Judicial Expert Specialties Classifier

Original Language Title: Tiesu ekspertu specialitāšu klasifikators

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 215, Riga, 25 March 2008 (pr. No 19 Court 39 §) expert specialties classification Issued under the law of the judicial expert 8. the second paragraph of article 1. approve the catalogue list-court expert specialties (further-classification). 2. Classification of the court expert specialty groups classified by codes according to the forensic area (annex). Prime Minister i. Godmanis Justice Minister g. Smith attachment Cabinet 25 March 2008. Regulations No 215 the court expert specialties classification no PO box specialty code specialty notes (specialties detailed explanation) audio recording and video 1 technical inspection 01.01 sound recording and hardware technical examination determines the audio track uptime; confirm the specific defects that occur in the record; research, or not carried out Assembly, the entry is made with the submitted hardware and hardware video 01.02 research determines the video hardware uptime; identifies the video equipment for specific faults; confirm the specific defects that occur in the record; research, or not made video montage 2. Soil inspection 02.01 soil exploration exploring the soil, humus, mineralogical and biological handling; take soil samples for comparative study to detect common family and group membership and the place of origin 3. Autotehnisk inspection of technical condition of the Vehicle 03.01 survey carried out in road accidents involved the technical condition of the vehicle research and ascertain its impact on traffic accidents from occurring for pedestrians mechanism of x Uzbraukum study examines the road accidents related to the uzbraukum pedestrian; find out the location and the uzbraukum mechanism; assess the technical capability to prevent Vehicle collision uzbraukum 3.03 mechanism research down the road traffic accident causes; find the collision site and mechanism of using analytic, calculation and computer modelling methods; assess the technical capability to prevent traffic accidents; explore the tachograph records 4. Cold weapons inspection Cold weapons research 04.01 determines the subject matter belonging to the cold weapons classes and assess its technical condition; determine the type of formulation of the subject of 5. Ballistic expertise 05.01 weapons identification, shots of feet and an examination of the circumstances identified guns and pneumatic weapons at the feet to the bullets and shells; research conditions following the shots fired by the feet on the barrier arms, special self-defense 05.02 and their ammunition research determines the diagnostic items belong to the class of firearms or special means of self-defence, as well as its affiliation to the class of firearms ammunition; assess its technical condition and determine the type of formulation of the subject of biological expertise 06.01 6 human hair morphological study detects biological-human hair-hair Animal 06.02 membership research determines the biological object-animal hair-affiliation 06.03 human biological DNA genotyping down the biological materials to objects (such as blood, saliva, semen), divides the genetic material (DNA) and determine the genotypes used for identification of biological materials or affinity for the determination of botanical expertise 07.01 7. Vegetable research determines the object lower and higher plants species and take the comparative research of the transmission inspection 08.01 Fingerprint Identification to identify the person performing the human arm wrist, foot and finger skin surface volār the scenes papillārlīnij research Papillārlīnij Spoor 08.02 visualization visualizes papillārlīnij footprints, using physical and chemical methods 9. document technical inspection technical research documents 09.01 Performs research, document properties as well as the reproduction techniques appear and made production, payment card and CD technical studies 10. Fonoskopisk inspection 10.01 Person identification with linguistic method talk transcript; determine the spontaneity of the negotiations; identifies people by individual speech lingvistiskaj characteristics; auditīv determines the possible Assembly places 10.02 Person identification with electroacoustic method Performs call decrypt mu (not through linguistic method, but by determining, for example, replicates, parazītskaņ leksisko); identifies people with elektroakustiskaj methods; determine the mounting location graphic approval; determine the authenticity of the records (original or a copy, or record is not terminated); determine the identity of the two records; determine the origin of the audio sound source, recording quality parameters and assess whether it is a valid person ID 11. Accounting expertise in audit checking Documentary 11.01 the audited object in nature, as well as using accounting documents; the complex trial is conducted in accordance with the objectives and tasks of the accounts 11.02 research study records of accounts, as well as two or more auditors with the contradictory results. Habitoloģisk inspection 12 12.01 personal identification by external signs outside signs of human studies 13. Terrain identification marks of inspection identification marks of 13.01 Terrain exploration vehicle identification (VIN signs, signs of production, the identifying stickers) complex research, weapons and household appliances the raised identification marks 14. research information technology expertise 14.01 information technology research computers , servers, portable computers, media (such as hard drives, CD/DVD/MO discs, memory cards, USB Flash, floppy disks) and skimero, and plaukstdatoro mobile phones and other information technology equipment research existing information 15. chemical inspection of materials research Document 15.01 document paper, rakstāmmateriāl and adhesives research material and 15.02 color coating research vehicles and household paint and coatings materials research, classification, comparison and common source of origin of the discovery of metals and alloys 15.03 exploration of chemical composition of metal alloy studies 15.04 the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances the study defines the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances being powdery, liquids, objects of plant origin; defines the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances on the surface of the research object of 15.05

