Amendments To The Law "on Environmental Protection"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi likumā "Par vides aizsardzību"

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the amendments to the law "on environmental protection" to do the law "on environmental protection" (the Republic of Latvia Supreme Council and Government Informant, 1991, 33/; The Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1997, no. 13; 2000, no. 15; 2002, nr. 3, 22; 2003, no. 12; in 2004, No 9) the following amendments: 1. Add to article 4 of the third part as follows: "environmental legislation conditions not applicable for cases where these conditions cannot be met for reasons of force majeure. On such cases immediately to inform the regional environmental governance. "
2. To replace the words "in article 5.1 of the Latvian Environment Agency" with the words "Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency".
3. Replace the third subparagraph of article 5(2) the words "the environmental impact assessment State Bureau" with the words "environmental monitoring national Office."
4. in article 9: turn off 15 and 16;
supplement article 17 the following: "17) establishes environmental expert professional qualifications requirements and procedures for registration."
5. Add to the first paragraph of article 10.1 of the third sentence, the words "as well as the composition of the Council's election agenda".
6. turn off article 13 the words "territorial (regional)".
7. Replace the second paragraph of article 21.1, the words "the Latvian Environment Agency" with the words "Latvian environment, geology and Meteorology Agency".
8. Replace the words "in article 25 environmental minis and its three" with the words "Ministry of environment".
9. Express article 44 the following: ' article 44. State control of the environment and use of natural resources in the State of the environment and use of natural resources in the environmental regulatory laws in accordance with the procedure laid down by the State departments of environmental services and the regional environment administrations, and marine and inland waters administration — the State environment inspectorate, as well as specially protected natural areas of the State environment Administration inspectors.
To provide a single control for the protection of the environment and the rational use of natural resources, the State environment inspectorate supervises the activities of the national environmental service.
The national environment officer uniform, badge and certificate samples approved by the Minister of the environment.
The State environment inspectorate issued decisions, with the exception of decisions in matters relating to administrative offences, a month from the date of entry into force of the decision may be referred to the monitoring of the environment national Office. Environmental monitoring national Office can appeal the decision in court.
The State environment inspectorate issued decisions in cases of administrative offences may challenge the State Environmental Department Director-General. The Director-General of the Department's decision may be appealed to the Court. "
10. in article 44.2: excluded in paragraph 3, the words "the State Environment Inspectorate's order";
Supplement point 4 with the following text: "as well as to stop motor vehicles beyond road in the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga coastal shore dunes and beach zone, or zone of surface ūdensobjekt of specially protected natural territories, in violation of environmental laws. The inspectors, who stopped the vehicles must be uniform; "
to supplement the article with the following paragraph 13: "13) if it is in violation of the laws and requirements of motor vehicle parking or stopping outside the road to the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Riga coastal dunes, coastal zone beach or specially protected nature reserve and the driver is not in the place of the offence, to draw up the Protocol, notification of the fine imposed on it. Protocol — the announcement of the fine imposed on the form and content of the order in which it is prepared and sent to the vehicle owner (holder, holder), as well as a fine collection and control procedures established by the Cabinet of Ministers. Violations can be fixed by using technical means (photographic equipment or video equipment). "
11. Replace article 47, second paragraph, the words "the State environment inspectorate" with the words "public service" of the environment.
12. in article 53: make the first sentence of the third paragraph the following wording: "regional environmental management, specially protected natural areas of the administration or the marine and inland waters Administration Director with orders to establish a Commission to determine the environmental damage as a result of the losses (hereinafter Commission).";
Supplement to the eighth article as follows: "the provisions issued by the Commission during the month from the date of its entry into force could challenge the environmental monitoring public office."
13. transitional provisions: exclude paragraph 9 and 10;
transitional provisions be supplemented with 12, 13 and 14 as follows: "Cabinet of Ministers to 12 of 30 May 2005 to issue 13 article 44.2 of the Act the provisions referred to in the paragraph.
13. in article 44.2 of the Act paragraph 13 shall enter into force simultaneously with the administrative offences code of the entry into force of amendments.
14. The Cabinet of Ministers until 1 May 2005 does this law, article 9 paragraph 17 of these rules. "
14. Make the informative reference to European Union directives as follows: "Informative reference to European Union directives, the law includes provisions resulting from: 1) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 28 January 2003 of Directive 2003/4/EC on public access to environmental information and repealing Council Directive 90/313/EEC;
2) the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 May 2003 of Directive 2003/35/EC providing for public participation in environmental plans and programmes, and with regard to public participation and access to justice and amending Council directives 85/337/EEC and 96/61/EC;
3) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2000, Directive 2000/60/EC) establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy. "
The law adopted by the Parliament in the February 3, 2005.
State v. President Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga in Riga 2005 18 February Editorial Note: the law shall enter into force on March 4, 2005.

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