Amendments To The State And Municipal Officials And Employees Of The Institutions Of The Law Of Compensation

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Valsts un pašvaldību institūciju amatpersonu un darbinieku atlīdzības likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: State and local officials and employees of the institutions of the law of compensation to make State and local officials and employees of the institutions Compensation Act amendments: 1. Express 3 the fifth subparagraph of article 4, second sentence as follows: "this paragraph does not apply to this general statutory premiums, annual paid leave and severance pay."
2. Add to article 14, the second part of the third sentence by the following: "Officials with a special service rank, in accordance with the first paragraph of this article shall receive a premium of pedagogical work and yet another referred to in the first subparagraph, the total premium the premium may not exceed 50 percent of the Executive a certain salary."
3. Make a tenth of article 14 as follows: "(10) the Ministry of the Interior system institution or prison administration official with a special service rank of professional duties over the specific duties in the run time determines the pay (given the number of overtime hours) as appropriate for the specific hourly wage rate, as well as the bonus of 100 percent of its hourly wage prescribed rates, if the officials involved in the performance of his duties over certain duties in due time : 1) in order to ensure that the particular importance of national measures, prevention of disasters and the effects of natural disasters, to ensure public order and security or to perform other emergency tasks, and for that purpose in accordance with the Special Cabinet decision is granted or the annual State budget law for the State budget;
2) in order to ensure public order and safety of the public in major public sporting or cultural events, if priced out of the institution's revenue for paid service provided. "
4. Turn off the article 17, in the third paragraph, the words "or in connection with a State or local government reorganisation of the institution".
5. Express article 19 the third part as follows: "(3) an official (employee), excluding the soldiers that their life or health hazard (risk) related posts (service) duties, have suffered an accident and injury or impairment of the acquired or health damage or injury (except for occupational diseases), receives a lump sum payment. Health damage, whereby the cost of the said benefits, on the amount of the award and the costs of the procedure determined by the Cabinet of Ministers. "
6. To express the third subparagraph of article 27 the following: "(3) the local Government Council shall determine the order in which local government officials (employees) send upskilling courses, and with municipal officials (employees) qualifications cover expenditure and repayment conditions and procedures, as well as cases in which local government officials (employees) shall not be refunded to the qualifications associated costs."
7. Turn off article 31, first paragraph, the words "in the place of employment is not provided with residential space."
8. Turn off the fourth paragraph of article 37 of the second sentence.
9. Add to article 40 of the fourth subparagraph by the following: "(4) where a soldier assigned to the parental leave, the leave the retirement seniority, giving entitlement to a retirement pension, but not including the retirement seniority, which gives right to a current rank of the award."
The law shall enter into force on January 1, 2010.
The Parliament adopted the law in 2009 December 10.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V 2009 December 21