The Order In Which State Aid Is Being Granted To Non-Governmental Organizations To Promote Public Debate On European Issues In The Form Of The Design Contest

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā tiek piešķirts valsts atbalsts nevalstiskajām organizācijām diskusijas veicināšanai sabiedrībā par Eiropas Savienības jautājumiem projektu konkursu veidā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 929 Riga 2007 December 18 (Mon. No 70 93) procedures are granted State aid to non-governmental organizations to promote public debate on European issues in the form of a design contest shall be issued in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Act article 14 equipment, first paragraph, point 3 i. General questions 1. determines the order in which State aid is granted not-governmental organisations to the project in the form of a competition to promote public debate on European issues, as well as project management and monitoring of the tender procedure conditions of funding the project, document filing and recording procedures, project evaluation, the conclusion of the financing agreement, payment arrangements and does not justify the expenditure incurred in accounting and reimbursement procedures. 2. Design competition organised by the national agency of the European Union information agency "(hereinafter referred to as the Agency). 3. project submissions for the competition is entitled to submit to the non-governmental organizations, which, according to the law of associations and foundations registered in the register of associations and foundations (hereinafter referred to as project applicant). 4. Design Contest aims to promote public debate on European issues. 5. project competitions are supported the following activities: information to the public 5.1-projects provide specific target groups with a cohesive, comprehensive, objective and timely information on the European Union, with the participation of central public administration authorities, local authorities, non-governmental organizations, the media;
5.2. promoting participation in society-promotes public participation opportunities in discussion, decision making, the clearance in the perspective of the European Union and Latvia's membership of the European Union;
5.3. promotion of the intermediaries of information capacity-projects provide information intermediaries (point of information, the lecturer, the media, non-governmental organizations) increase the capacity to activate the communication on European issues, and improve the coordination mechanism of information intermediaries;
5.4. innovative activities-projects include innovative activities to ensure communication with the public about European issues. 6. the projects are implemented in the territory of the Republic of Latvia. II. Project tender management functions and rights 7. Agency for organization of a design contest shall perform the following functions: 7.1. issue a design contest;
7.2. in cooperation with the Advisory Council of the Agency develop methodological recommendations for project applicants;
7.3. a month before the start of the project making the application shall issue a project application to the contest in the newspaper "Gazette", indicating the project submission deadline, total funding available and priority thematic directions. The announced deadline, the total available funding and priority thematic directions following the publication of the newspaper "journal" for a given project submissions to the contest are not changed;
7.4. inform about design contests the Agency's Web site, inserting information about application procedures, rules, deadlines, funding and project results;
7.5. in the administrative project evaluation, determining their conformity with the provisions of paragraph 3, as well as (iii), (IV) and the requirements laid down in chapter V;
7.6. project evaluation confirms the Commission's composition and its work;
7.7. preparing financing agreements and complete it with the supported project applicants;
7.8. payments to applicants of projects supported;
7.9. in the supervision and control of the project according to this provision the requirements laid down in chapter IX;
7.10. the discrepancy in the implementation of the project based on the project submission or review of the project;
7.11. the request according to the reimbursement of expenses from the project promoter under this provision the requirements laid down in chapter X;
7.12. five working days provides answers to questions about design competitions. 8. The Agency, in organizing design contests, has the following rights: 8.1. verification of applicant projects supported in the implementation of projects;
8.2. request the support project for the applicant to prepare a report on the progress of implementation of the project, specifying the required information, and the preparation of the report. Report time limit shall not be less than five working days. III. preparation of the submission of the project 9. Project submissions prepared by the applicant into Latvian language, filling in the application form in section (A), (B) and (C) (annex 1). Project submission adds: 9.1 project management (Project Manager, project team members, consultants, lecturers) history descriptions;
9.2. the project the applicant statutes, constitutional or Charter a copy;

