The Provisions On The National Level And Conditions Of Mērķdotācij Social Worker Salary Increases

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par valsts mērķdotāciju apmēru un nosacījumiem sociālo darbinieku amatalgu paaugstināšanai

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 159, Riga, 10 March 2008 (pr. Nr. 15. §) rules on the national level and conditions of mērķdotācij social worker salary increases are Issued in accordance with the social services and social assistance law 13 of the first paragraph of article 9, paragraph 1. determines the State of the support provided by professional social work in the implementation and development of municipalities, the amount of aid and the conditions for receiving it. 2. State aid is provided with mērķdotācij, distributed according to the law on the State budget for the current year given the appropriations for social workers month base salary increase and the State social insurance contributions (-mērķdotācij). Mērķdotācij for employees who have a social worker qualification through 2007 or December 31, started or continue to obtain and which local social services or local councils (councils) provide social services for families with children (social worker). 3. assign Mērķdotācij the City Hall of the Republic or the District Council according to the number of social workers. For each of the social workers who work in normal working time or part time employment, but more municipalities together constitutes the normal working time, calculate the 124.09 lat month, including late state 24.09 social security payments. 4. Social workers, for which the calculation determines the mērķdotācij, taking into account the administrative borders of the municipality of the registered population: 4.1 cities and districts of the Republic cities which have no rural areas and outside the country,-one social worker to 5000 population (1% of the permissible deviation of the municipal administrative territory population);
4.2. the counties, districts in cities with rural areas or natural-one social worker to 3000 inhabitants (permissible deviation 1% of the municipal administrative territory population). 5. If the administrative borders of the municipality a population of less than 4 of these rules, as defined in paragraph mērķdotācij is calculated for one social worker. 6. the calculation of the Mērķdotācij social services Board (hereinafter the Board). 7. for the Republic mērķdotācij, City Council or District Council each year up to January 20, the administration of the Republic submitted to the Chairman of the City Council or a District Council Chairman, signed a request for mērķdotācij (-request) of social workers who have an employment relationship with the local authorities concerned thought or councils at the date of the request (annex). 8. For social workers who work part time work in the body, but more municipalities together constitutes the normal working time, was requested by the demand side by his City Council or District Council, whose administrative territory of the local authority's social worker pamatdarbaviet. 9. If the working relationship with the social worker started after the current January 20, or other circumstances that give rise to mērķdotācij, the City Council of the Republic or the District Council within five working days inform the Administration and submit a request. 10. on the basis of the request, the Administration calculates the amount of mērķdotācij and with the Republican town or District Council concludes a contract of mērķdotācij. 11. the contract includes the transfer and use of mērķdotācij conditions, the reporting procedures for each calendar month, as well as the information to be provided for social workers. 12. each year, from March to December the Board up to the current month the tenth date transferred mērķdotācij of the previous month of the City Council or District Council, with the exception of December mērķdotācij. Mērķdotācij on December transferred to the 31 December of the year. 13. the District Council each month until the 15th date of the transfer of the mērķdotācij municipalities that have social workers. 14. Local Government Council (the Council) provides the monthly base salary to the costs of social augstinājum employee and State social security payments in accordance with paragraph 3 of this rule. 15. If the social worker terminates the employment relationship is transferred to another job, stop studying or other circumstances arise, when you lose the right to receive mērķdotācij, the City Council of the Republic or the District Council within five working days notify the administration. 16. Administration by next month respectively, the conversion of the municipality mērķdotācij. 17. the Administration is entitled to control the use of the mērķdotācij given by the experts, as well as request and receive with the use of the mērķdotācij and related documents. 18. This provision of the request referred to in paragraph 7 of the Administration need not provide for: 18.1 in 2008 in relation to the social workers who received mērķdotācij in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers of 19 June 2007 No. 400 provisions "regulations on Ministry of welfare State budget subprogramme" 05.04.00 State social services administration, supervision and control "appropriations by municipalities and the order in which cities and districts of the Republic the national communities of social mērķdotācij for partial compensation of employees and the State social insurance compulsory contributions" and in accordance with these rules is the right to the mērķdotācij also in 2008;
18.2. social workers, which mērķdotācij received in the preceding calendar year, and which in accordance with these rules is entitled to mērķdotācij in the current year. 19. These provisions of the district authorities in certain tasks after the completion of the administrative and territorial reform shall the county authorities. Prime Minister i. Godmanis Welfare Minister i. Muzzle attachment of the Cabinet of Ministers on 10 March 2008 the Regulation No 159 State mērķdotācij request the Welfare Minister of the nose.