The Rules On The Transport Of Passengers Passenger Taxis

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par pasažieru pārvadāšanu ar vieglajiem taksometriem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 814 2007 in Riga on 27 November (pr. No 66 35 §) rules on the transport of passengers passenger taxis were issued in accordance with article 37 of the law of road transport in the third and article 39 5.1 part i. General issues 1. these terms and conditions govern the legal relationship between the passenger and the carrier, who performs carriage of passengers (further-) passenger taxi (hereinafter the taxi), and lays down the requirements for the taxi meters drivers (drivers) (hereinafter Manager). II. Design and equipment of Taxi 2. Taxi equipment must comply with road traffic regulations set requirements for rendering, and in addition must be equipped and fitted with: 2.1 identification mark-a special highlight taxi identification mark that is mounted on the vehicle's roof and on when the taxi is free, and off when it is busy. Recognition of signs front and back is displayed in the taxi sign. It includes the large letters "T" and then both sides of two lines in šahveid black squares on a white background. The minimum number of squares each side letter-five, two of which are arranged in a square in the top row, three-lower. The taxi marks the minimum size (in millimeters) of the provisions of this annex, Figure 1;
2.2. the taxi number sign-a special national registration mark which corresponds to the standard national EN 20:2003 "National Vehicle registration number plates" requirements and which shall be issued by the road traffic safety Directorate, if the Republican town or District Council are laid down in a decision on a special permit (license), as well as license cards (individual Installer-patent) issued for the vehicle;
2.3. control signal light that is mounted in the cabin behind the taxi windscreen and turn on or off simultaneously with the recognition of the mark;
2.4. the taxi meter (which is periodically verified in accordance with the laws of the respective laws on the unity of measurement);
2.5. the card with a photo of the driver, the name, the registration number of the vehicle, the carrier's address and phone number that is placed in the cabin of the vehicle on the front panel. Driver card minimum dimensions (in mm) of the provisions of this annex, Figure 2;
2.6. information about taxi day and night use fee (tariff), giving the taxi is hired, one kilometer distance and hired a taxi stand in the hour of pay. This information shall be indicated on the outside of the vehicle on the right side of the rear door of the vehicle by contrasting colors primary color letters and numbers, with a height of not less than 60 millimetres. If the taxi is just right for one door, then information about fees (tariff) indicates a taxi right rear part. The site, which provides information on the taxi service, must not be different with taxi charges related information or information that mislead customers about the service offered the actual charge;
2.7. information on the carrier (nosa Kuma, Ensign, Republican city or district name, which issued a special permit (license) or the license card, carrier-customized Installer-patent number)-the outside of the vehicle on both the front cabin door;
2.8. This provision. 3. you may not use the taxi passenger vehicle for which there is only one right side door, unless the vehicle is specially designed as a taxi cab or door open parallel to the body. 4. If the special permissions (licenses) or license (patent) of the card has expired or has been withdrawn: 4.1 by taxi is prohibited to participate in road traffic;
4.2. Road Traffic Safety Directorate carried out not on the vehicle the technical inspection as a taxi passenger. 5. the City Council of the Republic or the District Council, which issued a special permit (licence) or license card (patent), data on its expiry or the cancellation of the electronically enter the road safety Directorate kept in the vehicle and the driver of the national registry. III. Transport contract 6. Shipments are to be made through a oral contract of carriage. If the taxi services are regularly needed a legal entity or natural person, then, by agreement between the parties, the contract of carriage may be concluded in writing. 7. in accordance with the conclusion of the contract of carriage the carrier shall undertake to use the taxi fee corresponding to the tariff to take passengers up to the passenger to the place named, but passenger-to pay for trips and luggage carried in the horse. 8. The passenger can hire a taxi: taxi rank 8.1;
8.2 stop a taxi outside the parking lot;
8.3. ordering a taxi by phone or through other means. 9. the order in which the taxi being ordered via phone, down the carrier. When taking orders over the phone, the carrier shall agree with the passengers about the distance from what is sent to the taxi and taxi dispatch fee. 10. Take an order for a certain period of time, the carrier determines the permissible delay time taxi. If this limit is exceeded, the passenger can not wait for the taxi and the entrance to it is free. The carrier shall record the time of the order and the expected time of the entrance of the taxi. IV. Settlement procedures 11. Manager, settling with the passenger, the passenger shall be issued, at the request of the State revenue service territorial institution registered receipt (receipt copy remains the driver), which contains all of the law "on accounting" of certain properties as well as the following additional properties of the carrier: 11.1. legal persons name, address, telephone number and taxpayer's code or an individual's first name, last name, ID number and the patent number.
