The Raw Milk Quality Control Laboratories And Monitoring Procedures For The Recognition Of The

Original Language Title: Svaigpiena kvalitātes kontroles laboratoriju atzīšanas un uzraudzības kārtība

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 404 in Riga in 2008 (3 June. No 37 26) raw milk quality control laboratories and monitoring procedures of recognition issued under the food surveillance article 4 of the law on the part of the fourteenth and the law "on conformity assessment" article 7 i. General questions 1. determines the order in which recognise and monitor the laboratories carrying out the raw milk quality control laboratory investigations (hereinafter referred to as the labor of thorium).
2. the rules apply to laboratories which take raw milk samples the laboratory investigations to determine the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004, Regulation No 853/2004/EC laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin (hereinafter referred to as the European Parliament and Council Regulation No 853/2004/EC), annex III, section IX, chapter I, part III to the indicators of the quality of raw milk.
3. Laboratory recognizes food and veterinary service (hereinafter service).
II. the procedure of recognition of the Laboratory Services laboratory 4 recognize if it is accredited to the standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17025 "the competence of testing and calibration laboratories-General requirements" and paragraph 9 of these regulations and the requirements of accreditation sphere included if the methods mentioned in the European Commission of 5 December 2005, Regulation No 2074/2005/EC laying down implementing measures for certain products under Regulation (EC) No 853/2004/EC and for the organisation of official controls in accordance with regulation 854/2004/EC and Regulation (EC) No 882/2004/EC , exceptions to Regulation No 852/2004/EC and Regulation No 853/2004/EC and No 854/2004/EC, annex A, chapter I (hereinafter referred to as the European Commission Regulation (EC) No 2074/2005/EC).
5. the Ministry of the economy within two weeks after completion of the accreditation process and the decision on the grant of accreditation to laboratories accredited by this rule laid down in paragraph 4, shall be published on the notice in the newspaper "journal".
6. Service Recognition Award accredited laboratory number, including laboratory recognized food companies register, inform the laboratory for recognition and issue it a certificate of recognition. Register and certificate of recognition indicates the following information: 6.1. laboratory name, legal address and location address;
6.2. the accredited legal sphere, which is the name recognition is granted;
6.3. approval number assigned.
7. the laboratory within 10 working days, inform the staff if: 7.1 changed any of the properties of the laboratory;
7.2. the laboratory shall terminate;
7.3. the laboratory lost the accreditation rules set out in paragraph 4.
8. laboratory approval number shall be indicated on the test report, issued on the compulsory study of raw milk quality laboratory (raw milk quality laboratory examinations carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations on raw milk movement of veterinary, hygiene and quality requirements).
9. the national agency "Latvian National Accreditation Bureau to" assess whether: 9.1 laboratory has the facilities and equipment that ensure the quality of raw milk samples for laboratory investigations in accordance with the European Commission Regulation No. 2074/2005/EC annex VI, chapter I;
9.2. the laboratory analysis is required reagents and their use are listed;
9.3. the laboratory participates in the legislation of reference laboratory status duly accredited in the milk and milk products reference laboratories organized by: 9.3.1. interlaboratory comparison testing of European Parliament and Council Regulation No 853/2004/EC, title IX, chapter I, part III of the raw milk quality indicators and the rules laid down in paragraph 4, the methods not less than annually;
9.3.2. training seminar not less than annually;
9.3.3. calibration of equipment at least two times a month;
9.4. the laboratory testing data each day electronically or by fax sent to the State Agency "agricultural data centre";
9.5. the laboratory test reports and analysis data shall be kept for not less than five years.
III. laboratory procedures for supervision of the activities of the laboratory 10 service monitors control exercised at least once a year. Service control if it has received complaints about the lab, as well as random, evaluate and compare data on the results of the mandatory quality of raw milk laboratory studies.
11. If you cancel the accreditation: 11.1. service cancelled the recognition granted;
11.2. a laboratory to investigate the rules prohibited 8. minimum referred to raw milk samples;
11.3. the laboratory shall be barred from investigating official raw milk samples (samples of raw milk quality control laboratory investigation for sending service).
IV. final question 12. laboratory, which is accredited before the entry into force of these regulations, the Department admits up to 1 January 2009.
Prime Minister i. Godmanis Minister of Agriculture m. Roze Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on July 4, 2008.

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