Civil Aircraft Crew Members And The Rest Of The Organisation And Procedure Of Compliance With The

Original Language Title: Civilās aviācijas gaisa kuģu apkalpes locekļu darba un atpūtas laika organizēšanas un ievērošanas kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 349 in Riga, 19 May 2008 (pr. No 31 19) Civil aircraft crew members and the rest of the organisation and procedure of compliance with the Issued in accordance with the law "on the air" 30. the third paragraph of article i. General questions 1. determines the civil aircraft crew members and the rest of the organisation, and accounting procedures. 2. the rules shall apply to the European Parliament and of the Council of produced the 2006 Regulation (EC) no 1899/2006 amending Council Regulation (EEC) No 3922/91 on the harmonisation of technical requirements and administrative procedures in the field of civil aviation, in Subpart Q of annex III (hereinafter referred to as annex III Subpart Q) terms used. 3. Provisions include requirements that: 3.1 no specific regulations in Subpart Q of annex III and shall apply to all aircraft crew members;
3.2. applies to aircraft crew, whose working and rest time is not governed by the regulations in Subpart Q of annex III. II. Extended flight duty time (split duty) 4. Planning flights, of annex III Subpart Q OPS 1.1105 point 1.3 and 1.4 above flight time in the aircraft pluatant the EC may be replaced by a distributed flight duty time according to the order, calculate the flight time of a planned extension (annex). 5. the planned extension of flight duty time, aircraft operators shall comply with the following conditions: 5.1. flight duty time consists of two periods, between which there is one in the schedule note break;
5.2. flight duty time before or after the break not longer than 10 hours, and the total split flight duty time is longer than 20 hours or more ladies;
5.3. distributed flight time forbidden to extend through the increased crew or allow extended working time;
5.4. If the break is six hours and longer, and if three or more break hours night (from 22.00 to 6.00 a.m.) local time, air operators will provide the crew with a quiet and comfortable holiday accommodation that is not publicly available;
5.5. positioning the flight duty time;
5.6. If the positioning time entering the resort and return from it, is longer than an hour, not including the break;
5.7. time zone difference between the start location and the location of the break shall not exceed three hours;
5.8. the shared flight duty time is shorter than the total flight hours, including break. 6. If the air crew is provided with rest room sleeping, break time is not included in the rest of the time. 7. If the flight duty time extension is not previously planned, the flight duty period may be interrupted for at least four hours. Break begins no earlier than 30 minutes after engine shutdown, and ends no later than 45 minutes before the flight begins. 8. in accordance with paragraph 7 of these regulations to the requirements of the total flight time is calculated by adding flight time before breaks and working time after the break. III. the rest 9. If the time zone difference between flight work start and end location is four hours and more, an operator of aircraft crew members extended rest time, which consists of annex III Subpart Q OPS 1.1110 point 1.1 and 1.2 of this holiday time and flight duty period starting and ending location time zone difference. 10. the aircraft operator can shorten the Q of annex III, OPS 1.1110 bottom sections 1.1 and 1.2 hours of rest referred to no more than three hours, ensuring that the total rest period of at least 11 hours if: 10.1. previous holiday time has been shortened;
10.2. the unused rest hours are added to the next rest period;
10.3. the rest period is truncated before the extended flight duty time and after it. 11. If the scheduled flight time of more than six hours, the aircraft operator shall provide the flight crew with one paid meal every four hours. IV. Flight duty time extension increased the crew due to in-flight rest 12. If each flight crew member can leave their jobs for a period of at least 30% of the flight time, flight duty time may be extended to 16 hours regardless of the login time. 13. Rest periods during the flight is counted in flight work. 14. one flight duty time in no more than two of the planned landing. The crew may be increased to three landing flight duty period concerned, where the flight time in one of the sectors does not exceed two hours. 15. the operator of an aircraft in flight provides the crew with a quiet and comfortable place that is not publicly available. 16. at the time of flight of the aircraft crew be granted rest periods according to annex III Subpart Q OPS 1.1110 points 1.1 and 1.2 below. 17. The aircraft cabin crew flight time can be extended to 16 hours if: 17.1. each cabin crew member shall be discharged of all obligations on time, which is at least 30% of the flight time. Rest during the flight is counted in a flight duty period;