11.2. use of taxi fares;
11.3. date and time;
11.4. a national registration number. 12. in the receipt may be replaced by the requirements of accounting report document about the journey cost if its output provides this rule 2.4. the device referred to in point. 13. the use of a taxi passenger fee at the end of the journey. Head in agreement with the passenger may request advance payment of contributions. Get a cash advance, the driver shall be issued, at the request of the passenger by the rules referred to in paragraph 11 a receipt marked "advance". At the end of the journey, the right to settle with the passenger, the driver shall take account of any advances. 14. If the passenger wants to welcome him, the taxi passenger, paying an advance in accordance with the established tariff, agree on waiting time. The passenger waiting time the meter is turned on. If the passenger is not present at the time of his return, Manager service can be considered complete. 15. when the taxis hires more passengers travel to the same place (the collective journey), the fee for the trip shall be charged equally from all passengers (if a passenger with a driver not agreed otherwise). The manager shall issue a receipt to every passenger who requests it, according to the amount paid by him. 16. If passengers use the collective taxi journey to different locations, the final charge on the trip charged the last passengers. The manager shall be issued at the request of the passenger receipt for the amount received for the passenger, who settled on a journey, or each passenger individually according to their payment. 17. For technical reasons, the driver is forced to terminate passenger transport by taxi: 17.1. urban area,-the passenger pays for mileage, except boarding fees;
17.2. outside the urban area,-the driver must take all possible measures to mi to deliver passengers in place or after elections-passenger-journey to the starting point. 18. when the taxis can be fixed at the place where the damage occurred, with the technical and passenger are in agreement on the continuation of the journey of the repair time taxi passenger will not pay. If no agreement is reached: 18.1. urban area passenger settled in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 17.1. bottom;
18.2. outside the urban area of the passenger pays for mileage, except boarding fees, and driver at the passenger's request, provide a receipt for the fee of the distance travelled. Receipt Manager record that the shipment is not made for technical reasons, and subscribes to it. 19. If the passenger has lodged a head, advance, stopping transport, released in advance of the passenger part of the service is provided. The Manager of a receipt marked "advance", which paid the advance, withdraw. For actual services provided at the request of the passenger, the driver of the passenger receipt shall be issued. 20. when the taxis technically damaged outside the urban area and the bottom of the rules referred to in paragraph 18.2. no agreement is reached, the passenger in the month may apply to the carrier and the presentation of the receipt for the paid money to get back on the journey to the place where happened technical damage. V. luggage for transport 21. allowable luggage weights and dimensions depend on the technical characteristics of the taxi. 22. The taximeter shall be prohibited:

22.1. sharp objects and explosive, flammable, poisonous or corrosive substances, except for gas cylinders with a capacity of up to five litres and fuel containers, made of a material that does not allow static power formation;
22.2. firearms without a coat or loose firearms;
22.3. objects that may stain or damage the clothes the other passengers, cabin linings, seats and luggage compartment;
22.4. animals, except when the passenger and the driver and the passenger agree provides cabin cleanliness, order and security;
22.5. objects whose size and position prevents the driver to drive a taxi. 23. the birds are transported only in the cage or other means that prevent the movement of the cabin. Dogs carrying in tow with the muzzle, and ensure the purity of the seats and Interior. 24. Luggage compartment placed in the baggage must be packed in appropriate you. The fee for loading and unloading luggage from a passenger shall not be collected. Vi. obligations and rights of the driver 25. Driver has the following responsibilities: 25.1. by passenger request to produce these rules;
25.2. the taxi parking lot in respect of the taxi line, except that rule 28.1. cases referred to, and not exceed the permitted number of the taxi parking lot;
25.3. entering passenger service, to turn on the meter;
15.8. to know the city's street layout and ride on a passenger named place on the shortest possible path, or the passenger's chosen route;
25.5. to warn passengers that after an agreed upon time waiting passenger service may be terminated;
6. after the trip to fix the meter indication and announce it to the passenger. Taking into account the advance to recalculate according to meter readings;
25.7. the first request to report to the control authority license card (individual Installer-patent) and other taxi services seeks to send documents and provide the ability to read the summary indicators of the meter;
25.8. to provide a luggage compartment of unaccompanied baggage;
25.9. to ensure cleanliness and order in the cabin and luggage compartment;
25.10. monitoring of technical condition of the taximeter and helps to prevent damage to the seals. 26. The driver is prohibited from: 26.1. carry passengers if the meter is turned on, except if it is concluded in writing in the contract of carriage and are made in cashless settlement via bank. At the driver's must be the copy of the contract of carriage, to be presented at the request of the control authorities;
26.2. the taxi rank, bus terminals and other places with the same or another person (which will be the journey passengers) to invite passengers, indicating the direction of travel or the endpoint;
26.3. on its own initiative, take a taxi the other passengers if the taxi does not agree to the existing passenger;
26.4. the choice to pick up passengers, setting the destination, except when the passenger is taken back when the taxi returns the administrative territory of running issued special permit (license);
26.5. taxi smoking salon, if you disagree with any of the passengers. 27. The driver has the right not to pick up or drop off in the taxi from its passengers, if not with a passenger: 27.1. agreement on the payment of the advance;
27.2. the passenger chooses to travel by road, where the State does not ensure the safe movement of vehicles;
27.3. the passenger's clothing (baggage) you can smear or damage the Interior seats (luggage compartment);
27.4. passenger is in a strong alcoholic beverages, drugs, or other intoxicating substance intoxication or treated rudely and aggressively;
27.5. before or during the journey, found that a breach of this provision, paragraph 22. VII. the rights and obligations of passengers, 28. the passenger has the right to: 28.1. taxi rank choose any taxi no matter their lines;
28.2. to choose the route of the journey;
28.3. on their own initiative to stop the shipment;
28.4. to require the driver of these regulations to become familiar with them. 29. the passenger has the following responsibilities: 29.1. the taxi after inoculation to name a destination or route.
29.2. to deposit an advance for the journey, if the driver agreed with passengers on such contributions;
3. at the end of the journey to pay the driver according to the meter indication, taking into account the advance payment, if any, is paid. If the passenger fails to pay for the trip, the debt the laws enforced in the order;
29.4. responsible for loading and unloading of baggage and cabin baggage carried in the jam. VIII. Closing question 30. Be declared unenforceable for Min three Cabinet of 9 November 1999, Regulation No 378 "rules on the transport of passengers passenger taxis" (Latvian journal, 1999, 374; 2002, nr. 151. No; 2003, 53 no; 2007, no. 28). Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. Shlesers attachment Cabinet 27 November 2007 the Regulation No 814 sign taxi driver (the driver's) business card figure 1. Easy taxi sign in Figure 2. Driver (driver) business card traffic Minister a. shlesers