Bathing Hygiene Requirements

Original Language Title: Peldvietu higiēnas prasības

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 454 Riga, June 17, 2008 (pr. No 42 47) bathing hygiene Issued pursuant to the law of the epidemiological safety article 38.1 1. determines the hygiene requirements of these rules 1 and 2 listed in annex bathing areas. 2. in order to ensure the quality of bathing water and swimming safety, as well as to avoid damage to human health, bathing the natural or legal person responsible for that property or possession in the swimming, bathing or on municipal land and its management, – the local bathing: 2.1 be installed toilets, sewage systems provided with discharge of waste water sewer network or local treatment plants, or deploy mobile toilets;
2.2. changing facilities shall be provided and waste containers;
2.3. ensure the land part of bathing sand skimming disaggregation, where possible;
2.4. provide regular and timely collection and export of waste to prevent environmental pollution;
2.5. provide easy access to safe water, water based terrain and protection against dangerous geological processes (e.g., landslides, coastal landslides). 3. bathing is not allowed in the residence of the animals – are barred from bringing animals to walk and swims. 4. This rule controls the health inspection. 5. Annex 2 of these regulations shall enter into force on 15 May 2009. Prime Minister – the Minister of Justice G. Buchanan, Health Minister i. Morris annex 1 Cabinet 17 June 2008. Regulations No 454 of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga seaside bathing 1:1.1. Perch;
1.2. the bulduri;
1.3. Double;
1.4. Amber;
1.5. Jaunķemeri;
1.6. Kauguri;
1.7. Lielupe;
1.8. The Major;
1.9. Melluzu str;
1.10. the buds;
1.11. Vaivara.
2. Baltimore: 2.1 Southwest bathing;
2.2. the bathing water at the stadium.
3. Limbaži district: 3.1 ainazi;
3.2. Salacgrīva town with its countryside territory: 3.2.1. Melek of Finland;
3.2.2. Salacgrīva;
3.3. the Skulte parish Skulte (Center);
Liepupe parish the 3.4 Tūj (resting place).
4. Riga: Vakarbuļļ 4.1;
4.2. Vecāķ;
4.3. Brody.
5. District of saulkrasti town with its countryside territory: 5.1 saulkrasti (Center);
5.2. the dwarfs.
6. the Talsi district: 6.1. Kolka parish Kolk;
6.2. Mērsrags parish: 6.2.1 mērsrags;
6.2.2. Upesgrīv;
6.3. Rojas parish Roja.
7. the Tukums District: 7.1. Engure parish: 7.1.1. Abragciem;
7.1.2. Klapkalnciem;
7.1.3. Ķesterciem;
7.2. the Lapmežciem district Ragaciem.
8. Ventspils: 8.1 the City Beach;
8.2. Staldzen's beach. Health Minister i. Morris annex 2 Cabinet 17 June 2008. Regulations No 454 bathing hygiene inland bathing areas 1. Daugavpils: 1.1. large hive Lake swimming;
1.2. Šūņ swimming lake.
2. the Dobele district of Dobele parish – Gaurat Lake swimming.
3. the Krāslava district of Krāslava municipality-Horse Lake swimming.
4. the Kuldīga district town of Kuldīga-Venta River bathing "Mārtiņsal".
5. Baltimore-career "Beberliņ" swimming.
6. Riga: bathing lake Jugla 6.1;
6.2. the bathing lake of Bābelīt.
7. District of Riga – Sigulda municipality Gauja, Sigulda bathing.
8. the Saldus district: 8.1 sweet Lake swimming;
8.2. Brocēni municipality swimming lake of Ciecer.
9. Ventspils – Būšniek Lake swimming. Health Minister Morris I.