17.2. flight duty time may be up to three landing. 18. in paragraph 17 of these rules, the above requirements shall not apply to the minimum cabin crew. V. On-call time in reserve 19. Crew Member of on-call time is calculated from reserve airport login now in full as a summary. 20. If the crew member in the dežur reserve, being in a hotel or at home, total working time accounts for 50% of the inactive part of on-call time is calculated in the reserve as a flight duty period. 21. the maximum call time is 13 hours in reserve. 22. If the inactive part of on-call time in the reserve and stop the aircraft crew member to designate the flight duty time to reserve a flight duty period. 23. If the inactive part of on-call time in a reserve crew member is assigned to a flight, he then when on-call time in reserve, assigned rest period, not less than 10 hours. Vi. The maximum daily flight duty period for single pilot operations 24. Pilot's work time starts from the login. Login time is determined by the aircraft operator. Work is also included in the obligation that the pilot makes on the ground and associated with security measures and draw up a stranger with flight. 25. the maximum base flight hours a day one pilot operations is 10 hours. 26. The provisions referred to in paragraph 25 of the work time shortened by 30 minutes for each sector, starting from fourth, the maximum reduction in the odd giving two hours. 27. The rules referred to in paragraph 25 of the working time is not shortened depending on the sector, if the aircraft is flying by visual flight rules only. 28. If the aircraft within one hour after only visual flight rules are flown in four slices and more flight time must be not less than 30-minute break after each three consecutive hours. 29. If a flight duty period starting daily at pavājinātāk level window, 25 and 26 of these regulations referred to in paragraph maximum flight duty time reduced by as much as 24 hours, worked at pavājinātāk level window, but no more than two hours. 30. If a flight duty period ends 24 h at pavājinātāk level window or in full, of this provision includes 25 and 26 referred to the maximum flight duty time reduced by half the time worked daily at pavājinātāk level window. 31. The maximum daily flight duty period may be extended by not more than one hour. 32. the maximum number of extensions is two in any extension in seven consecutive days. 33. If the planned to use the daily flight duty time extension, the minimum periods of rest before the flight and after it extended by two hours or post flight rest period be extended by four hours. 34. If the extension uses two consecutive flight duty times, before and after the flight time between the two flight duty period shall be determined. 35. If the flight duty period with extension starts between 10 p.m. and 5.00 o'clock, the operator will limit flight time to eight hours 45 minutes. 36. when teaching or training flights aerodrome traffic zone, comply with the following conditions: 36.1. flight duty period, not longer than 10 hours;
36.2. flight time, not longer than six hours;
36.3. the flying by plane: not more than 30 take-off and landing;
36.4. the fly – no more than 60 helicopters take off and landing. 37. All the positioning time calculated as the amount of working time. 38. Positioning after login, but before the aircraft operates in the information activities include flight time, but is not considered a pie. 39. Positioning, which is immediately after the flight duty sector, taken into account in calculating the minimum periods of rest as defined in annex III Subpart Q OPS 1.1110 point 1.1 and 1.2. Prime Minister i. Godmanis traffic Minister, child and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik annex a Cabinet of 19 May 2008. Regulations No 349 flights planned extension of working time calculation of the Break duration (hours and minutes) the working time up the factor 0-3, 2.59 6,59 from break duration 7 0.5-10.59

from break duration 0.66 (or 1.5 – if not less than seven hours of interruption refers to from 22.00 to 8.00 o'clock after the base airport local time) Transport Ministers in place, children and Family Affairs Minister a. Baštik in

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