European Grouping Of Territorial Cooperation Law

Original Language Title: Eiropas teritoriālās sadarbības grupu likums

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the European grouping of territorial cooperation law article 1. The law's purpose and scope (1) of the Act is to promote and facilitate the European grouping of territorial cooperation (cooperation) members cross-border, transnational or interregional cooperation to strengthen social and economic cohesion.
(2) cooperation activities by the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 July 2006, Regulation (EC) No 1082/2006 on a European grouping of territorial cooperation (EGTC) (hereinafter Regulation No 1082/2006), this law and other laws, as well as the cooperation memorandum. 2. article. The legal status of the cooperation group collaborative group is a legal person and has the right to act in its name. It is considered established in the day when cooperation is the European grouping of territorial cooperation in the register (hereinafter register). 3. article. The liaison group members (1) collaborative group can be created, if it consists of at least two members of the European Union Member States.
(2) the cooperation group from Latvia can be a public law legal person, including with his own body.
(3) a member of a group can also be a tax authority of a number of public law legal persons. 4. article. Cooperation the cooperation memorandum is the formation of cooperation the Treaty and the Statute. 5. article. Cooperation proposal for the formation of (1) the expected cooperation from members of the Group sent to the regional development of Latvia and the Ministry of local government (hereinafter the Ministry) statement of its intention to participate in collaborative group (regardless of whether or not the group is registered in Latvia). The notification shall be accompanied by the expected cooperation treaty and a copy of the Statute.
(2) the Ministry shall, after a period of three months referred to in the first paragraph of the receipt of a document is approved or not approved by the liaison group member.
(3) the Ministry does not approve the participation of the participant in the cooperation envisaged under the Regulation No. 1082/2006 cases.
(4) not registered in Latvia, cooperation shall provide the Ministry of cooperation and of the Treaty establishing the final version of the Statute. 6. article. Group registration (1) cooperation in Latvia, the Ministry recorded on the basis of the application making the entry in the registry.
(2) the cooperation group to record in the registry indicates: 1) collaborative group name;
2) cooperation of the members of the group name, and address, as well as the persons name, surname, identification code, place of residence and the posts, which are entitled to represent members;
3) persons first name, last name, identification code, place of residence and the post, which is entitled to represent the liaison group, as well as the specific representation of such persons;
4) Group's share capital, if any, laid down in the statutes;
5) cooperation of the legal address.
(3) the application shall be accompanied by: 1) the Liaison Group's founding documents;
2 If the statutes provided for cooperation) in the share capital of the Group's existence, certificate of share capital — bank payment;
3) each cooperative group member a written consent of the representative to be a member of the group. Such consent need not be given if the relevant cooperation signed by the representative of a member of the Liaison Group of the application for entry in the registry.
(4) within three months after the second and third subparagraphs of receipt of these documents recorded in the register of the Liaison Group and issue a certificate of registration or refusing registration to the registry. 7. article. Publication of information concerning the registration of the cooperation group (1) cooperation within 10 working days after its registration in the register shall be published in the newspaper "Latvian journal" communication on the establishment of the Liaison Group shall include the following information: 1 the name of the Group);
2) cooperation objective;
3) cooperation;
4) collaborative group members;
5) Group registered office.
(2) cooperation in Regulation No. 1082/2006 order provides that the official journal of the European Union published the notice on cooperation. 8. article. Cooperation Treaty amendments to document (1) registered in Latvia To cooperation treaty amendments and amendments to the Statute, which requires the amendment of the Treaty would be effective, they have to be registered in the Ministry of law in article 6.
(2) not registered in Latvia co-operation treaty amendments and amendments to the Statute, which requires the amendment of the Treaty, before submission for registration in another Member State of the European Union agreed with the Ministry in article 5 of this law. 9. article. Pay equity cooperation and its way of cooperation (1) the statutes shall determine the share capital of the Group's existence or not, its size and the type of payment.
(2) cooperation in the share capital of pay with money or property investment. Group equity expressed in lats.
(3) investment in the share capital of the cooperation group becomes the Group's property. 10. article. Termination of the cooperation group (1) cooperation in the event of cessation of and procedures laid down by Regulation No 1082/2006, other legislation and the articles of incorporation of the liaison group, as well as the second and third paragraphs.
(2) the decision on the liaison group or the termination of the obligation of cooperation decision group from Latvia to withdraw from cooperation in Latvia registered groups, as well as the decision on the cancellation of the entries in the register shall be adopted by the Ministry.
(3) cooperation in the event of termination of the liquidation Group initiated the process. Cooperation shall apply to the winding-up provisions in the legislation for the disposal of the society, in so far as this law and Regulation No. 1082/2006 unless otherwise specified.
(4) on the termination of the cooperation group of the Department published the newspaper "Gazette" notice. 11. article. Cooperation Group on insolvency cooperation in the event of insolvency the insolvency process of regulatory legislation in so far as this law and Regulation No. 1082/2006 unless otherwise specified. 12. article. The decision to appeal against this law, article 5, second paragraph, article 6, fourth paragraph, and article 10 referred to in the second subparagraph the Ministry's decisions may be appealed to the administrative procedure law. 13. article. Funding management control of legal persons governed by public law as well as international financial instrument funding management controls legislation. 14. article. Cooperation annual report (1) After the end of the reporting year cooperation law established prepare a cooperation group's annual report.
(2) Liaison Group annual report submitted to the Ministry. The annual report shall be accompanied by: 1) auditor's opinion on the annual report;
2) cooperation group meeting minutes excerpt with a decision on the approval of the annual report;
3) report on the cooperation activities and activities during the reference year. The law shall enter into force on the day following its promulgation.
The law in the Parliament adopted 20 august 2009. President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V 2009 September 4