University Students In Special Military Training Arrangements

Original Language Title: Augstskolu studentu speciālās militārās apmācības kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 142 in Riga on March 3, 2008 (pr. No 13, § 33) of University students in special military training arrangements Issued in accordance with the military service law of the second paragraph of article 17.1 1. determines the order in which the citizens of Latvia, which education in universities in the ditēt acre (hereinafter referred to as graduate school) can acquire a special military construction in the course of the Exchange (further-military exercises). 2. Military exercises organised on a voluntary basis, to prepare a Late curling country citizens and the protection of the public. Tween fight Baath military provide knowledge for use by the National Guard, national day, the BRU ' power reserve or national armed forces regular forces. 3. The Ministry of defence and the University signed a contract on cooperation in military training. The contract defines the object of the contract, the rights and obligations of the parties concerning students, due to the Treaty and place and the termination of the Treaty amendment procedures, as well as other military training organization of related rules. 4. National armed forces training command under the Na cion lo force development plans, identify and select informed them that citizens of Latvia education University (hereinafter students). 5. Students enroll in military exercises each year up to October 1 in a national guard battalion of the laity in the region. The National Guard in the re region municipality of lajos batal jono submissions received and inform the national armed training in recent years, the va sp command ship for the students who want to get involved in the rajās training milit. 6. to begin military exercises, students stand in the National Guard, and they take the mandatory health check. Expenditure on health over enjoy the bear from the Defense Ministry to the national budget. 7. Military exercises following the Pro-gramm: 7.1 the soldier course (one-year program);
7.2. the latest instructor course (one-year program);
7.3. the commanding officer's basic course in composition (two year program);
7.4. the officer specialist (doctor's) basic course (half-yearly). 8. The soldier course learn the national armed forces troops laid the mat training program. The acquisition of the program organizes the armed the ku School of trainers the sp under the developed learning plans. On the construction of the Tween in the course can stand for all specialties students. After a successful course of his pro-gramm learning students receive national armed forces Instruk Torah school certificate of his qualification, and they can stand as the latest training instructor course. National armed forces instructors see the la accept estimates for us students into the next level of military construction in the Tween. 9. If the military exercises, the student who logged on no more than five years ago during military service have mastered national armed soldiers of the Kua from the Spa training program or this level of Pro effects reflects learned Gramma Jaunsardz by the relevant entrance examination, he of the loving their horse can start military exercises later in the course instructor. 10. the latest instructor course learn national BRU ' forces coming down the instructor training program. Program areas organized by Na cionāl armed forces instructors school in accordance with the practice developed in the remote areas plus. The lessons in this course admits students who have previously completed his course. After a successful junior instructor course programs take Stu dent receives national armed forces instructors school certificate for later instructor qualification. Students who intend to continue military training officer specialist (doctor), learn the basic national armed ku in certain latest sp instructor training first term programme. 11. the Commanding Officer's course of study in the national armed forces composed of the commanding officer's basic training program. Pro gramm learning organized by the Latvian National Defense Academy sa ska ņā with its elaborate training plan. The lessons in this course under the Na cionāl the armed forces Commission decision of admission including the students who previously learned later the instructor's course. After successfully commanding the virsn composition of the course programs take Stu dent received Latvian National accreditation bodies of the Academy of education produced a document on the platoon leader's qualification. 12. The officer specialist (doctor) learn the basic of national armed forces down the officer's professional training program. Learning programme is organised by the Latvian National Defense Academy in accordance with the training plan developed. The lessons in this course under the sp national armed ku admissions decision including the students who previously trained in the national armed forces in certain recent instructor training first term programme. After a successful officer specialist (doctor) course Pro gramm absorption students receive the protection of the Latvian Academy of Naci professional education document on the evaluation of an officer's qualification. 13. Military training includes theoretical sessions, practical, and from the action field of summer camps. 14. The national armed forces are planning exercises and provided with by the DSB had, learning resources, weapons, uniforms, equipment and the directive, as well as provide SBA intake of practice sessions and summer field camps. Prime Minister Godmanis I Defense Minister V. the Veldr