Amendments To The Cabinet Of Ministers On 15 March 2016. Regulation No 160 Of The "action Programme" Growth And Employment "4.2.1. Specific Aid Objectives" To Promote Energy Efficiency In Public And Residential Buildings " Specific Aid Objectives

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Ministru kabineta 2016. gada 15. marta noteikumos Nr. 160 "Darbības programmas "Izaugsme un nodarbinātība" 4.2.1. specifiskā atbalsta mērķa "Veicināt energoefektivitātes paaugstināšanu valsts un dzīvojamās ēkās" specifiskā atbalsta mērķ

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 710 in 2016 (November 1. No 58 47) amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers on 15 March 2016. Regulation No 160 of the "action programme" growth and employment "4.2.1. specific aid objectives" to promote energy efficiency in public and residential buildings "specific support target measures" to promote energy efficiency in residential buildings ' implementing rules ' Issued in accordance with the European Union's structural funds and the cohesion fund the 2014 – 2020 programming period management law article 20 paragraph 13 and 14 make Cabinet 2016 March 15 Regulation No 160 of the "action programme" growth and employment "4.2.1. specific support the objective "to promote the energy efficiency of public and residential buildings" specific support target measures "to promote the energy efficiency of residential buildings" implementing rules "(Latvian journal, 2016, no. 65) the following amendments: 1. Express 2.6. subparagraph by the following:" 2.6 "Viola" project-project, within which the company "Viola" awarded grants through civil contracts, and provide advisory support to the apartment owners energy efficiency measures, as well as to finance the "Viola" project management and the cost of implementation; ". 2. Add to chapter I with 11.1 points as follows: "through" Alta "11.1 project," Viola "performs delegated tasks of public administration. "Viola" located in the functional supervision of the Ministry of the economy in respect of the delegated task of Government. " 3. Express section 20.2.5. by the following: "grant application acceptance 20.2.5., evaluation and award of grants issued, accounting and monitoring of aid, as well as to grant administration activities." 4. Express 23.1.2., section 23.1.3 and 23.1.4. by the following: "23.1.2. costs for management of the project, including the project management personnel remuneration costs not exceeding 56 580 per year. Staff involvement in project provided under full-time or part-time, subject to the principle of relevance is not less than 30 percent of capacity; 23.1.3. project implementation staff remuneration costs. Staff involvement in project provided under full-time or part-time, subject to the principle of relevance is not less than 30 percent of capacity; 23.1.4. this rule 20.2. the activities referred to in point – such project implementation costs, which in total do not exceed 6% of the rules referred to in paragraph 10.1. total available funding: apply staff costs, including legal and public "Viola" provided for in the collective agreement binding the employer duties, as well as health insurance costs; Service (enterprise agreements); the cost of training, work and service travel and business travel costs; the transport and transport maintenance and service costs, including payment for leasing (operating lease), designing and reservations, as well as interest payments; the archive; work equipment (Office furniture and equipment, computer software and licenses) costs, up to eur 3 000 per job across the "Viola" during project implementation; fee for receiving information from databases and its accumulation; collection and recovery processes and provisioning costs; the financial audit costs; informative and publicity measures and the cost of materials (informational seminars, conferences, debates, competitions, etc.), printed and electronic information material (posters, leaflets, brochures, internet and infografik environmental banners, applications, etc.), audiovisual material (video and audio stories, interviews, etc.), advertising, production and distribution of representative materials, public relations activities (media relations, social platforms, working with opinion leaders, educational games, etc.) optimization of internet meklētājvārd; the unexpected costs that total does not exceed 5% of that rule 20.2. supported referred to the costs of the implementation of operations; other projects necessary for the implementation of the cost of the goods; ". 5. Delete 23.1.5. section. 6. Supplement with 25.1 points as follows: "public" Viola "25.1 is available for funding this rule 25.2. in point the costs from this provision 10.2. referred to repay Government funding parts that together does not exceed 0.65% of the total cooperation authorities grant attributed costs." 7. Express 27.2. subparagraph by the following: "guarantees from the 27.2. rules 10.2. funding and referred from the refund of the European regional development fund of up to 4% of the cumulative take of guarantees and guarantee obligations in the instruments paid off in the European regional development fund." 8. Make the following paragraph 28.1: "28.1. staff costs, including legal and public" Viola "provided for in the collective agreement the employer's minimum duty charges;". 9. Express 28.4 28.5. this point. and the wording: "28.4. training costs, labour and business travel and business travel costs; 28.5. the transport and transport maintenance and service costs, including payment for leasing (operating lease), designing and reservations, as well as interest charges. " 10. Express 28.10. subparagraph by the following: "28.10. information database and system development, management and improvement costs;". 11. Make the following paragraph 28.13.: "the cost of communications services 28.13., including mail, internet and telecommunication charges;". 