Amendments To The Latvian Code On Execution Of Punishments

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Latvijas Sodu izpildes kodeksā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the amendments to the Penal Procedure Code of Latvia in Latvian penal procedure code in the following amendments: 1. Turn off the article 5, first paragraph, point 3, the words "and the fine".
2. Express article 41 the seventh subparagraph by the following: "convicted addressed mailing and response content is checked. List of convicted, it is checked by reading, except list by State and local authorities. "
3. Turn off the article 43 first paragraph, the words "of a custodial institution earned money".
4. in article: 50.9 to make first and second subparagraph by the following: "every penitentiary institution after the prison administration with the proposal of the Minister of Justice shall establish the order of the Administrative Commission. Prison authorities in the Administrative Commission is voting members as follows: 1) — prison management central apparatus officers;
2) Vice-Chairman, custodial authority boss;
3) members of the Commission, of the social rehabilitation of the convicted, supervision and safety of the responsible custodial departments, the Authority's Chief National probation service representative and a representative of the local authorities.
Prison authorities in the Administrative Commission in an advisory capacity attend a custodial officer responsible for prisoners. Custodial hearing, the Administrative Commission may participate in the custodial authorities invited the Chief person if they can provide essential information about the sentenced penalty and its results. "
to supplement the article with the fourth paragraph as follows: "the Prosecutor penitentiary institutions in the Administrative Commission shall participate without voting rights."
5. Turn off the third paragraph of article 50.12.
6. Supplement article with 50.13 third part as follows: "If the Court annulled the decision of the Administrative Commission, then this thing again pending the next meeting of the Administrative Commission."
7. Supplement article 55 to the fifth subparagraph by the following: "If the set either convicted — fine, the penitentiary administration by convicted each month, at the request of the sentenced wage transfers the funds to pay the penalty provided for the Treasury to account."
8. Article 56: to supplement the first subparagraph following the words "custodial" with the word "maintenance";
replace the second paragraph, first sentence, the number "2" with the number "4".
9. Replace article 68, first and second paragraph, the words "work and education" with the words "work or training".
10. Express article 71 of the fifth and sixth the following: "the penalty imposed on the convicted may challenge the prison administration Chief of the administrative procedure law. Lodging a complaint does not suspend the execution of the penalty. Prison Administration Chief's decision may be appealed to the administrative procedure law. Administrative District Court judgment given on this law, article 70, first paragraph 1., 2., 3., 4. and in paragraph 5 and the sixth part 1 and 2 above, the imposition of penalties for convicted may not be appealed. Administrative District Court judgment given on this law, article 70, first paragraph, point 6 and 7 and sixth penalty referred to in paragraph 3 of the convicted, can be appealed to the Supreme Court, the Senate Administrative Department.
Article 70 of this law in the first and sixth part impose the penalties provided for in the custodial authorities a written decision of the chiefs except warning that can communicate orally. The convicted have the right within one month of the request that the warning expressed in writing. Designed and issued the warning during the administrative procedure in the procedure prescribed by law. "
11. Article 112: off in the fourth paragraph, the words "as well as to inform it of the national probation service departments concerned, the location where the person exempted, if necessary, be able to ask for help to find temporary housing and receive advice on issues related to the return of society";
turn off the sixth paragraph, the words "the national probation service and".
12. off article 117.
13. Supplementing the 133. the third paragraph with the words "If the convict is assigned, convicted minors to the poor person or if his family granted to needy families".
14. Express article 134 of the second subparagraph of paragraph 8 by the following: ' 8) if the convicted avoid parole, prepare and submit to the district (municipal) court submissions about the need to replace the appropriate penalty, the convicted of forced labor, with the arrests. "
15. Replace article 138, second paragraph, the word "application" with the word "submission".
16. off the twenty-fifth chapter.
17. transitional provisions: to replace in paragraph 2, the words "lowest" with the word "average";
transitional provisions be supplemented with 11, 12 and 13 as follows: "this law amendment 11 Article 50.9 of the first and second subparagraphs, the imposing custodial institutions and the composition of the Administrative Commission article added to the fourth subparagraph, shall enter into force on 1 September 2009.
12. Amendment of article 71 of this law the fifth and sixth part of the penalties imposed on the convicted appeals do not apply to cases in which the administrative district court judgment adopted up to the entry into force of the amendments. In these cases the judgment subject to further appeal the administrative procedure law.
13. amendments concerning the execution of the fine from the Latvian penal procedure code and article 55 be advanced with the fifth refers to the judgment of the Court of Justice which entered into force after July 1, 2009. "
The law shall enter into force on July 1, 2009.
The Parliament adopted the law of 16 June 2009.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V. 30 June 2009 Editorial Note: the law shall enter into force by 1 July 2009.