On 22 December 1937 The Land Registry Law And Restore The Order Of Entry Into Force Of The

Original Language Title: Par 1937.gada 22. decembra Zemesgrāmatu likuma spēka atjaunošanu un spēkā stāšanās kārtību

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Law of the Republic of Latvia On 22 December 1937 the land registry law and restore the order of entry into force of the Republic of Latvia Supreme Council decides: 1. To restore the 22 December 1937 the land registry law and launching a land registry department with 5 April 1993.
2. in the land registry office within the court system and is created in areas and towns of the Republic real estate for registration, as well as related rights. Riga land registry Department shall be one in which the Chief function of the real estate registration and related rights in the reinforcing his Deputy. This Department manages the district, but by their creation of district (City) courts.
3. Land Registry Department bosses, but in Riga-alternate members are also the 1992 December 15 the law "on judicial power" the district (municipal) judges certain legal status.
4. in the land registry office of organizational control is carried out by the Ministry of Justice according to the law "on judiciary".
5. natural and legal persons property rights of land based shore (land register law, art. 47) recognized the documents according to the law, which provides for the restoration of land ownership, the law laid down by the authorities.
City authorities strengthened property rights in land, in accordance with national archives inquiries in 1940 they belonged in the urban areas, other than land, which according to 20 November 1991 the law "on land reform in the cities of the Republic of Latvia" passed the property of natural or legal persons under the former site.
State property rights strengthened on the ground that, in accordance with national archives inquiries in 1940 was: 1) to the State, except for land, which according to the law of property granted to natural or legal persons in their former Lands;
2) natural or legal persons who requested compensation of the Earth or under the law of property rights of renewable, but its land reform is not claimed to give up land if the land is not a candidate for (given) the property of another natural or legal person it belonged to the land;
3) legal persons whose land ownership updated laws.
State-owned land is registered on behalf of the Government institution in a country person.
If the land reserved for the former land owner 20 November 1991 the law "on land reform in the cities of the Republic of Latvia" in the fourth paragraph of article 12 in accordance with the procedures specified in that land can be registered on the public record of the name, while the marks in a way the law limits laid down by the said law.
Land use or rental rights strengthened only after securing the land property rights. If the land owner is with land users writing about land use regulations or do not give written consent of land use rights, land strengthening user rights in the land strengthened on the basis of a court decision that recognized the acquired rights of use.
6. According to the Civil Code article 968 building (structures) for legal registration can only be done after the land in the land register. If land and buildings (constructions) belonging to one and the same person, the registration of land and buildings and property to be made at the same time strengthening.
7. Ownership rights to buildings (structures) located on foreign countries is strengthened only if the building (structure) the owner has secured land use rights (article 5 of this law, sixth paragraph).
8. On the basis of property right to the shore to buildings (structures), pursuant to this law, 9.-the provisions of article 13, the following documents are to be recognized: 1) inquiries about State Archives building (structure) or land ownership in 1940;
2) statutory authority documents issued for property unlawfully disposed of to restore buildings (structures);
Note the. If the former owner (legal) within the time limit set by law has not submitted an application for a property right to the restoration of buildings (structures) or the restore Act is not intended, the building (construction) are considered public property;
3) approved the legislation on local government buildings (structures) acceptance into service;
4) deeds of the building (structure) of obtaining the inheritance, purchase, or other legal transaction;
5) judgment of the Court, which recognized the acquisition of property, except in the judgment of the Court of Justice referred to the 1991 30 October the law "On property return the rightful owners" in article 7 and 8;
6) on the acquisition of buildings (structures) of the auction in court;
7) extracts from books, or the holding of inventory holding cards issued by municipalities or the national archives and showing the buildings (premises) of the acquisition due to the statutory matrimonial property regime in the farm kolhozniek (peasant farm);
8) for administrative procedures adopted in the national or local legislation on the transfer of buildings (structures) of the holders of other rights in the property (along with the acceptance and transfer of the Act);
9) statutory documents of the building (structure) acquisition of State and municipal property privatisation as a result of the privatisation process in compliance with the procedure laid down in the law;
10) other documents that attest to the building (structure).
9. If five months from the date of entry into force of the law of the land registry Division of other people are logged on, which challenges the kolhozniek farm property moving current holder, legality of property rights disputes settled in court.
Ownership rights to buildings (structures), which belonged to the farm kolhozniek (peasant farm), can be fixed only by 1 September 1993.
10. strengthening property rights to privatised flats (this law, article 8, paragraph 9) can only when the land is recorded in the land and the House. Property rights to the apartment house where apartments are privatised, strengthened by the agreement of the owners of the apartment to her as co-proprietor or on behalf of the owner of the Housing Society created in Word.
Gardening, garage, cottage or other cooperative (collaborative) society's ownership rights to buildings (structures) strengthened if he belongs to or assigned to use (leased) a piece of land on which is located the building (construction). If the land use in the society or community members, sharing a piece of land in the land register as a recordable one unit and property rights strengthened the land owner. Then the members of the public ownership of the building (construction).
If the land passed to the property of the society members, strengthening property rights, to be made simultaneously on land and buildings (structures).
11. Real Estate located in the balance sheet of the legal person itself does not create property rights.
Strengthening the property rights of legal persons to buildings (structures), built after July 21 1940, also referred to in the third subparagraph, in the cases required by Government or its specific national regulatory authorities proof that these objects have no public investment, or that the country does not claim to be a corresponding property or part thereof.
Building (construction), from July 21, 1940 to august 21, 1991, the Soviet Union built a connecting companies, institutions and organizations, including the Ministry of Defense of the Soviet Union, as well as the USSR Interior Ministry's internal troops and border troops, be recognised as a Latvian State property.
If the legal person of real property acquired free of charge or for consideration, and also with the transfer of the transaction, which is not notarized, legal person, property rights, must submit evidence that it was a predecessor of a property owner. If also the predecessor of the property acquired as a pass, to provide evidence on his property.
If the property is obtained from legal persons acquiring property rights strengthened only when this legal person entitled to dispose of the property and if you follow the statutory procedures for disposal.
12. throughout its composition to be recorded is joint ownership by any co-proprietor, but each of the co-owners of property rights strengthened only after her personal request.
13. If the technical service of the municipality of counting or the building (construction) is registered as belonging to another person, left shore request ignored (article 79 of the law of the land) until such time as agreement or court has not resolved a dispute over property rights.
In cases where the technical inventory Office or municipal building (structures) are registered, land registry Chief postponed at the request of the Registrar, and shore to shore requesting the Bill inserts a Gazette announcement inviting persons who dispute the ownership of the current holder, moving three months bring a court action by notifying the land registry Department.
If the invitation request has been lodged within the time limit, or if the Court refused, strengthening the property rights of the person who submitted the request for reinforcements.