9.3. If the project provides for third-party co-financing-associated co-financing guarantees letter indicating approval for participation in the project with co-financing and the exact amount of co-financing. 10. the project attached to the application a copy of the document certified in accordance with the requirements of the laws drafting and presentation of a document. 11. the Agency shall have the right to request additional information on the project submission. Project applicant necessary information within two working days of receipt of the request. IV. Project submission filing and recording procedures For project submission 12. the submission deadline shall inform the Agency accordingly this provision in paragraph 7.3 and 7.4. 13. The draft of this provision, the applicant referred to in chapter III of the documents marked "design contest" shall submit to the Agency in person or sent by registered mail or electronic document to the Agency's electronic mail address. If these documents are submitted electronically, they are presented according to the circulation of electronic documents regulations regulatory requirements. 14. If the project application submitted to the Agency in person, on the date of submission of the project considers the Agency's stamp shows the date and time of receipt. 15. If the application is sent by mail, on the date of filing of the application, consider the postmark shows the date of shipment. 16. Where the application is submitted electronically, the filing shall be considered when it is sent to the Agency's electronic mail address. In the event of a dispute, the applicant must demonstrate that the project application is sent before the project deadline. If the responsible authority submits that the application is received, it should justify this claim. 17. the project application submitted personally or by mail to one or more sealed envelopes four copies (original and three copies) indicating the "original" or "copy". The original of the application cauršuj (cauraukl), together with all attachments, add the application form electronically on an electronic data carrier (in one instance). 18. the project applicant project application be withdrawn, except when the project is concluded with the Agency financing agreement. V. project financing conditions 19. project funding requested in the application may not be less than 500 lats and more than 2500 litres. 20. the project the applicant must participate in the project with co-financing of at least 20% of the total cost of the project. 21. the co-financing may be: 21.1. people volunteering work in money terms, calculated according to the laws of the wage system and qualification degrees;
21.2. the project, partner of the applicant's goods or services, the contribution in money terms;
21.3. third-party products;
21.4. the project funding of the applicant. 22. Project financing under the competition are not assigned: 22.1. organisation administrative expenditure that is not directly related to the implementation of project activities;
22.2. If implemented projects to promote public debate on European issues;
22.3. travel outside the territory of the Republic of Latvia;
22.4. activities which aim to make a profit;
22.5. more than 30% for the purchase of fixed assets, the cost of which is intended to cover the funding by the Agency;
22.6. the project promoter and partner commitments, including damages, fines, penalties and interest charges;
14.1. projects whose implementation of these provisions is not possible within the time limit specified in paragraph 38 of the financing agreement is signed. 23. The project budget for costs are included in the tax and social security contributions. Vi. Project evaluation procedure 24. project submissions valued in two rounds: 24.1. in accordance with administrative compliance evaluation criteria;
24.2. the quality evaluation criteria. 25. project submissions first round valued the Agency's Director confirmed the Agency's representatives, checking: 25.1. is the project the applicant complies with the provisions of paragraph 3;
25.2. the submission or the project complies with this provision (iii), (IV) and the requirements laid down in chapter V. 26. Where the application does not comply with this rule to the one in paragraph 25 specific criteria, the Agency's representatives asked the applicant to clarify the draft project submissions and this paragraph 13 of the rules of procedure laid down for the Agency. If this provision by the applicant within the time limits laid down in paragraph 11 does not provide the requested information or does not prevent non-compliance found, the application is rejected. 27. project submissions in the first round shall assess within two weeks after the project submission deadline. 28. If the application complies with the provisions of paragraph 25 of the specified criteria, it moves to the second round of evaluation. 29. the project in the second round of submissions valued Agency Director, the Agency's Chairman of the Board and Vice-Chairman of the working group set up to coordinate communications with the public on European issues (further-evaluation Commission). 30. project submissions for the second round is judged by the following criteria to assign the appropriate number of points (25 points): 30.1. the project's importance (10 points): 30.1.1. project's compliance with the thematic directions of the current year (5 points);
