The Provisions On Registration Procedures, The Bus Bus Stations Minimum Services And The Order In Which The Buses Pull Into The Station And Standing In The Territory

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par autoostu reģistrācijas kārtību, autoostās obligāti sniedzamajiem pakalpojumiem un kārtību, kādā autobusi iebrauc un stāv autoostas teritorijā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 846 in 2007 (11 December. 69. § 16) rules on the registration procedure, the bus bus stations minimum services and the order in which the buses pull into the station and standing in the territory in accordance with article 33 of the law of road transport in the fifth and sixth part i. General questions 1. determines: 1.1. registration procedure the bus station;
1.2. bus terminals that mandatory services;
1.3. the order in which the buses pull into the station and standing area.
2. These rules apply to the bus station, where the passengers and crews of road vehicles in international, regional and national regional local routes.
II. the procedure of registration station bus station 3 recorded traffic Minis-three.
4. the name of the bus after the bus terminal proposal. the possessor Bus station name include "bus station" or its abbreviation "AO". Bus station name must be different from the other bus station names already registered or submitted for registration.
5. Bus station prior to its inclusion in the register bus lists.
6. Where a change in the bus, the bus station re-register possessor of 20 working days after the bus station change of possessor.
7. Bus station is recorded as: 7.1. full service bus station;
7.2. non-stop bus services.
8. to register the bus station, bus station, in the Ministry of transport submitted by means of the following documents: 8.1 the registration application to the bus station (annex 1);
8.2. the station, and the design of the territory;
8.3. terms of use of the bus or internal rules to copy (also indicate the duration of the bus station);
8.4. bus rental agreement copy (if not the possessor of the property of the bus station).
9. With a view to re-registering a bus station, a bus station in the Ministry of transport submitted by means of the bus station's renewal application (annex 1) and this rule 8.2., 8.3 and 8.4. documents referred to, since the previous submission if times changed the relevant information.
10. before the adoption of the decision of the registration station (renewal) application to look up the Transport Ministers Advisory Council (hereinafter Council). The Council is composed of at least one representative of the Ministry of transport and the local Union of Latvia. The Council's recommendations.
11. The Ministry of transport, the decision on registration, renewal of the bus station, the suspension of registration or refusal of registration, in addition to the bus station (re) registration of the application and this provision, and 8.4. documents referred to also examine the following: 11.1. information about bus registration in the commercial register;
11.2. The State revenue service certificate, which certifies that the holder is not a bus tax debt;
11.3. the municipal decision on bus station.
12. to check the bus registration (re-registration) given in the application, as well as the station applied for full compliance or full service bus and passenger services regulatory legislation, the traffic Ministry created a Commission surveyed the bus station and the bus station surveys Act (annex 2). The Commission shall consist of at least three representatives of the Ministry of transport, the bus station and the municipal representative.
13. the decision on the suspension of the registration station is accepted if: 13.1. Ministry of transport not committed all bus registration necessary documents;
13.2 bus registration documents submitted do not meet the requirements of the law on the development and design of a document.
14. Decision concerning the suspension of the registration of the bus indicates the gap period of not more than one month from the date of the decision.
15. the decision on refusal of registration station accepted if: 15.1 the bus provided by means of false statements;
15.2. the decision on the suspension of the registration station deadline specified deficiencies have been rectified;
15.3. the bus does not provide these rules within chapter III compulsory service or the transaction is inconsistent with the carriage of passengers and the bus station, the governing legislation.
16. Where a decision has been taken on the bus, the bus station to give the registration number of the registration and issue of certificate of registration station (hereinafter certificate) (annex 3).
17. bus station submitted registration papers are stored in the Ministry of transport.
18. On the certificate storage is responsible for bus possessor.
19. If the card is lost, the Ministry of transport after bus possessor written application receipt issued duplicate certificate of registration station.
20. The licence shall be cancelled if: 20.1. bus possessor submitted in the Ministry of transport statement on the closure of the station. Notice of closure of the bus station will be submitted in the Ministry of transport means, not later than 30 days before the closure of the station;
20.2. received a court order or other decision of the competent authorities on the bus station down;
20.3. road transport control services in the operation of the bus station again found a violation of the laws governing the carriage of passengers and the bus station.