14. Strengthening property rights to property, which imposed in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law and the technical service or the municipality of counting registered transfer prohibition or easements, they must type the markup in the form of the land. If within one year of the property securing the day a person whose right or easement imposed the ban, submitted a request for the right shore, a mark that you want to delete.
The land on the basis of the request of the interested parties in the form of markup a strengthening of the law aprobežojum, which certainly rules "On the privatization of land in rural areas", "On land reform in the cities of the Republic of Latvia", "About specially protected natural areas" and other laws (article 45 of the law of the land). If these rights are specified in document aprobežojum on the property right, it is a sufficient basis for recording in the land mark.
15. Until the establishment of the regional complaints about land registry Chief's decisions and actions to be submitted (article 98 of the law of the land) of the district or city court, but in the suburbs of Riga (district) Court at the location of the immovable property.
16. Strengthening property rights in connection with the transfer of contracts, inheritance, kopmant or shared ownership-sharing agreements that are not notarized (article 44 of the law of the land, first paragraph and article 107, paragraph 2), the duty to be taken to the extent it is intended for the execution of the activities of the notarial deed.
17. Determine that the value of the property from which the applicable duty, strengthening property rights in connection with the contracts, disposals be the higher of the following assessments: 1) transfer the amount stated in the contract;
2) assessment provided for taxation property tax;
3) assessment, which determined, mortgaging real estate credit institution.
Perpetual or eternal value of payments shall be determined by multiplying the amount of the annual payment with a 20, but the value of the payment, the duration of which depends on accidental cases, shall be determined by multiplying the annual amount with 10. Periodic payments for a fixed period of time value is determined by multiplying the amount of the year with the number of years referred to in the legislation, but not more than 20.
If a seizure happens for remuneration in kind or other responsibilities, movable property value is calculated from the previous month to local average market prices from the day of conclusion of the contract. Obligation of that price or value was the county town of the municipality.
18. Article 16 of the law of the land, "a" referred to in that article of the Civil Code shall not apply until such time as no specific civil law family law part of the entry into force of the order, and strengthening property rights, must be respected in Latvia marriage and family code, the provisions of article 20.
19. Pagastties certified mandate (article 58 of the law of the land) or other document (land registry law and article 60.68) match the documents certified by the County and City Executive Board, according to the law enforcement of notarial activities.
20. To determine that the land registry office of the registry fee charged in favour of the Justice Ministry in a separate account and the land registry Department of the consumable facilities.
21. To determine that after 5 April 1993 concluded a real estate transfer agreements cannot be the basis for acquiring property for strengthening, if the real property was not recorded in the land and had no fixed ownership of the seizure.
The first part of this article shall not apply to the disposal of immovable property that is made under the laws on privatisation and property rights.
22. This law shall enter into force on 5 April 1993.
The Republic of Latvia Supreme Council Chairman a. GORBUNOV of the Republic of Latvia Supreme Council Secretary i. DAUDIŠ 1993 in Riga on March 30.

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