The Order In Which Used Measures Of Municipal Mērķdotācij

Original Language Title: Kārtība, kādā izlieto mērķdotācijas pašvaldību pasākumiem

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 192 in Riga in 2008 (March 18. No. 18 19) procedures used in the mērķdotācij municipal measures Issued in accordance with the law "on State budget for 2008" article 43 1. determines the State budget programme 12.00.00 "measures" of the municipality of Mērķdotācij (-mērķdotācij) use. 2. Mērķdotācij use of the law "on State budget for 2008" in annex 18. "the Mērķdotācij municipal measures" would set the rules (hereinafter measure). 3. Mērķdotācij monitoring of the use of public regional development agency (hereinafter the Agency). 4. the Agency shall mērķdotācij the mērķdotācij of the beneficiaries of the measure (hereinafter referred to as the beneficiary) in the account specified by the Treasury in accordance with Agency approved a financing plan for 2008:4.1 advance-50 percent of the amount for the action;
4.2. the balance of the funding amounts for the action-10 working days after receipt of the appropriate documents substantiating expenditure (contract) and check the relevant documents (contract) the measures laid down in this essay. 5. the recipient shall submit to the Agency the event costs supporting documentation (contract) puts the copy no later than December 1, 2008. 6. the beneficiary initiates measures granted to the use of mērķdotācij in 2008. Mērķdotācij shall be used no later than 31 December 2009. 7. the beneficiary during the month following the end of the financial year shall submit to the Agency a report on the use of funding for the action (hereinafter report) in accordance with the provisions of this annex. 8. the beneficiary is responsible for the implementation of the procedures laid down in the legislation and appropriate measures for the purpose laid down in, as well as the reporting agency within the time limit. 9. the Agency shall evaluate the information provided in the report on implementation of and review the eligibility of the expenditure of the measure. 10. during the implementation of the measure, the Agency has the right to carry out inspections of the implementation of the action areas, as well as control the accounting, financial and other documents relating to the implementation of the measure. 11. If the Agency checks reveal non-conformity with the use made of the financing granted by the Agency by registered letter, inform the recipient. 12. the beneficiary within two months after this provision in paragraph 11 of this disclosure of non-compliance, investing in local budget revenue measures according to the measure of the State budget allocated to the mērķdotācij around and aim. 13. If the time limit specified mērķdotācij recipient of the non-compliance does not prevent the recipient from the municipal budget revenue month repayment shall be made in the unfounded, the expenditure incurred by payment to the State budget revenue in the account specified by the Agency in the country. 14. during the two months following the end of the financial year shall be submitted by the regional development agency and Municipal Affairs Ministry monitoring report on the implementation of the measures in the previous year. Prime Minister Godmanis. Regional development and local Government Minister Zalān Annex E. Cabinet 18 March 2008 of Regulation No 192 of regional development and local government, Minister for Zalān E.