Rules For The National Examiner's Office Paid Services Price List

Original Language Title: Noteikumi par Valsts tiesu ekspertīžu biroja maksas pakalpojumu cenrādi

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 616 in Riga august 4 2008 (pr. Nr. 55. §) rules for the national examiner's Office paid services price list Issued in accordance with the law on budget and financial management of the ninth paragraph of article 5 and judicial experts, article 13 of the law a quarter 1. determines the State forensic Office (hereinafter the Office) paid service price list.
2. the provisions shall not apply where the inspection is made in the criminal proceedings and the administrative process.
3. The Office shall charge the costs determined in accordance with the paid services price list (annex).
4. Be declared unenforceable in the Cabinet of 31 May 2005, Regulation No 374 "regulations on the State forensic Office paid services price list" (Latvian journal, 2005, 88 no).
Prime Minister i. Godmanis Justice Minister g. Smith Editorial Note: rules shall enter into force on 8 august 2008.
Annex to the Cabinet's august 4, 2008. Regulations No 616 State forensic Office of charge service price list no PO box
Charge unit of inspection type price (Ls) the urgent need to mark price (Ls) * 1. Biological and chemical inspection 1.1.
soil, plant and animal hair object of the inspection inspection 191.10 382.20 1.2.
glass, ceramics and products, incandescent, metal and alloy inspection inspection 191.10 382.20 1.3.
petroleum products and lubricants inspection inspection 191.10 382.20 1.4.
the color of the material and the coating, fiber material and products, polymer materials and products inspection inspection 191.10 382.20 1.5.
color materials and products, fiber material and products, polymer materials and products inspection using the infrared spectroscopic examination of 191.10 382.20 1.6.
shot in the foot inspection, using electron microscope inspection 191.10 382.20 1.7.
finger foot inspection (foot visualization and identification) 191.10 382.20 2 expertise. document inspection 2.1.
the document property inspection inspection 104.10 208.20 2.2.
the document material and paper inspection inspection 104.10 208.20 2.3.
handwriting, signature inspection and determination of the author's inspection inspection 69.86 139.72 Autotehnisk 3 inspection inspection 4. Expert 76.24 152.48 candidate training hour 2.59-note.
* value added tax is applied on the basis of the law "on value added tax" article 3, fifth paragraph, because the national examiner's Office has not registered with the State revenue service value added tax register of taxable persons.
Justice Minister g. Smith

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