Amendments To The Law Of The Land

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Zemesgrāmatu likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law of the land to make land registry Act (Republic of Latvia Supreme Council and Government Informant, 1993, 14./; The Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1997, no. 5; in 1998, no. 23; 1999, no. 23; 2003, no. 9; 2004, no. 10; 2006, 6., no. 14; 2009, no. 10; Latvian journal nr. 206., 2010; 93. in 2011, no; 13. No, 188; 2014, 216, 228. No.) the following amendments: 1. Add to the first paragraph of article 71.1 with the words "with the exception of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs". 2. Replace the second part of article 72, the word "Chief" with the word "judge". 3. Replace article 107 in the fourth paragraph, the words "and national police" with the words "the national police and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to regulations governing the introduction of international sanctions and national sanctions." 4. in article 118.1: replace the first paragraph, the words "received by the land registry department" with the words "national joint holder of the computerised land registry received"; to supplement the first sentence of the first paragraph with the words "as well as the information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the international introduction of penalties or sanctions sanctions national subject"; make the third paragraph as follows: "the news of the first paragraph of this article, the notification of the person deletes a table: 1) country wide computerized land register keeper on the basis of the communication; 2) land registry Department, if it is specified on the request of the shore mark the recording in the land. " 5. Express article 133 as follows: "133. land of partitions from the computer information can be obtained: 1) in electronic form; 2) uncertified prints; 3) certified prints. " 6. To express the third subparagraph of article 134 of the following wording: "the other persons referred to in the first subparagraph information shall be provided to the land registry Department of the Chief's permission, if that information is required for the person injured or contested rights or legally protected interests." 7. To supplement the law with article 134.1 as follows: "the land of 134.1 Department may transfer the land registry of the country-wide computerised holder request for issuance of the information that this law can provide computerised land register public joint holder, if execution of the request is not commensurate with the land registry Department of the resources available, especially given the sheer size of the request."
8. transitional provisions be supplemented by the following paragraph 18: "18. Amended this law in the first part of article 71.1, the fourth paragraph of article 107 and article 118.1, first paragraph, first sentence, in relation to the information received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, enter into force simultaneously with the international and the national of the Republic of Latvia Law of sanctions." The Parliament adopted the law of 4 February 2016. The President of the Parliament instead of the President i. Mūrniec Riga 2016 February 15.