For The Latvian Cultural Academy Of Constitutional Amendments

Original Language Title: Par Latvijas Kultūras akadēmijas Satversmes grozījumiem

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: The Latvian cultural Academy of constitutional amendments to article 1. The Latvian Academy of Culture the constitutional meeting of 21 November 2006, adopted at the Latvian cultural Academy, a constitutional amendment to this law is approved.
2. article. To put the law in Latvian cultural Academy of constitutional amendments.
The law adopted by the Parliament of 2009. on 23 April.
The President of the Parliament instead of the President g. Many Riga 13 May 2009. Editorial Note: the law shall enter into force on 27 May 2009.
The Latvian Academy of culture adopted the Constitution of the meeting of 21 November 2006, the Latvian Academy of Culture in constitutional amendments to make the Constitution of the Latvian Academy of Culture (and of the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2005, no. 8) as follows: 1. Replace throughout the text, the words "the arbitral tribunal" (the fold) with the words "academic Tribunal" (the fold).
2. Replace paragraph 1 the word "authority" with the word "institution".
3. Replace paragraph 6, the words "public-law legal person" with the words "derived public person".
4. Replace the word in the title of chapter II, "organization" with the word "company".
5. paragraph 14: Express 14.6. subparagraph by the following: ' 14.6. elected by the academic staff representatives in the academic and the members of the arbitral tribunal; "
Add to 14.7. subparagraph after the word "approved" by the words "constituent Assembly".
6. Make a point 15 as follows: "15. Constitutional meeting 50 persons shall be elected for a period of three years from the academic staff, student and general staff allocated to them in proportion to the amount of space a agencies. To nominate this group nomination of the representatives of the staff and their vote can only group personnel. Elections are held by secret ballot, with a newsletter, which contains all the nominated candidates. The proportion of academic staff in the constituent Assembly must not be less than 60% (30 delegates) and the student share, not less than 20% (10 delegates). Constituent Assembly delegates may withdraw its personnel group that elected him. Student representative on the constitutional meeting, according to their regulations reference the Academy student self administration. Constituent Assembly Member is revoked, if its a recall vote not less than 75% of staff who have the right to elect the constituent Assembly delegates. The constitutional meeting convened by the Rector or the Senate not less frequently than once a year. The convocation of the constituent Assembly and the modalities determined by the constituent Assembly Statute. "
7. Express 18 as follows: "6. the Senate of the Academy's 20 senators, of whom 15 are academic staff representatives, four delegates and one-student-General representative."
8. Make the paragraph 19 by the following: "19. Senator, by secret vote, elected by the constituent Assembly of the Academy for three years on the Academy staff members. General and academic staff representatives and of the Senate to be unfocused learning only the constituent Assembly members who are staff members in their respective categories. The Senator referred constituent Assembly if it proposes writing 1/2 its staff group that nominated him. The student Senate representatives according to their rules, elect from its Academy and student self-government. If the senator stopped work or study the relationship with the Academy, then he shall terminate the term of Office of a member of the Senate and the constitutional meeting participants who are in the category concerned staff members, elect a new senator. Senate governed by the constituent Assembly approved regulations. "
9. Express 24 as follows: "24. Academy Advisor Convention according to the University Act established by the Senate of the Academy or on the initiative of the Minister of education and science's demand for three years. Academy Advisor shall be elected by the members of the Convention, the Senate of the Academy. Advisor to the President of the Convention run by it. "
10. off 31.
11. Add to paragraph 33 with the following sentence: "Rektorāt meetings are entitled to participate in the Academy's student government representatives."
12. Express 35, 36 and 37 as follows: ' 35. Academy academic Tribunal examine the academic staff and student submissions for the Academy's Constitution established academic legal restrictions, disputes between officials of the departments of the Academy of management under institution located in relationships, as well as other issues falling within its competence, in accordance with the universities Act.
36. The academic Tribunal operates three persons, of whom two shall be elected for a period of three years the constitutional meeting of the academic staff. The academic composition of the Arbitration Board may not be representative of the administrative staff of the Academy. Student representative from the Academy student mid academic in the Tribunal shall be elected for three years, the Academy's Student Government itself.
37. The academic decisions of arbitration, subject to the approval of the Senate, the Executive authority. The academic members of the Tribunal on their activities in response to the constitutional meeting. By the employer in the authority of the academic members of the Tribunal from work can be released only with the consent of the constituent Assembly. Academic member of the Tribunal or its constituent assembly reference by the Senate or 2/3 the constitutional meeting request or the Academy student self-government of student representatives at the request of withdrawal. Academic decisions of arbitration — administrative provisions — may be appealed to the Court of the administrative procedure law. Other academic arbitration decision which are not administrative provisions may not be appealed. "
13. Express 39 the following: "39. Audit Commission of three members shall be elected for three years, the Academy's constituent Assembly. The Audit Commission may not be representative of administrative staff. One student representative for the Audit Commission according to their rules for three years and elects a student of the Academy's own administration. "
14. Express 50 as follows: ' 50. governed by the Faculty Senate approved rules that define the principles of operation of the faculty.

50.1. The Academy in accordance with the University law, Government facilities law, this Constitution and other laws in the Senate may establish authority, a public agency or affiliate that operates in accordance with the regulations approved by the Senate. Academy College creates, as well as eliminating or reorganize the laws.
50.2. the Academy according to the University Act, the commercial law, the Constitution and other laws in the Senate may establish a company operating under Senate legislation approved and registered Statute.
50.3. The Academy, a public company, branch or agency legislation established reorganize or disposed with the Academy's Senate decision. "
15. Make the following point 51.1.: "academic staff: 51.1. The Academy academic positions in elected officers."
16. off 51.2 in the words "for which the Academy is main place."
17. off 66, the words "Science and art".
18. Add to paragraph 69 with the sentence the following wording: "Professor staff position number is determined by the Senate of the Academy."
19. in paragraph 78 of the following expression: "78. rights to study in the Academy determines the University law. Imatrikulācij takes place in accordance with the procedure laid down in the laws and in the Academy's Senate approved rules of admission. If reflektant is greater than the declared number of the studies, student selection carried out by tender according to the results of the entrance examination. "
20. Add to paragraph 81 of the second sentence after the words "their studies" by the words "and the possible career."
21. the express 83. point 51.7 and 83.3 points below. following: 51.7. "student self-management Academy and other State institutions to represent the interests of the student academic, material and cultural life. The Academy's obligation is to support and promote the activities of the Student Government. The Student Government of the College's own budget funded University law. This means the student self-government University used their statutory functions.
83.3. Senate, Faculty of the Academy Council and the constitutional meeting represented the student have the right of veto in matters related to student interests. After the veto question of application of the harmonisation, the Commission examined the management organ concerned with the present two-thirds majority. "
22. Express 84 as follows: "84. Academy or its property may be in possession of the land, other real estate, and intellectual property, as well as money in Latvia and abroad in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The Academy has the right to dispose of their property in this Constitution stated objectives. The Academy property is managed separate from its possession of the released State property. "
23. Replace paragraph 87, the word "business" with the words "economic activity".
24. To make 90. point as follows: "90. Decision on reorganization or liquidation of the Academy shall be adopted by the Cabinet Minister of education and science or by the Minister of culture. The order of the Cabinet of Ministers project on the reorganization or the liquidation of the Academy attached to the opinion of the Council of higher education. If the order of the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Minister of culture of the project, this project is aligned well with the Minister of education and science. "