Dairy Cows Monitoring Arrangements

Original Language Title: Slaucamo govju pārraudzības kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 811 2007 in Riga on 27 November (pr. No 66 38) dairy cows monitoring procedures Issued pursuant to article 13 of the law of the Breeding, the third part i. General questions 1. sets out procedures for the taking of dairy cows (cows).
2. Compliance supervised and controlled breeding State inspection (hereinafter Inspectorate).
3. at the time of the flock owner Supervision provides accounting, processing and assessing bovine for data acquisition on milk yield and quality characteristics of bovine reproduction, health and the quality of the exterior.
4. data on milk yield and quality characteristics of bovine reproduction and health (hereinafter referred to as control data) is obtained by taking every cow in the supervision of individual control.
5. data on the quality of bovine exterior (hereinafter referred to as the exterior evaluation data) is obtained by evaluating each cow in the supervision of the exterior.
6. the monitoring of livestock, the owner provides all of the same purpose and in one shed kept cows and evaluation.
7. the control data used for such monitoring bovine methods: 7.1.  A method-supervised by monitors;
7.2. method B – supervised by the owner of the herd (or she manufactures complete person);
7.3. C method – flock owner (or his authorized person) milk samples and determine the quantity of milk. Over the monitoring work carried out in the monitor.
8. prior to the commencement of monitoring bovine: 8.1 the herd owner contracts with milk quality analysis laboratory, which is accredited by the national agency "Latvian National Accreditation Bureau" to the standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 "the competence of testing and calibration laboratories-General requirements" and for which the economic Ministry has published a notice in the newspaper "Gazette" (hereinafter referred to as milk laboratory);
8.2. If the owner of the herd did not supervise the work of the herd, he concluded a written contract with a monitor for monitoring work;
8.3. If the herd owner does not perform a cattle herd, the evaluation of exterior he concluded a written contract with experts for the evaluation of bovine (hereinafter expert) evaluation of bovine exterior;
8.4. the flock owner (or his authorized person) shall provide the State Agency "agricultural data centre" (hereinafter referred to as the data center) on the application of the monitoring work. The application specifies the following information: 8.4.1. flock number;
8.4.2. the holding number;
8.4.3. monitoring method;
8.4.4. monitoring Installer certificate or licence number;
8.4.5. dairy laboratory, with which a contract for monitoring work;
8.4.6. the determination of the quantity of milk used, the measurement or calibration verification, year and month;
8.4.7. the date of the application.
9. The monitoring year starts October 1 and ends September 30.
II. Control data acquisition procedure 10. Period between stocking is from 22 to 37 control days (starpkontroļ period). The flock shall be carried out no less than 11 times during the year of monitoring.
11. Stocking starpkontroļ period of 37 days, one time during a year of monitoring monitors the leave or sickness.
12. the Period between the individual controls of cows may not exceed 74 days.
13. A cow calving date is considered the day of milking, but cietlaišan day on cietstāvēšan day. Cow production control no earlier than the sixth day after the milking cow calving and not later than six days before the cow cietlaišan.
14. individual cow control during kontrolizslaukum. Each milking in 24 hours: 14.1. registers the acquired quantity of milk. Determined in kilograms with one decimal point. The determination of the quantities of milk used in one of the following methods: 14.1.1. weighing on scales that can weigh less than 10 kg;
14.1.2. measured in litres volume with mērkann (with an accuracy of 0.1 litre) and conversion results in kg by applying a coefficient of 1.028;
14.1.3. measured by the milking machine milk meters;
14.2. kontrolizslaukum milk.
15. If the cow, individual monitoring carried out two days of control day recorded the other day.
16. individual control bovine website (hereinafter referred to as the control page): 16.1. date of control;
16.2. each sample of a controlled number of cows ' milk;
16.3. each of the controlled quantity of cow's milk from morning to evening and lunch;
16.4. information about other events (veterinary quarantine restrictions, bovine herd the massive disease, cow cietlaišan date, this provision in paragraph 17 of the events).
17. Where a herd control is performed on the day the individual cow's individual control, and do not take milk, for the mark of the control sheet and indicate the relevant reasons: 17.1. inadequate kontrolizslaukum: 17.1.1. milking once per day, total cow kontrolizslaukum day is less than 3 kg;
17.1.2. milking twice a day, milk yield per separate milking is less than 1.5 kg;
17.1.3. milking three times a day, milk yield per individual milking time is less than 1 kg;
17.2. the cow oestrus, disease, injury;
17.3. cow range or power tools.
18. If control does not meet the requirements laid down in these rules, the data has found errors or control is not registered, the owner of a separate herd cows or reprinted entire herd control within 21 days after the previous control. In this case, the particular control type R a repeating control.