30.1.2. the importance of the project for the promotion of public debate on European issues (5 points);
30.2. the project time and activity plan samērojamīb (5 points);
30.3. the expenditure of the project design and the applicant's previous experience (10 points): 30.3.1. goals, objectives and planned activities of the samērojamīb with a planned expenditure (5 points);

30.3.2. project experience and expertise of the applicant (5 points). 31. the project application will not be further evaluated, if this provision is specified in criteria 30.1 gets less than 6 points. 32. If the second round of the evaluation, the project submission does not acquire at least 15 points, it is rejected. 33. supported are they project submissions, which got the largest number of points. 34. If multiple project submissions obtained the same number of points, the decision on the project to be supported, the application is accepted, the Commission on the evaluation criteria of choosing the number of points earned for the project significance section. 35. the Commission decision on eligible project applications in the administrative procedure shall be adopted in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law, but no later than two weeks following the call of the first evaluation round of the final. 36. If the Evaluation Commission, the project has decided to grant national aid agency within five working days, inform the applicant of the project. 37. draft decision support or rejection of the application shall be drawn up according to the Act on administrative procedures the procedures laid down. VII. conclusion of the contract and project implementation 38. Agency within 10 working days after the decision on the application to support the project conclude a financing agreement with the project applicant (hereinafter referred to as the beneficiary). 39. the project implementation period is no longer than eight months, starting from the date of conclusion of the financing agreement. 40. If one of the winning projects of the competition the project applicant refuses to conclude a financing agreement or reference application, the project financing agreement concluded with the project applicant, who won the next highest number of points. VIII. Payment 41. Beneficiary bank account open for only within the framework of the design contest for funding received from the Agency. 42. the agency within five working days from the date of the financing agreement from the date of entry into force shall make an advance payment of 80% of the total funding allocated to the provision referred to in paragraph 41 of the bank account. 43. the agency within five working days after the rules referred to in paragraph 47 of the report made the final approval of financing payment to the beneficiary. IX. Project monitoring and control 44. project monitoring of the competition Director shall implement the Agency's authorized person. Authorised persons have the right to carry on with the project: 44.1. competition-related financial instruments accounting and content inspection of the project promoter's registered address;
44.2. visit the project implementing the activities organised in the framework of projects supported;
27.5. to interview persons involved in the implementation of projects;
27.6. to participate in the implementation of projects related to the beneficiaries at the meetings. 45. The beneficiary of the financing agreement one month after the expiry of the time limit shall submit to the Agency a report (Latvian) about project content and the use of appropriated funds (annex 2). 46. the Agency has the right of beneficiaries to request additional information on the draft report. The beneficiary shall submit the required information within two working days of receipt of the request. 47. If additional information is required and the funding recipient is not wrong, unjustified and illegal, the Agency carried out a review of the project, the review and approval of a month. Not eligible for the x expenditure accounts and refund 48. the Agency shall provide the beneficiary's wrong, unjustified and illegal accounting and expenditure incurred. 49. In deciding on beneficiaries is not eligible for the reimbursement of expenditure, the Agency notes: 30.5. properties of the beneficiaries;
30.6. the reference point where the non-compliance found;
30.6. the description of the non-compliance found;
49. the refunds;
30.8. the maturity date. 50. For this rule set out in paragraph 49 of the decision, the Agency shall inform the beneficiary in writing within three working days. 51. If the beneficiary is unable to pay back unjustified expenses incurred in and about the deadline, it shall agree with the Agency for funding the repayment schedule. 52. If the beneficiary during the month following the expiry of not paying off the unjustified expenses incurred and has agreed on other financial repayment schedule, the Agency launched legal proceedings with the beneficiary for the beneficiary does not justify the expenditure. Prime Minister a. Halloween traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 1 Cabinet 2007 December 18, Regulation No 929 Project submission form sample traffic Minister a. shlesers annex 2 Cabinet 2007 December 18, Regulation No 929 project report sample traffic Minister a. shlesers