21. To the bus station in action for the prevention of infringements detected may suspend the operation of the licence. The suspension of the licence shall not suspend the operation of the station.
22. Before the adoption of the decision on the suspension of the licence or the cancellation of the questions dealt with by the Council. The Governing Council shall invite the holder of the bus station.
23. the decision on the cancellation of the licence and the bus station closure shall enter into force 30 days after the adoption of the decision. If irregularities have been heavy and been compromised personal life, health or safety, the decision on the cancellation of the licence and the bus station closure shall enter into force on the date of adoption of the decision.
III. Bus services in 24. Full service bus in the bus station by means of offers the following minimum services: 15.0. use of the platforms and deployment information on bus departure times on platform (the platform is of the total road traffic separated bus stop locations for convenient and safe passenger boarding the bus and exit of the bus);
24.2. the provision of information about bus schedules, bus the actual arrival and departure time, driving ticket and other travel documents, the number of places and the comfort level bus, other bus services and their prices, passenger and baggage procedures and other passenger services related information. Such information should be readily available and clearly understandable to the bus station for visitors. The information that is in the possession of the carrier, is provided by the receipt from the carrier concerned;
15.1. driving ticket and luggage ticket sales bus station which will;
24.4. Services dispatcher (dispatcher the bus station provides operational information on bus arrival and departure of the actual time and place of the bus station, records the actual bus arrival and departure time);
15.2. the bus station and access to it, if the station's working time is different from the bus departure time. The station must be installed in such seats, corresponding to 5% of the daily average hours in a bus in the bus entered the number of seats, but not less than 10 seats;
24.6. hand luggage, as well as the bus and the bus lost found in hand luggage storage;
15.3. the ability to use the sanitary knot, ensuring a place in the child feeding and care;
15.4. the bus parking area before and after the flight, as well as flights between the bus station, where the station's technical capabilities allows it.
25. the non-stop service to bus station bus terminal in the possessor of these provisions provide 24.1 24.2 24.3,.,.,., and 15.3 15.4. referred to services, as well as a separate room for the bus and the bus lost found in hand luggage storage.
26. The bus services of the occasional services of passengers is allowed if the bus passes the ability and technical capacity are sufficient and if not disturbed regular passenger bus service. The following bus arrival and parking arrangements are determined in accordance with rules 38 and 39 of this paragraph.
27. If the bus throughput is limited and so not technically capable of providing a new route (flight) service station shall inform the Ministry of traffic and Subscriber and agree on bus passes for capacity building.
28. If this is not achieved, paragraph 27, of the provisions of the agreement, the Ministry of transportation are turning to the authorities with a request to put space station expansion or relocation of the station to another position in the bus passes the ability and technical capacity building, or construction of a new bus station.
29. it is the responsibility of the bus station to study transport and, if necessary, to increase the capacity of the bus station and technical capabilities.
30. Bus services should be available to all visitors to the station and suitable for persons with functional disabilities, pregnant women and people with small children (including children's strollers).
IV. Bus services charge determination

31. If the bus station provides not only by public transport-related services, but also carries out other types of economic activities, bus supports these operating separate accounts.
32. Separate accounting of economic activity must be carried out on the station providing selected services in the inland public transport services.
33. On the bus station revenue within the meaning of that provision are to be considered as: 33.1. income for bus services (for example, from ticket sales, ticket forward and coach bus station of entry fee);
33.2. other revenue related to passenger service (for example, baggage services, fee reference).
34. the possessor established station total cost as a direct and General (indirect) costs: 34.1. direct costs are directly related to bus services: 34.1.1. the necessary costs of materials;
34.1.2. staff costs (for example, remuneration for work and social security costs, controllers and cashier other employees);
34.1.3. space and platform management expenses (such as utilities, repairs);
34.1.4. features and value (for example, inventory, cash system (cash register) and other equipment, software);
21.3. General (indirect) costs is the use of means which are not directly associated with a specific type of service provided (for example, remuneration for work and the social security administration personnel costs, maintenance costs, the administration requires fixed asset write-offs, tax costs, capital costs are met from the Manager's projected revenue).
