Amendments To The Law On Ports

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Likumā par ostām

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law on ports to make the law on ports (the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1994, no. 15; 1996; 1997, no. 13, 9., no. 15; 1999, no. 24; 2000, no. 12; 2001, 9, No 11, 2002 23 no;; 2003, 15, 23; 2005, nr. 14, 24 no; Latvian journal, 2009, no. 194; 2010, no. 76) the following amendments: 1. Replace the words "the whole law Latvian port Council" (fold) with the words "Latvian ports, transit and Logistics Council" (fold).
2. in article 4: Add to fifth with third and fourth sentence as follows: "the port authority is entitled to possession of the State or a municipality-owned land to build a port requires buildings (premises) as independent property objects, but in cases where the port authority is derived from public law legal person, so this property is recorded in the land register objects to your name. The same rights are also of the port administration in relation to other legal or natural person, under which it established personālservitūt, subject to the provisions of part 7. ";
Add to the first and sixth part of the second sentence, after the words "port" with the words "of land and other immovable property".
3. Replace article 6, first paragraph, introductory paragraph, the words "relevant local Government Council (the Council)" with the words "the Municipal Council".
4. in article 7: make the first paragraph by the following: "(1) the port authority is a body governed by public law, which establishes the relevant town or District Council and that this statutory framework is under the supervision of the Cabinet of Ministers. In addition, the Riga Port Board and Ventspils port authority is derived from public law legal person whose by-laws approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. The port administrations of other by-laws approved by the municipality under the Cabinet of Ministers approves approved. Liepaja port authorities determine the Liepaja special economic zone law. ";
to make the second part of paragraph 7 as follows: "7) provide winter navigation port;";
to make the third part of the introductory paragraph as follows: "(3) the port authority in the field of private law, performs the following functions:".
5. in article 8: article name be expressed by the following: ' article 8. Port authority and its structure ";
replace the second paragraph, the words "the port authority is a legal person. The "with the words" port authority ".
6. in article 10, second paragraph: Add to subparagraph following the words "regional development and Municipal Affairs" with the words "Minister of Interior" and "after the words" Minister of agriculture "-with the words" State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs ";
replace the words "the Director of the Latvian maritime administration" with the words "Latvian maritime administration's Chairman of the Board";
exclude the words "representative of the Ministry of the Interior".
7. Express article 11 by the following: ' article 11. Latvian ports, transit and Logistics Council of the main tasks of the Latvian Port, transit and logistics the main tasks of the Council are the following: 1) evaluate the policy planning documents and normative acts that affect Latvia's ports, transit and logistics sector development, and to give an opinion on them;
2 to put forward proposals for Latvia) ārpolitiskaj activities that focus on the Latvian ports, transit and logistics sector development;
3) encourage and support the Latvian ports, transit and logistics sector visibility in the international business environment and to support the Latvian port of participation in international exhibitions and conferences;
4) give an opinion on proposals to dispose of real property in the State or public port;
5) confirm the port development fund funds;
6) to promote Latvian ports, transit and logistics sector development, coordination and cooperation between stakeholders in addressing common acute problems. "
8. in article 12: make the first part of paragraph 3 as follows: "3) lease (rental) charge on port authority property or possession of the real estate renting (letting);";
to supplement the first part with point 6 and 7 by the following: "6) gifts (donations);
7) grant from the local government, where the port authority is a municipal authority and the municipality of such grant is provided in its budget. "
replace the third paragraph, the word "company" with the word "company".
9. in article 15: to make the third paragraph as follows: "(3) the Latvian ports are set fees for navigation services. It charged the Latvian maritime administration. The amount and procedure for collecting govern those Cabinet of Ministers regulations, the Latvian maritime administration public administration tasks within the supplied charge service price list. ";
turn off the fourth and fifth.
10. Add to article 17, second subparagraph, after the words "maritime security" with the words "including the winter ice navigation order" and with the sentence as follows: "in this part of the order referred to in the opposition or appeal shall not suspend the implementation thereof."
11. Replace article 18, first paragraph, the word "host" with the word "Merchant".
12. Replace article 22, the words "Cabinet" with the words "Latvian ports, transit and Logistics Council".
13. Replace article 26, the words "the City Council or Parish Council" with the words "Municipal Council".
The law adopted by the Parliament in July 12, 2010.
The President of the Parliament instead of the President g. Much 2010 in Riga on July 28.