On Conformity Assessment

Original Language Title: Par atbilstības novērtēšanu

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Specified in 21.08.1996., Latvian Journal No. 140 (625) Saeima has adopted and promulgated by the President following the law on conformity assessment chapter I. General provisions article l. The law is applied in the following terms: 1) — this law accreditation insight: official testing and calibration laboratory or a certification and inspection body, determining its recognition of competence in specific tasks;
2) appeal — hearing the complaint again the highest instance;
3) conformity assessment — any activity the purpose of which is, directly or indirectly, to determine whether the requirements have been met;
4 inspection — this law) meaning: activities that are performed to assess the output stage of the design, product, process and service compliance with the specific requirements, based on professional judgment, or the main criteria;
5) calibration — the meaning of this law: the operations that are performed under certain conditions, to establish consistency between the measuring instruments or measuring systems, the size of the values measured in the reference material or material values and existing values that replicated the measurement benchmark;
6) competent conformity assessment bodies: the body, the competence of which is evaluated by the accreditation or other equivalent evaluation procedures;
7) unregulated sphere — the sphere that is not subject to the mandatory Government of certain products, processes and services for conformity assessment;
8) — this law accreditation insight: award of testing and calibration laboratory or a certification and inspection body at national level to make a particular product, process and service conformity assessment of regulated sphere;
9) legal sphere — sphere, subject to the mandatory Government of certain products, processes or services for conformity assessment;
10) certification — the meaning of this law: from the producer and the consumer of an independent third party, to determine the credibility of the certifying that the product, process or service conforms to specified standards or other normative document;
1 1) testing — the meaning of this law: the technical operation of the product, process or service characteristics required in accordance with the methodology.
Chapter II. The purpose of the Act and the scope of article 2. This law determines the conformity assessment general principles regulated and non-regulated sphere.
3. article. This law aims to provide a single, with the European Union and international laws and harmonise the products, processes and services conformity assessment procedures.
4. article. This law applies to all businesses, companies and public authorities, which claim to be the product, process or service conformity assessment, as well as those involved in this evaluation process of testing and calibration laboratories and certification and inspection bodies.
Chapter III. Conformity assessment in regulated and non-regulated sphere article 5. Conformity assessment for regulated sphere refers to products, processes and services to design, manufacture, pirmstirg, market, operating and recovery phase, to determine whether they can cause hazard to human life, health and the environment.
6. article. Conformity assessment of regulated sphere made cabinet authorised competent testing and calibration laboratories and certification and inspection bodies.
7. article. According to the Cabinet's token specified distribution between ministries, as well as in accordance with the regulations laid down in the safety requirements and conformity assessment mechanism, proposals for hazardous or potentially hazardous products, processes and services, as well as conformity assessment bodies, which will be mandated to assess compliance in the sector concerned, draw up and submit to the cabinet Ministry, whose task is to guarantee compliance with these requirements.
8. article. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the European Union, the existing notification procedure shall notify the European Commission of the notified conformity assessment bodies which are competent and act in accordance with European Union directives in the regulated sphere of conformity assessment.
9. article. Conformity assessment of non-regulated sphere carried out competent testing and calibration laboratories and certification and inspection bodies.
Chapter IV. Conformity assessment system for article 10. Conformity assessment in the Republic of Latvia, assuming full responsibility for their actions, perform testing and calibration laboratories and certification and inspection bodies.
11. article. Conformity assessment bodies must comply with the requirements of the national standard and the competency to be assessed in accordance with the requirements of these standards.
12. article. The Republic of Latvia in international conformity assessment body organization is entitled to represent the only Cabinet authorised institutions.
Chapter v. A national accreditation system for article 13. The Republic of Latvia in the single, according to the international requirements of the national accreditation system that performs a specific accreditation procedures and comply with the principles of a single control. National accreditation systems governed by the Cabinet of Ministers regulations.
14. article. Quality system, staff and product certification and inspection bodies and the testing and calibration laboratory accreditation made the Latvian National Accreditation Bureau.
Chapter VI. Complaints and appeal to article 15. Complaints and appeals of the conformity assessment activities concerned, examine the economic Ministry, which is the institution which coordinates the quality policy in the Republic of Latvia. If the applicant is not satisfied with the decision, the appearance of conflict laws.
Chapter VII. Foreign conformity assessment issued in recognition of article 16. Foreign conformity assessment certificate issued in the Republic of Latvia and is officially recognised, if between Latvia and the country in question there is mutual agreement on recognition of conformity assessment systems.
Article 17. If between Latvia and the countries concerned, there is no mutual agreement on the conformity assessment system for the recognition of a decision on this national conformity assessment certificate or confirmation of the recognition in the regulated sphere, adopt the relevant competent or authorized (competent and authorised) authority, which is legally responsible for the correctness of its decision.
18. article. For the Republic of Latvia the foreign list of conformity assessment bodies and is responsible for the updating of the economic Ministry.
Transitional provisions with the entry into force of this Act shall terminate the constitutional order of article 81 of Cabinet of Ministers issued the 1996 4. Regulation No 93 of the apriļ "rules for conformity assessment" (Latvian Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1996, no. 10).
The Parliament adopted the law of 8 august 1996.
The President of the Parliament instead of the President i. Kreitus 1996 in Riga on august 20.

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