Electronic Identification Monitoring Committee Charter

Original Language Title: Elektroniskās identifikācijas uzraudzības komitejas nolikums

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 695 in 2016 (November 1. No 58 4) electronic identification regulations Issued by the Monitoring Committee in accordance with the individual electronic identification law article 17 the seventh part i. General issues Committee is a collegial 1 supervisory body under the authority of the Minister of defence, the purpose of which is to monitor and register qualified or qualified security-enhanced digital IDs service provider and the services provided by a qualified provider of electronic identification register (hereinafter register).
II. the functions and duties of the Committee 2. The Committee shall carry out an electronic identification of natural persons statutory monitoring body functions and tasks, as well as: 2.1 shall notify the European Commission of electronic identification schemes in line with the European Parliament and of the Council on 23 July 2014, the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 on the reliability of electronic identification and electronic business services in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC, the first subparagraph of article 9; 2.2. prepare proposals on legislative projects for skilled or qualified security-enhanced digital IDs in the provider and the monitoring of the services provided; 2.3. in matters within their competence, provide proposals for State and municipal authorities. III. composition of the Committee, the Chairman of the Committee 3 is the Defense Ministry Secretary of State. 4. the Committee's secretariat. Secretariat functions provides the Ministry of Defense. The Secretariat of the Committee is the Chief. 5. the Committee shall consist of: 5.1 a Defense Ministry State Secretary; 5.2. the Secretary of the Ministry of transport; 5.3. the Ministry of Justice; 5.4. the Ministry of the Interior; 5.5. The protection of the environment and regional development Ministry Secretary of State; 5.6. the head of the State Inspectorate; 5.7. the Agency "of the University of Latvia University of Latvia, Institute of mathematics and Informatics" Department "information technology security incident prevention body ' (hereinafter referred to as the information technology security incident prevention institution); 5.8. the head of the Secretariat of the Committee. 6. the Committee's first Deputy Chairman is the head of the Secretariat of the Committee. 7. The Chairman of the Committee the second Deputy is the information technology security incident prevention institutions. IV. meetings of the Committee's organization of work 8 meetings of the Committee at least once a semester. The Committee shall convene the Committee as required by the President or three members of the Committee. The Committee's agenda, approved by the Chairman of the Committee. 9. The Chairman of the Committee or a member of a Committee is entitled to invite to participate in the meeting of experts of the Committee in an advisory capacity, the secretariat informed about it beforehand. 10. Meetings of the Committee are closed. The Committee shall participate in the hearing Committee members, invited experts and a representative of the Secretariat of the Committee, that Committee shall be recorded. The members of the Committee and the experts on the Committee shall be invited to send an electronic invitation and agenda to the bodies represented the official e-mail address. 11. Members of the Committee have the right to authorize in writing another person to replace them in separate Committee meetings. Person authorised to replace the Member of the Committee, is to vote on the mandate for the period specified. Power of Attorney must be presented at the meeting of the Committee. 12. the Committee's proceedings shall be valid if at least five of the Committee members or authorized persons, which they replaced. Each Member of the Committee meeting of the Committee of the issues to be dealt with as a whole, not only assesses the extent of their competence. Present members of the Committee shall not have the right to refuse or abstain from voting, except in accordance with the laws and regulations may come into conflict of interest situation. 13. the Committee's decisions, the open vote "for" or "against". The Committee's decision is adopted by the members present a simple majority. If the votes are divided into equal, the Chairman shall have a casting vote. 14. the Committee issued the administrative act or actual action may appeal to the Court of Justice of the administrative procedure law. V. the competence of members of the Committee and the work of the Committee, the Chairman of the Committee 15:15.1. directs the Committee meeting; 15.2. the signature of the documents of the Committee; 15.3. the members of the Committee a mandate to sign the documents of the Committee. 16. the Committee's first Deputy President, performs the duties of the Chairman of the Committee, the Chairman of the Committee's absence. 17. the second Deputy of the Chairman of the Committee shall carry out the duties of the Committee the Committee President and first Vice-President of his absence. 18. the Committee's secretariat of the Committee, including: Organizing Committee sitting in 18.1; 18.2. the exchange of information with the members of the Committee about the Committee's competence; 18.3. ensure the work of the Committee between the meetings of the Committee; 18.4. designs and coordinate the meetings of the Committee the draft Protocol. Prime Minister Māris kučinskis Defense Minister Raimonds Bergmanis

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