Hygiene Requirements Temporary Detention Site

Original Language Title: Higiēnas prasības īslaicīgās aizturēšanas vietā

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Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 726 in Liepāja 2016 (16 November. No 63 6) hygiene requirements temporary detention site Issued in accordance with the procedure of holding detainees in article 2 of the law on quarter 1. determines the hygiene requirements, which must ensure the temporary detention place. 2. each of the temporary detention place room and its equipment are kept clean and in working order. 3. Temporary detention places the space of wall and floor finishing materials used for wet cleaning and disinfection. 4. Cleaning use for features and equipment prepared and used according to the manufacturer's instructions for use or the prescribed methods. Each space group and the cleaning object uses a separate, appropriately marked by the cleaning equipment, stored separately in the holding room decorated. 5. The temporary detention place wet floor cleaning shall be carried out as appropriate, but not less frequently than once a day, using detergents, but the bathroom, toilets and in sanitary knots – using disinfectants. 6. Hold walks in the fresh air in the fenced area of the intended surface dry cleaning carried out daily. 7. Waste bins emptied daily and the waste delivered to the specially provided for the collection of waste sites. 8. Washing and toilet room with door closed place the waste tank. 9. the vertical surfaces of the furniture wet cleaning carried out not less than twice a year. 10. the horizontal surface of furniture, doors, palodž, radiator and stairs railing handle wet cleaning is carried out once a week. 11. the local stains cleaning facilities and equipment made to it as appropriate. 12. the sanitary equipment cleaning and disinfecting damp out once a day. 13. The wall of wet flīzējum carried out the cleaning once a week. 14. wet cleaning window on both sides and walls wet cleaning carried out not less than twice a year. 15. Bedding – mattresses (or mattress covers) and blanket-chemical cleaning or washing or disinfection is carried out, as appropriate, but not less frequently than every detainee released from temporary detention sites. 16. Disinfection, disinsectization and pest extermination according to laws and regulations in the field of epidemiological security out of necessity. Preventive disinfection, pest control and pest extermination is carried out once a month. 17. Temporary detention places premises shall ensure that the following minimum level of artificial lighting (Lux): 17.1. enclosed area for keeping the (camera) – 300 Lux (day) and 5 Lux (night); 17.2. the procedural steps in the space – 300 Lux; 17.3. bathroom-200 Deluxe; 17.4. bathroom-luxury 100; 17.5. bedding – 100 lux in the warehouse; 10.9. the examination room-300 luxury; 17.7. the holding room – 100 Lux; 11.1. the person who makes the temporary detention sites 24-hour detention,-500 lux; 11.1. in the space provided for the acquisition of biometric data and the inclusion of biometric data processing systems, as well as the particular characteristics and the capture and forensic characteristics,-300 Lux. Prime Minister Māris kučinskis Interior Minister in place, traffic Minister Uldis Augul States