Rules For Agricultural Service Cooperatives The Necessary Documents For Registration And Screening Of This Public Support

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par lauksaimniecības pakalpojumu kooperatīvās sabiedrības reģistrācijai nepieciešamajiem dokumentiem un šīs sabiedrības atbilstības izvērtēšanu atbalsta saņemšanai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 777 in Riga in 2007 (13 November. No 64 57) rules for agricultural service cooperatives the necessary documents for registration and screening of this public aid granted under the cooperative societies law of article 16 of the fourth subparagraph and the second subparagraph of article 36.1 of the rules provides: 1 1.1 documents, be submitted to the register of enterprises, to register for agricultural service cooperatives;
1.2. the agricultural service cooperative society screening procedures for aid.
2. To register agricultural service cooperative societies (hereinafter referred to as the company), it shall submit the companies register: registration 2.1. Registration indicates that the society: 2.1.1. is an agricultural service cooperative society;
2.1.2. non-produced agricultural products but you can recycle society of production;
2.1.3. provide services to members of the public;
2.2. other cooperative societies laid down by law for the registration of cooperatives submitted documents.
3. assessment of the conformity of society rural support service establish a Commission composed of five people. Panelists include two Field support representatives, two representatives of the Ministry of agriculture and one of the State revenue service representative.
4. the company, which wants to get the support, each year up to 15 March submitted support service in the field: 4.1 an application for conformity assessment;
4.2. copy of the registration certificate;
4.3. list of members of the public. The list shall indicate the turnover among the public and members of the public;
4.4. information on surplus;
4.5. the annual report for the previous period (with annex).
5. the Commission shall assess the compliance of the company after its previous year's economic indicators in accordance with the following criteria: 5.1. members of the society through the exercise only in its agricultural products produced on the holding;
5.2. minimum turnover between the public and the members of the public are 5000 lats;
5.3. the minimum turnover between the public and the members of the public not less than 75% of the company's total turnover;
5.4. the members of the public surplus allocated in proportion to members of the public to the level of services provided;
5.5. at least 25% of the surplus funds are invested in the development of society;
5.6. the maximum turnover of society with one Member is 25% of the company's total turnover;
5.7. the minimum number of members of the public with whom the company has a turnover of 10.
6. the rural support service to 15 April: 6.1 shall inform the public of its compliance with this provision in paragraph 5 above;
6.2. in paper form and electronically submitted to the register of companies on the list of the companies evaluated compliance with the rules referred to in paragraph 5.
7. Business register every year to 30 April the State revenue service provide information on companies which comply with the provisions referred to in paragraph 5.
8. the company recognized in 2007, its status until 15 March 2008.
9. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 17 June 2003 No. 328 of the regulations ' provisions for agricultural service cooperatives the necessary documents for registration and the procedure of recognition "(Latvian journal, 2003, nr. 94).
Prime Minister a. Halloween Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions to 23 November 2007.