Amendments To The Law On Annual Reports

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Gada pārskatu likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law on annual reports to make annual reports Act (Republic of Latvia Supreme Council and Government Informant, 1992, 44/; The Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1995, no. 8; in 1996, no 24; in 1998, nr. 6, 21; 2000, no. 2; 2001, no. 9; 2004, no. 2; 2005, no. 13; 2006, nr. 24; 2008, no. 13) the following amendments: 1. under ' in the law, the terms ": turn off the use of the term" management "in the second sentence of the explanation;
turn off clarification of the term "group" in the second sentence.
2. in article 1: turn off in the first paragraph, the words "individual companies, farmers and fishermen, as well as on the farm";
to turn off the second part.
3. Turn the introductory part of article 10, the words "account type".
4. To replace paragraph 6 of article 11 in the "b" section, the word "company" with the word "society".
5. Replace article 20, second sentence, the words "laid down by the general meeting of members" with the word "society".
6. Replace the second paragraph of article 25, in the second sentence the words "financial results" with the words "profit or loss".
7. Replace article 38, first and second sentence, the words "If the shares or parts" with the words "If a new issue of shares or parts".
8. off 55 of the fourth part.
9. Replace the fourth subparagraph of article 55.1 in paragraph 3, the word "company" with the word "society".
10. in article 61: turn off the first part of paragraph 2;
turn off the second part of paragraph 1.
11. transitional provisions: replace paragraph 7, the words "and the number" by 2013 with the words and figures "up to 30 June 2011";
Add to transitional provisions with paragraph 10 by the following: ' 10. amendments in part of this law, the terms "law" for the second sentence of the definition of "exclusion" and "Control Group" the explanations, amended article 1 of the words "individual companies, farmers and fishermen, as well as on the farm" and the second part of the amendment, article 61 of the first part of paragraph 2 and the second subparagraph of paragraph 1 exclusions shall enter into force on July 1, 2011. "
The law adopted by the Parliament in the March 12, 2009.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V 2009 April 1 editorial comment: the law shall enter into force by 15 April 2009.