19. the control of the control data obtained shall be recorded in accordance with the procedure laid down in these provisions and indicate the date the repeating control.
20. the findings of the inspection control of the data included in the calculation of productivity, but the above-šēj control data is not used in the calculation.
21. If the control is made, between-herd of periods of change.
22. the determination of the quantity of milk used to verify or calibrated sound measurement tools.
23. non-automatic scales verified according to the regulations on the re-use of the measurement verification, verification certificates and verification marks and regulations on the subject of state metrological control of measuring instruments.
24. Calibrated such milk quantity measurement features: 24.1. mērkann – at least every two years;
24.2. the milking machine milk meter – not less frequently than once a year.

25. Mērkann and milking machine milk meter calibration calibration certificate and certify measuring instruments are positioned on the label, which contains the year and month of the calibration, the calibration certificate number and the serial number label.
26. the measurement of the quantity of milk products are calibrated laboratory, which is accredited by the national agency "Latvian National Accreditation Bureau" to the standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 "the competence of testing and calibration laboratories-General requirements" and for which the economic Ministry has published a notice in the newspaper "journal".
III. sampling of milk, dispatch and analysis 27. laboratory Milk provides: 27.1. containers with milk bottles with a capacity of at least 45 mL;
27.2. documents accompanying the container;
27.3. preservative and bottling the milk sample phials.
28. milk sample uses a graduated pipette or syringe with nozzle, Cup or milking machine milk meter.
29. The milk sample taken immediately after milking, the milk is warm yet pending. Before sampling milk, mix thoroughly. Each milking sample vial is filled with the same quantity of milk with the estimate that the total sample size is 35 – 45 mL.
30. Milk sample bottle, shake to remove a preservative after each filling times, marked and insert the milk sample container. Keep the container in a cool and other inaccessible space.
31. before the departure of the milk of the milk sample laboratory draws up the document accompanying the container. The accompanying document shall indicate: 31.1. milk sample exporter and shipper's certificate or licence number;
31.2. the first and the last milk sampling date;
31.3. the total number of milk sample;
19.5. each of the first and the last herd milk samples number;
31.5. milk samples shipment date.
32. Milk samples, controls and containers of sheets accompanying documents four days after control sends the dairy laboratory.
33. Dairy lab control sheet specifies the container code.
34. milk Laboratory determined the protein, fat and somatic cell counts in milk. Milk fat content and the protein content is determined as a percentage with two decimal places.
35. the results obtained in the laboratory of milk milk and control table of contents pages of the data recorded and electronically sent to the data center.
Vi. evaluation of bovine exterior 36. Exterior scored all the cows in the monitoring in the first and third lactation period from 20th calving date to the third month of the end of lactation.
37. If, before the commencement of monitoring a herd of cows was not ranked, the owner of the herd all the bovine animals provide for evaluation during the period of the twentieth day of farrowing until the third month of the end of lactation.
38. If the owner of the herd is imported cows from abroad during the period from 20th to third parturition lactation month provides all of the imported cattle.
39. Bovine exterior scored no more than two times in their lives.
40. the expert valuation data exterior: 24.9. linear scored 17 exterior signs (annex 1 1.-17. sign), assigning points from 1 to 9;
40.2. measured with mērspieķ cattle cross the height and expressed it in centimeters.
25.0 points exteriors errors by using the appropriate code (annex 2);
40.4. scored three exterior signs of the Group's 90-100 point system (as for lactation). Signs of the Group standings for each of the signs of the Group's rating is multiplied by the weight factor, results summed and divided by 100 (annex 3).
41. The expert evaluation of bovine exteriors for the recording of data using the data center's exterior-linear scoring software and 20 days after the evaluation of data the evaluation of exterior electronically sent to the data center.
42. the monitor or the owner of the herd: 42.1. with weights or tape measure down the cow's dzīvmas and expresses the kilograms;
26.2. valued return speed and the milk cow temperament, assigning points from 1 to 9 (annex 1:18-19. sign).
43. Bovine dzīvmas is determined, as well as the dairy cows return speed and temperament assessed these rules 36, 37 and 38 of the period indicated. The rate of return of milk valued visually during milking. Cow temperament assessed visually after the animal's behavior and nutrition of milking time.
44. the monitor or the owner of the cow herd, dzīvmas milk cow and the speed of return temperament assessment data once a year send to the data center.
V. control data and the exterior evaluation records 45. control data registration data center sends livestock owners control in the page and indicate the following information: 45.1. data on herd: the owner of the herd 45.1.1. (name of the person, name);
45.1.2. flock number;
45.1.3. holding number and address;
45.2. the data for control of the herd: 45.2.1. milking group number;
45.2.2. previous inspection date.
45.2.3. future control the allowable period;
45.3. the data for the monitoring of offender: 45.3.1. name, surname;
45.3.2. the certificate or licence number;
28.2. cow identity number and name;
28.3. the physiological state of the cow.