12. Make no 28.21. subparagraph by the following: "No 28.21." Viola "-owned fixed assets and amortization of intangible assets expenses;". 13. To supplement the provisions of this subparagraph with 28.23.: "28.23. other costs according to the" Viola "management cost accounting methodology." 14. paragraph 30 expressing the following: "30. losses from financial instruments not recovered" Viola "loans under the guarantee compensation and cover the following: 30.1. the original" Viola "company losses borne by the European regional development fund up to the amount of funding determined the percentage of the total amount of financial instruments issued on the basis of the expected loss of a risk assessment under the Development financial institutions act, article 12 third; 18.8. further losses that exceed that rule 30.1. losses referred to in paragraph shall be borne by the company "Viola". " 15. Supplement with 19.3 points as follows: "31.1 municipalities can eligible energy efficiency improvement measures in relation to their own apartment or apartments apartment living in the House, where the date of application for apartment living in existing homes not privatized the apartments belonging to the municipality, are leased or rental legal relationship is initiated in one of the following rules: 1." The help of 31.1 apartment issues "; 31.1 2. "on social apartments and social residential houses"; 31.1 3. "for State and local residential privatization." " 16. Express 20.9. subparagraph by the following: "20.9. value added tax. In the case of gravel to the value added tax is applicable, if it can not be recovered according to the laws and regulations in the field of fiscal policy. " 17. paragraph 41 be expressed as follows: "41. Apartment owners or authorized person shall select the suppliers (for example, būvkomersant, autoruzraug, būvuzraug) according to the company's" Viola "instructions, subject to the following conditions: 41.1. the authorised representative of the owners of the apartment is not in a conflict of interest with the supplier, i.e. the person authorised participant (shareholder), Member of the Council or the Board, any relative of that person up to the second degree of kinship, the spouse or brother-to the first degree of affinity, or authorized person prokūrist or komercpilnvarniek is not a supplier or subcontractor of the supplier as well as the authorized person is not the supplier or its subcontractors member (shareholder), Member, Council or Board, prokūrist or komercpilnvarniek; 41.2. the implementation of energy efficiency measures cost corresponds to average market prices. " 50.2.2. section 18 of the Present as follows: "for a residential home 50.2.2. energy efficiency measures – works and structural-cost of services according to supplier offers;". 19. Make the following paragraph in 53.2: "53.2. section shows revenue by implementing energy efficiency measures in thermal energy cost savings achieved in the light of the submission of the aid application the moment the existing heat tariff by applying the rate of inflation, or if the year 1.018 apartments residential house is not connected to a central heating system, the "Viola" the calculated heat tariffs that amount shall be fixed in the financing agreement and which shall be reviewed at least once a year according to market price changes. " 20. To express 60 as follows: "60. If the apartment owner the person entitled energy efficiency measures for the implementation of other donor funding attracted, "Viola" company grants including the energy efficiency measures for the implementation of the credit institution of the open account in accordance with the cooperation agreement concluded between the company "Alta" and other funders. " 21. Make the following paragraph in 39.2: "39.2. other international funders is a credit institution, financial institution or alternative investment fund;". 22. the express section 70.1. by the following: "70.1. providing loans, guarantees and grants of the use and monitoring of loan repayment to the repayment of the loan according to the terms of these regulations and to take sufficient, reasonable and proportionate measures for the recovery of it;" 23. the express section 70.3. by the following: "70.3. support and energy efficiency improvement measures during implementation to make sure that contracts with suppliers, are concluded in accordance with the principles of economy, effectiveness and efficiency;". 24. Make the following subparagraphs 44.6.: 44.6. to attract international financial institutions or the Treasury loans in addition to the rules specified in point 9.2. funds to issue loans for multi-family residential energy efficiency improvement measures: 71.8.1. the loan attracted in accordance with the laws and regulations on the procedures for ministries and other Central Government institutions include the annual State budget bill on a Government loan requests, and State lending and service arrangements with the following conditions for receipt : State the purpose of the loan is a loan provision this provision; the amount of the loan the country has 23 446 500 euro; national loan is granted in the form of a credit line for 20 years; the State loan are not subject to the interest rate risk; 71.8.2. national security is pledge of the loan to the company of the "Viola" the claim, based on the company's "Viola" loans issued in accordance with the conditions of these rules. " 25. To complement the provisions of the following paragraph 79.1:79.1 For economic activity "cannot be considered to apartment living in the House not privatised flats belonging to local authorities for letting or rental legal relationship started under one of the following rules: 1." The help of 79.1 apartment issues "; 79.1 2. "on social apartments and social residential houses"; 79.1 3. "for State and local residential privatization." " Prime Minister Māris kučinskis Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of economy of Ašeraden of Arvil

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