Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers Of 12 March 2002, The Provisions Of No. 111 "cabinet Of Ministers Order Roll"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2002.gada 12.marta noteikumos Nr.111 "Ministru kabineta kārtības rullis"

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 493 in Riga, 30 June 2008 (pr. No 44 66) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of 12 March 2002, regulations No. 111 "Cabinet of Ministers order roll" Issued in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers article 24 of the law of the equipment 1. make Cabinet of 12 March 2002, regulations No. 111 "Cabinet of Ministers order roll" (Latvian journal, 2002, no. 42, 162; 2003; 2004, nr. 165, 55, 61, 124, no. 156; 2005, 68, 134 no; 2006, 2007 77 no; , 205. no; in 2008, 89 no). 1.1. the following amendments: to replace in paragraph 2.1.5. the word "authorities" with the word "institutions";
1.2. deletion of paragraph 20, the words "(five years);
1.3. make 2.6. subdivision by the following: ' 2.6. Direct Administration institution strategy of direct administration institutions 29.1 action strategy (the strategy) is an institution of the guidance document that provides direct administrative bodies do medium-term planning exercise its competence to existing policies in relation to the relevant area for approved policy planning documents, legislation and planned public spending total medium-term.
the strategy includes the following section 29.2-29.2.1: development;
29.2. the State budget programme 2.
the Ministry approved the strategy 3 Cabinet of Ministers. Cabinet members of the subordinated institutions subordinated to the Ministry or authorities approved the strategy Cabinet Member, if Cabinet has not ruled on the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of the strategy.
29.4 the strategy's content, as well as the order in which it develops, articulates and assessed, determined by the Cabinet of Ministers instruction.
29.5 in order of Cabinet of Ministers on the strategy may include tasks for the implementation of the strategy. "
1.4. to make 44. the first sentence of the following paragraph: "the Ministry of finance in cooperation with the State Chancellery and the regional development and the Ministry of local government and institutions evaluate new policy initiatives presented under the Latvian National Development Plan 2007-2013 priorities established, Cabinet approved the medium-term budgetary objectives and priority directions of development, as well as the Minis three strategies and policy planning documents and the priorities set out in the medium-term macro-economic and fiscal policy framework. New policy initiatives the preparation, submission, evaluation and transversal of the new uniform policy in the creation of the authority in order for the priority list is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers. ";
1.5. to replace paragraph 72, second sentence, the word "authorities" with the word "institutions";
1.6. to make 78. paragraph by the following: "78. Opinion on the legislative proposal to add annotations: 78.1. According to the competence of the Ministry or other institution provides an assessment of the following sections: abstract 78.1.1. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – annotations section V paragraph 2 and 3;
78.1.2. Ministry of the economy, annotation, title II, 1, 2, and 3;
78.1.3. Ministry of finance – the abstract of title III;
78.1.4. The Ministry of education and science – the abstract of title II 2.6 and 5.2 below;
78.1.5. The Ministry of welfare, child and Family Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of health and the Minister with special responsibility for public integration Secretariat – the abstract of title 5;
78.1.6. Regional development and local government Ministry, the annotation paragraph 1 of section I, section II, point 5.1 and section VII, paragraph 1;
78.1.7. The Ministry of justice – the abstract of title I, point 2 and 3, section IV and V, as well as paragraph 3 of title VII;
78.1.8. State Chancellery – annotations of title II title I, paragraph 4, and section VI and VII;
78.1.9. Ministry of the environment – the abstract of title II, point 6;
78.1.10. Special task Minister for electronic Government Affairs Secretariat-annotations in title II, point 3 and 4;
78.1.11. Special task Minister for society integration Affairs Secretariat-the annotations section VI and VII;
78.2. Ministry or other body can provide evaluation on any annotations section. ";
1.7. to express a point following 244.2: "Ministry of 244.2 subordinated to direct State Administration develop a strategy 2010-2012 programming cycle and submit it for approval to the Cabinet or the Minister under this provision and 29.4 29.3 point."
2. provisions applicable to the 30 June 2008.
The Prime Minister's site-traffic Minister a. shlesers Justice Minister g. Smith Editorial Note: rules applicable to 30 June 2008.

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