46. Monitoring data for recording the data center: 46.1. the supervision of dairy cows from the dairy laboratory the database received control of the control specified in the page data.
46.2. the trust collects and processes data according to the following requirements: 46.2.1. kontrolizslaukum module meets the following requirements: the minimum yield is 3 kg, maximum – 99.9 kg;
46.2.2. minimum fat content in the milk 1.5% maximum is 9% (if the reference fat content of the milk is above the 5% minimum fat content in the milk is 2%, the maximum – 12%);
46.2.3. minimum protein content in milk is 1%-7% (maximum if the standard protein content in milk is over 5%, the minimum protein content in milk is 1%, maximum-9%);
46.2.4. If the control scores in at least one of the ingredients (milk yield, fat content, protein content) does not meet this provision, or 46.2.3 in these requirements, it will be considered invalid and is not used in the calculation of productivity;
46.2.5. lactation is normal, if it lasts for at least 240 days. Cow standartražīb calculated in accordance with the method of interpolation taking account of productivity indicators up to three hundred fifth day including;
46.2.6. If lactating cows, which has not reached three hundred fifth day of milking, starpkontroļ period exceeding 74 days, the estimated yields are not used in the calculation of the standartražīb (not the standard lactation);

46.3. send the herd owner control data processing results. With the written consent of the owner of the herd control data processing results may issue a supervisor;
46.4. the monitoring shall be published each year and of the results obtained in virspārraudzīb control data and issue a report on the monitoring of the results of the year;
46.5. the inspection or supervision on the basis of the information provided by the operator, accompanied by control data records a special tag, prohibiting the use of monitoring data in the calculation of productivity, while making appropriate lactation yield adjustment.
47. the Exterior evaluation data in the data center: 29.3. provides expert information on available estimate of herd cows Data Center home page on the internet;
47.2. provides expert approach to assess the evaluation of bovine exterior input data center home page on the internet;
47.3. keep exterior evaluation data and use them for monitoring.
Vi. Monitoring the work control inspection carried out monitoring 48. job control and livestock virspārraudzīb. Control and monitoring of expenditure borne by the virspārraudzīb from the State budget.
49. the Virspārraudzīb shall be made within three days after the herd's control. During the Virspārraudzīb inspection the inspector shall determine the quantity of cow's milk and milking take milk samples for the determination of the content of the milk.
50. Virspārraudzīb planning, taking into account the information about non-standartrādītāj results, these infringements of the rules detected and the frequency and magnitude of breeding data.
51. during the year, Virspārraudzīb for not less than 5% in a herd monitoring, controlling at least 10% of the cows in the herd. If a herd of 10 cows or fewer, controls all the cows.
52. during the year, Virspārraudzīb not less than 50% of breeds of cattle breeding-vanity, holding sa, which sells a variety of animals and herds, which checks the young, controlling at least 10% of the cows in the herd. If a herd of 10 cows or fewer, controls all the cows.
53. at the time of the Virspārraudzīb averages obtained the controlled group of cows may not differ from the findings of the monitoring indicators for the same group of cows: 53.1. milk quantity – 10%;
53.2. fat content – about 10%;
53.3. protein content – about 5%.
54. If virspārraudzīb and monitoring indicators differ more than this provision in paragraph 53, after the next herd control carried out repeated virspārraudzīb.
55. the inspection shall withdraw the control data and suspend their registration to the prevention of abuse, if: 55.1. stocking starpkontroļ period of two consecutive controls do not comply with the provisions of paragraph 10 of the above requirement;
55.2. cows are not indicated in the laws on animal, herd and the recording of holdings and identification of the order;
55.3. milk quantity determined by measuring instruments, which do not comply with this provision in paragraph 22 above;
55.4. mistakes are made in the dairy sampling, design and shipping;
55.5. monitoring is carried out by a person without a tribe-the laws governing a specific certificate or licence;
57.5. in carrying out these regulations referred to in paragraph 54 of the virspārraudzīb again, the resulting figures differ more than is provided in paragraph 53 of these rules;
55.7. using herd reproduction not certified breeders;
55.8. If inspection Inspector, taking control, repeatedly notes that monitoring does not include all the same purpose and in one shed kept cows.
56. The inspection shall be notified in writing to the data center and laboratory for irregularities in the work of monitoring and on action to be taken in connection with the alleged infringements.
VII. Monitoring, and expert flock owner rights and responsibilities 57. Monitors shall have the right to examine the milk sampling and determination of the quantity of milk, if the herd monitoring carried out in accordance with this rule 7.3. transactions referred to in (C).
58. the Monitor has the following responsibilities: 58.1. register the rule 8.2. sub-contracts referred to in paragraph 1;
58.2. submit inspection reports of irregularities in the herd.
