Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 2 May 2007 Regulations No 282 "payment Of Taxes And Other Logging Equipment For Electronic Devices And Procedures For Using"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2007.gada 2.maija noteikumos Nr.282 "Nodokļu un citu maksājumu reģistrēšanas elektronisko ierīču un iekārtu lietošanas kārtība"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 886 in 2007 December 18 (Mon. 70. § 17) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 2 May 2007 regulations No 282 "tax and registration of electronic devices and equipment in working order" Issued in accordance with the law "About taxes and duties" in article 28.1, the fifth 1. make Cabinet 2 May 2007 regulations No 282 "payment of taxes and other logging equipment for electronic devices and procedures for using" (Latvian journal, 2007, 72 no) the following amendments : 1.1. provisions to supplement with 1.1 point as follows: "1.1 the provisions do not apply to foreign natural or legal persons or arrangements related to the contract for the following groups of people, or this group that is registered only with the State revenue service value added tax register of taxable persons, but that are not specific to the sa economic activities taking place in the Republic of Latvia."
1.2. to supplement the rules with 56.1 points as follows: "56.1 automatic gas stations and the system's special zēt devices or equipment in the user source document in addition to the receipt and do not take the additional entry receipt if payment for transactions made in cash without any vendor (service provider) presence.";
1.3. make the introductory paragraph 70 as follows: "70. Taxpayers, receive a fee for transactions in cash, tax and other charges may not be used for the recording of cash registers, cash sis themes, devices or specialized equipment for the following cases:"
1.4. to express 70.1.7. subparagraph as follows: "70.1.7. for State and local budget provided by the authorities of paid services if payment is received outside the Treasury;"
1.5. to supplement the provisions of the following paragraph 70.2.5. below: "70.2.5. natural persons carrying out economic activity, but is entitled not to register in the State revenue service as an analyst of economic activity;"
1.6. the express section 71.1. the following wording: "71.1. State and local government budget authorities, receive a payment for the rendered services of pay in cash to the authorities, the Bank of Latvia, credit institutions and insurance companies, the issue of the justification of the proposals in accordance with the doc regulations for cash operation;";
1.7. to express point following 71.9. "wholesalers of wholesale 71.9. sales, receive a payment with payment cards and issue of payment card processing terminal receipt and invoice in accordance with the laws and regulations on the use of invoices;";
1.8. to supplement the rules with no 71.12. bottom point as follows: "No 71.12. State and local government budget authorities, receive a payment for the paid service provided by payment cards and issue of payment card processing terminal receipt."
2. the rules shall enter into force by 1 January 2008. Prime Minister a. Halloween Finance Minister o. Spurdziņš