The Amendments To The Law Of The Food Chain In The Supervisory

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Pārtikas aprites uzraudzības likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law of food surveillance in food surveillance Act (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1998, no. 7; 2002, nr. 2, 20; 2003; 2004, nr. 24, no. 14, 2006, 23; 1. No; 2007, nr. 3, 21; 2008, 3, 5, 14, 2009. no no; Latvian journal, 2009, 188. nr.) the following amendments: 1. Express article 1, paragraph 9 by the following: "9) food company, a person involved in any of the stages of the food chain;".
2. To make article 4 sixth part as follows: "(6) food produced, treated or processed in the home, may be distributed directly to the final consumer, the subject of food law requirements."
3. Make the second article 5 and the third paragraph as follows: "(2) recognition of the food business is required, as determined by the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004, Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin. Food companies acknowledge the recognition and acceptance of the certificate number is given by the company shall be issued, at the request of the food and veterinary service.
(3) a food establishment which is not necessary, can be involved in the food chain, if it has been registered by the food and veterinary service. At the request of the food company food and veterinary service shall issue a certificate of registration. "
4. Turn off the fourth paragraph of article 13.
5. Supplement article 19 quarter with the sentence the following wording: "the health inspectorate has the right to health of the consumer in the event of or prohibit the use of drinking water."
6. turn off 21. the second paragraph of article 14.1 points.
7. in article 21.2: Add to the article with the second and third subparagraphs by the following: "(2) the law where a person covers expenditure on food safety, animal health and Environmental Research Institute carried out in laboratory studies.
(3) food safety, animal health and Environmental Research Institute in the task actions under the price list approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. ";
believe the current text of article about the first part.
8. Article 27: make sixth introductory paragraph as follows: "food company recognition and approval number or registration number and the registration may be cancelled if:";
replace the seventh paragraph, first sentence, the words "recognition certificate" with the words "recognition and approval number or registration and the registration number".
9. Express article 28, second subparagraph by the following: "(2) after all the food company said the suspension of food of the discrepancy in the regulatory requirements of the legislation have been removed, the food and veterinary service officer not later than within three working days after the examination in writing permission to restore the food business, if the suspension is not related to the recognition and approval number or registration number of the registration and cancellation."
10. transitional provisions: turn off paragraph 3 subparagraph 17;
to turn off the number and paragraph 14, the words "article 5, second and third subparagraphs and";
make paragraph 15 as follows: "15. Article 8 of this law, part of the 10th cabinet from the date of entry into force of the provisions, but no longer than up to 2010 December 1, is in force in the Cabinet's October 2, 2007.-Regulation No. 665" hygiene requirements for the movement of eggs in bulk ", as long as they do not conflict with this Act."
The Parliament adopted the law of 20 May 2010.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V 2010 on June 9.