59. the experts shall have the following rights: 59.1. Getting Data Center home page on the internet for information about the herd of cows, which are to carry out the exterior evaluation;
59.2. the owner of the livestock point out for non-compliance with the conditions of the evaluation.
60. the experts shall have the following responsibilities: 60.1. to register this rule 8.3. sub-contracts referred to in paragraph 1;
60.2. regularly raise qualification, participation in courses and other educational activities in the field of breeding.
61. The herd owner has the following rights: 61.1. to carry out the inspection request, monitor and control the work of the experts and get information about its results;
61.2. If your credibility is in doubt, request reassessment of the monitors, data processing and information on results;
38.1. get monitors with bovine advice on matters related to monitoring;
61.4. to receive from the data center information on the monitoring results.
62. The herd owner has the following responsibilities: to submit the inspection report 62.1. for violations monitoring work;
62.2. ensure the monitoring of bovine virspārraudzīb and exterior evaluation according to the circumstances and data availability monitoring and follow-up and virspārraudzīb traffickers;
38.7. agree with monitors on the cow's milk dzīvmas, rendering speed and temperament evaluation (if not doing the same herd owner);
38.8. perform monitor instructions;
62.5. to participate in the monitoring of the work;
38.9. promptly provide the information requested, data center monitoring and inspection;
62.7. report milk laboratory for amendments to be made to this rule 8.1. agreement referred to below;
39.0. re-submit data center 8.4. those provisions referred to in the application, if it specifies information changes;
39.1. If you stop monitoring the herd, a month after the last control to submit the data center application for monitoring.
VIII. Closing questions 63. Be declared unenforceable in a Cabinet of 14 October 2003 Regulation No 577 "mad cow surveillance procedures" (Latvian journal, 2003, no. 147).
64. Until March 1, 2008. of milk sampling allowed the use of the milk sample tube (anchoring), with a diameter not greater than 9 millimeters.
65. paragraph 26 of these regulations shall enter into force on March 1, 2009.
Prime Minister a. Halloween

Minister of agriculture, Minister of welfare of the nose I Editorial Note: the entry into force of the provisions by December 1, 2007.
1. the annex to Cabinet 27 November 2007 the Regulation No. 811 of cows being assessed, exterior signs and their optimum expression no PO box
Exterior features exterior sign of ranges and ratings points minimum (1) maximum (9) the optimal number of points 1.
Milk type coarse fine 6 2.
Body depth shallow deep 7 3.
The width of the narrow chest wide, 9 4.
Cross the width of the narrow wide 9 5.
A cross slope up to the sloping 5 6.
Hind legs side view of the steep zobenveid 5 7.
Hind legs from the back parallel together 9 8.
-Angle sloping floor 5 9.
The front of the udder short long 9 10.
Udder depth deep, shallow 5 11.
Rear udder height small big 9 12.
Rear udder width narrow wide 9 13.
Central Link weak strong 6 14.
Udder connection weak tight 9 15.
Bean length short length 5 16.
Rear teat placement remote close 5 17.
Front teat placement remote close 5 18.
Milk output speed slow fast 6 19.
Temperament very fussy phlegmatic Ministry of Minister 5 the Minister of welfare-i. Annex 2 the nose Cabinet 27 November 2007 regulations No 811 exteriors error and code list no PO box
Exterior error code 1.
Hard head 1 2.
Short neck 2 3.
Shallow chest 3 4.
Iežmaug behind the shoulder blades 4 5.
Weak sieve blades 5 6.
Ieliekus to back 6 7.
Uneven back 7 8.
Karpveid back 8 9.
Weak belt 9 10.
Short cross 10 11.
The sitting bone narrow hills 11 12.
Jumtveid cross 12 13.
Lift the tail root 13 14.
Sloping tail root 14 15.
Extended Forelegs 16 16.
Weak in the pastern 17 17.
Narrow nails 18 18.
Fat teats 20 19.
Fine beans, 21 20.
Pudeļveid peas in 22 21.
Long front teats 23 22.
Extra teats 25 23.
Bring the beans to 26 24.
Milk discharge arbitrary 27 25.
Quarterly atrophy 28 26.
Bevel the bottom edge of the udder 30 farming-Welfare Minister Minister i. Muzzle attachment 3 Cabinet 27 November 2007 regulations No 811 cow exterior signs of the group, the maximum number of points that must be obtained and lactation weight factors no PO box
The exterior signs of the team maximum points in lactation weight ratio-1 in Division 2 of the anvil the anvil in tion tion 3. lactating and older 1.
Cow's general appearance and development 90 95 100 30 2.
The legs and claws 90 95 100 20 3.
Udder in Agriculture Minister 90 95 100 50-Welfare Minister of the nose.

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