Petroleum products and highly flammable substance research oil and highly flammable substance research Operational activities use 15.06 substance chemical exploration Core activities of chemical substances used in research of pyrotechnic articles 15.07 chemical research chemical of pyrotechnic articles research articles research 15.08 polymer polymer chemical product study special self-defense features of sat and chemical munitions research special self-defense products and their chemical munitions research 15.10 research and alcohol Alcohol alcohol , spirits and alcoholic beverages improvised chemical research explosives and explosions product 15.11 chemical explosives and explosions in the research of chemical product study of glass, ceramic and 15.12 to study glass products, ceramic materials, and fragments of articles studies, comparison, classification and common source of origin determination of fibre materials and 15.13 it product research and product of textile fibres (except mechanical properties), comparative studies, classification and research chemical trace Shots 15.14 exploration shot detection of products on different objects with chemical and physico-chemical methods chemical 16. toxicological expertise 16.01 chemical toxicological studies the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, toxic and alcohol and its homologous and substitute for the detection of persons Living biological research to identify drugs, psychotropic, toxic substances or alcohol and it substitutes the presence of State inspection 17 17.01 alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances and toxic effects on the State of research in person a personal exploration of the alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances and toxic effects of linguistic expertise 18 18.01 text linguistic research analyzes the language of text and determines the author of 19. Banknotes and coins inspection paper banknotes 19.01 research explores the different national paper money mark 19.02 coin research explores the different metal coins 20. Odoroloģisk inspection 20.01 Odoroloģisk research compares the smell of feet and smell samples using dog-biodetektor 21. Psihodiagnostisk the polygraph examination in the polygraph examination 21.01 Psihodiagnostisk Research, or person responsible really do lie in respect of certain activities or situations; or has the specific knowledge that can only be a certain actions or event directly involved 22. Handwriting expertise in graphical exploration of Handwriting 22.01 run the text and signature exploration 23. Sprādzientehnisk inspection Sprādzientehnisk 23.01 research technical research of pyrotechnic articles, the guards spridzinām and technical study of explosives, explosion and an examination of conditions of the foot, 24. Judicial medical expertise 24.01 the living and the dead person the Court medical research the living and the dead person the Court medical , and forensic histological studies of dead organic material 24.02 chemical toxicological studies the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs, psychotropic, toxic substances, alcohol and homologous and substitute for the detection of dead organic material chemical toxicological studies the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs, psychotropic, toxic substances, alcohol and homologous and substitute for the detection of human biological material 24.03 detection and serological studies human biological and serological studies 25. Judicial psychiatric expertise of mental condition of Persons 25.01 research 26. Judicial psychological expertise in the psychological state of the Person 26.01 research 27. Trasoloģisk inspection of footwear and clothing 27.01 motor damage and left foot exploration footwear, gloves and other clothing items in the left foot; feet of a track; footwear and clothing produced in the research of the mechanism of foot exploration Homoskopisk 27.02 human teeth, lips, ears and other body parts left foot; naked and apaut legs stockings feet; human motion skills research Mehanoskopisk 27.03 feet feet hacking tools in the research, tools and technological equipment in the left foot; and the safety locks; a reconstruction of parts of vehicles left foot 27.04 research Of vehicle parts and separated debris research, vehicle parts left foot exploration 27.05 blood feet trasoloģisk research determines blood formation mechanisms 28 feet. Fire technical inspection technical research Fire 28.01 down the fire cause and origin of the contributing circumstances, development of fire spread knees, technical reasons, location, and time, the Minister of Justice g. Smith