35. the possessor of regulatory accounting bus laws in certain accounting documents of the organisation in writing down the total cost allocation methodology (percentage and cost type of application), subject to the following criteria: 21.8. direct cost applied against the planned number of flights requested by principals who are carriers of the obligation imposed (obligations) or for the right to provide public transport services;
35.2. General (indirect) costs allocated between operating modes (away), against those proceeds, and indirect costs imposed on the provision of public transport services, extending to the Subscriber planned flights.
36. the services of the bus fee next year is determined using the following formula: P = Ikop + Ck – – – – – – – – Oh, that Nsēdv x Ck-fee for bus services for a specific category of the bus;
Ikop – common bus maintenance costs, including the costs associated with capital investment;
P-next year's projected earnings, the bus station;
Nsēdv-planned annual number of passengers (the planned trip bus seats annual amount) according to the customer's submission categories flight bus service;
AI-bus capacity (number of seats).
37. If the bus station provides services to international traffic, service charges may be differentiated by establishing a separate fee for ticket sales and bus station of arrival.
V. bus entry and parking the bus station area 38. entry and parking the bus station area is entitled to use a carrier that has contracted with the bus station on bus services.
39. The bus station and the carrier through a contract for bus services (hereinafter referred to as the Treaty), it provides for: bus registration order 39.1., entering into and departure from the bus station;
24.4. the platform and parking arrangements;
39.3. the order in which the carrier provides the station with information on the route in question (the trip) the designated bus (for example, number of sites, the existence of the luggage compartment), bus timetable, fare (fare), the quality of the transport (for example, increased services, equipment for the disabled);
24.5. technical and other appropriate registration procedures, if the flight is not taken or it is not possible to make changes to the services, or have a service;
24.5. the order in which the deployable information about route (flight), modification and closure;
24.6. the order in which the Parties shall provide information about changes in the use of the service;
24.7. the order in which the bus station for maintaining information about public transport services;
24.7. ticket sales;
24.8. charges for station service use and mutual settlement arrangements;
39.10. procedures for bus station inform carrier of passenger flow changes and conduct additional carrier bus assignment;
39.11. procedures for addressing disputes between the bus station and the carrier;
39.12. other conditions agreed by the parties.
40. The bus, which provides public transport services, the bus station provides: 24.9. passenger access platforms for at least five minutes before the bus timetable for the coming trip and getting out for at least five minutes after flight arrival specified in the list;
40.2. the parking area before and after the flight, as well as flights between the bus station, where the station's technical capabilities allows it;
40.3. the entry area of the bus station of at least 10 minutes before the bus timetable for the coming flight, if the motion list bus station is one of the route's endpoints and not for coach parking before and after flight or between flights.
Vi. Closing questions 41. Be declared unenforceable in Minis-3 Cabinet 6 September 2005 rules no. 665 "Bus registration procedures" (Latvian journal, 2005, 144. no).
42. These provisions of the Ministry of transport referred decisions can be challenged in administrative courts process control regulations.
43. The bus station established in this provision to the date of entry into force, three months after the entry into force of these regulations shall submit to the Ministry of transport of these provisions 8.1., 8.3 and 8.4. referred to in documents if the information has changed or if any of the documents have not been submitted previously.
44. the possessor from the bus station on May 1, 2008. provides this rule 24.3. providing the service referred to the single ticket sales system or its compatibility with other existing ticketing systems.
45. This provision is 24.7. opportunity referred to in and tend to feed a child and 30 services described in paragraph bus possessor from September 1, 2008.
46. The provisions referred to in paragraph 15.4. Services for municipalities in the planning area and space for new bus station, bus parking place must be provided.
47. The bus station every year until 1 September the following year the public charge for bus services. Subscriber each year up to august 1 provide bus information on the planned trip next year.
48. the rules shall enter into force by 1 January 2008.
Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. shlesers Editorial Note: regulations shall enter into force by 1 January 2008.
1. the annex to Cabinet of Ministers of 11 December 2007 regulations no 846 traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 11 December 2007 regulations no 846 traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 3 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 11 December 2007 regulations no 846 traffic Minister a. shlesers