A Police Officer's Aid, Work Organisation And Job Rules

Original Language Title: Policijas darbinieka palīgu darba organizācijas un pienākumu pildīšanas noteikumi

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Read the untranslated law here: https://www.vestnesis.lv/ta/id/167196

Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 812 2007 in Riga on 27 November (pr. No 66 66) police officer Assistant work organisation and duties Regulations Issued in accordance with the law "on police" 8.2 the second paragraph of article i. General questions 1. down the police officer's Assistant (Assistant) work organisation and duties, as well as their rights and opportunities in the milk. 2. Assistant work is organized according to the national police and of the police criminal police tasks and employee functional responsibilities. 3. observe a voluntary Assistant, integrity and charity print CIA. 4. the Assistant shall be adopted on the basis of a personal application and a police officer's recommendation. The recommendation indicates the Assistant the candidate's positive and negative qualities and his previous participation in combating juvenile delinquency. Application and suggestion to add Assistant candidate characteristics of his workplace or education institution, CV and reference, certifying that the applicant is not punished. These materials are produced by a police officer who recommended the Assistant. II. Organization of the work of the Assistant national police chief 5 or the national police chiefs of territorial units order down the police officers, who work under the guidance of Assistant (Executive). With the consent of the Assistant national police chief or territorial unit of the National Police Chief, may provide for other police officers in the management of which for a certain period of time or a specified task Assistant work. 6. If the directors retired from the service, or transferred to another post, the national police or the National Police Chief of territorial departments of other directors. 7. the leader may have several assistants who work in the Orga niza according to national police tasks and managing employee competencies. 8. Assistant to the operation shall be issued by the Assistant certificate (annex). National Police Chief provides a single helper certificate numbering, accounting, issuance, holding, transfer and disposal. 9. the lead is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that respect for legality control Assistant jobs. 10. the leader has the following responsibilities: to present Assistant 10.1 with the laws that regulate police tasks, as well as with the task execution tactics;
10.2. list the Assistant work;
10.3. submit to the National Chief of police or the national police chiefs of territorial divisions with proposals on Thanksgiving helper or Assistant express award, as well as for his release from the Assistant duties. 11. the national police or the National Police Chief of territorial structure of the exemplary job Assistant can express gratitude or rewarding him with a valuable prize or cash award. 12. the duties of a mate from work or training in his spare time. National Police Chief or territorial unit of the National Police Chief, if necessary, have the right to involve the Assistant Assistant in milk in the performance of his work opportunities or training time with the written consent of the Assistant employer or educational institution. 13. the Executive or his direct boss at any moment with a verbal order can censure the Assistant from the completion of the task. Executive or his direct boss suspended Assistant task is completed, if the Assistant does not comply with the instructions of the lead staff or its behaviour could compromise the country's police. 14. the decision on the release from the Assistant Assistant duties adopted the national police or the national police by the Chief of territorial tūrvienīb. III. rights and duties of Assistant 15. Assistant has the following rights: 15.1 help lead police to the employee of the lējoš in the reg the statutory duties, performing technical or organisational tasks;
15.2. within the limits of the powers conferred, reveal criminal offences tratīv the infringement and admin causes and contributing factors;
15.3. to help take measures administrative irregularity or crime scene for safekeeping;
15.4. the managing staff to clarify on behalf of persons involved in the offences and the offence of witnesses;
15.5. appropriate opportunities to provide assistance to victims. 16. in implementing this Regulation referred to in paragraph 15 of the rights, the Assistant has the following responsibilities: 16.1. respect the leading employee guidelines;
16.2. managing employee work specified in the order;
16.3. to report immediately to the police for criminal offences which are under preparation or is happening and people that they are preparing or committing, but in cases of urgency, to the extent possible, take measures independently, crime prevention and cessation;
16.4. to provide assistance to police officers and other criminal offences in the prevention of juvenile delinquency, and discovery in the suspension, as well as public order;
16.5. to execute the tasks assigned to a specific time and according to instructions, except for this provision provided for in paragraph 17;
16.6. to present the certificate Assistant at police officers and other persons to request. 17. If the Assistant believes that the him is in conflict with the law, the Assistant has the right not to carry out this task by giving the lead to higher employee and the Chief of police. Prime Minister a. Halloween Interior Minister i. Godmanis annex Cabinet 27 November 2007 the Regulation No 812 police Assistant certificates sample 1. Assistant certificate (hereinafter certificate) is made from a special material 53 x 85 mm format on a light blue color of the document to the polished silver background with the built in security features. The obverse is Reverse of certificate 2 front (front) is the following: 2.1 "Interior Ministry of the Republic of Latvia"; 2.2. the words "State police"; 2.3. "police officer"; 2.4. "licence"; 2.5. the surname of the holder of the certificate (1); 2.6. the certificate holder's name (2); 2.7. the holder's ID code (3); 2.8. certificate holder represented the national police unit (4); 2.9. licence number (5); 2.10. the certificates expiration date (6); 2.11. photograph of the holder of the certificate. 3. the certificate on the other side (reverse) has placed the following: 3.1 a hologram depicting the emblem of the national police; 3.2. ultraviolet light shows the text "Latvian National Police".
Interior Minister i. Godmanis