reserve soldiers and reservists reserve accounting unit acquires: 6.1. treatment and from educational institutions;
6.2. from the population register, disability information system and the penalty register.
7. Professional Service From retired soldiers military service law in the cases specified in the into the reserve soldiers.
8. After registration of the Accounting Department of the reserve the reserve soldier issued a mobilization order.
9. Mobilization designation indicates the reserve soldier's personal data, unit and position, a reserve soldier entered service in the reserve and will carry out active service in case of mobilization, mobilization of reserve soldiers in action in case of mobilization of summons received, as well as the statutory responsibility for the evasion of mobilization.
10. Reserve soldiers and reservists, inform the declared place of residence according to the Accounting Department of the reserve: 10.1. about change of the declared place of residence – a month;
10.2. the planned exit from the country for a period longer than six months, the month before going abroad (if the objective circumstances, it is possible).
11. This provision of the information referred to in paragraph 10 of the reserve soldiers or reservists submitted personally on arrival at the reserve accounting unit, or send a letter by mail or fax. 10.1. These terms at the bottom of this information can be sent via electronic mail.
12. Reserve soldiers and reservists are removed from military service military service records in the cases specified by law. Removing the reserve soldiers or reservists from military service, he is excluded from the register.
III. the enquiry and a procedure for the provision of information on all 13 18 years the age of citizens of Latvia men (if applicable – to individual reservists and reserve soldiers) reserve accounting unit required from this provision and in paragraph 6.2 6.1 said authorities and records in paper form or electronically via the national integrated information system. From medical authorities requesting details about the health condition to determine the possible limitations to perform military service, from educational institutions-news about education, obtained from the population register-address of residence, citizens ' list, naturalizēt information about the change of name or identity, as well as news about dead citizens, from disability information system-information about the disability, the citizens of the punishment register, details of the convictions.
14. Parties requesting information or awareness about a particular person, the request shall indicate the required information and the amount of content.
15. reserves accounting departments information for all 18 years of age reached the citizens of Latvia men require regularly-once a year. Information about the individual reserve soldiers and reservists require when you need it.
16. State and local government institutions, medical and educational institutions according to the competency of the reserve accounting unit at the request of the information prepared on paper (or electronic) and submit to (or send) the reserve accounting department 15 days (if the information does not require additional processing) or 30 days (if the information requires additional processing).
IV. Procedures for reserve soldiers and reservists to active service "17. Reserve soldiers on active service conscription in routine military exercises or inspections include: 17.1. plan of the reserve to the regular conscription of soldiers or military training (hereinafter the plan);
17.2. the reserve soldiers in advance of planned routine military exercises or inspections;
17.3. the reserve soldiers on active service in the recruitment routine military exercises or inspections.
18. the plan shall specify the year of planned exercises and training reserve soldiers iesaucam, training time and place, the person responsible for the Organization and conduct of the training as well as training in the necessary financial means.
19. Plans in five years. First year development plan in detail, but in the next four years, approximately. Plans of the national armed forces Commander and approved by the Minister of defence.
20. "the reserve soldiers on active military service scheduled for routine military exercises or tests, each time issued an order of the Minister for defence. Orders must specify the training duration and location, as well as the number of reserve soldiers iesaucam. The military exercises of the reserve soldier iesaucam list (indicating name, surname, personal code, conscription and the time when the reserve soldiers retired from active service) under the military service act article 66 shall prepare the accounting units of the reserve and provide national armed forces Commander for approval.
21. On recruitment to a regular or reserve military exercises soldiers inform at least six months before the planned exercises, sending the summons in the mail by registered letter or by issuing an iesaucam person against signature.
22. the letter and prepare a summons (present) and issue (sends) the reserve accounting unit which records have a reserve soldier.
23. The reserve soldier, receiving the nickname of summons (but not later than one month prior to conscription in the active service), warns employers of recruitment in the active service.
24. the employer at which the work on routine military exercises or draftee reserve soldier, the employee concerned shall be released from work to check the time. After the employee presented the summons (but not later than 24 hours before the time specified in the summons to attend to when routine military exercises or inspections), the employer shall grant the employee unpaid leave for military training.
25. the educational institution where studying on routine military exercises or draftee reserve soldier: 25.1. release the student from school to the time of the health check;
25.2. not later than 24 hours after the receipt of the information on student recruitment in moving a test time and other Studio tasks limits on conscription, retaining the right to continue training and the tuition fees;
15.7. After returning from routine military exercises or inspections provided for trainees an opportunity to continue training in the same status.
26. In the active service of the draftee soldier arrives at the reserve on routine military exercises or checks the location specified in the summons, taking: 26.1. conscription summons;
26.2. the Passport;
26.3. soldier's certificate;
26.4. driving licences (if applicable);
26.5. inoculation passport (if any);
16.5. account information (account number, bank), to which the compensation payable on the military reserve soldiers training time.

27. On routine military exercises or inspections in the iesaucam reserve soldier health check provides national armed forces Security command 15-30 days before the reserve military conscription. Reserve soldier health examination date and place of the national armed forces Security command line with reserve accounting unit.
28. Reserves Accounting Department requested from the authorities of treatment written information about their State of health of the reserve soldiers who are called to a regular military exercises or inspections.
29. The reserve accounting unit of the information in its possession on the reserve soldier's medical condition (if a reserve soldier assigned to health check) provide national armed forces Security command.
30. To a regular military exercises or iesaucam reserve soldiers about his health check the specific location and time of the reserve accounting unit shall inform in writing no later than 10 calendar days before the tests.
31. the "Active Reserve military service only in case of mobilisation.
Prime Minister a. Halloween instead of the Minister for defence, Minister of finance Spurdziņš o. Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 23 November 2007.