Amended City Council Of The Republic And The District Council's Status In Law

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Republikas pilsētas domes un novada domes deputāta statusa likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the City Council of the Republic and the District Council for the status of the law of the Republic in the City Council and District Council for the status of the law of the Republic of Latvia (Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1994, no. 8; 1997, no. 6; 2001, nr. 1; 2005, 2006 14 no, No 14;; 2007; 2008 21 no, no 16; 2009, No 14; Latvian journal, 2009, 193. no; 2010, 86 no). the following amendments: 1. Express article 4 by the following: "article 4. Withdrawal of their mandate may be withdrawn by the Council mandate, if more than three times in a row without a valid reason, the Council has not participated in the hearing.
Mandate can annul the judgment of the District Court, if the Member State does not match the language of the Cabinet of Ministers set skills level.
If the national language centre established in the law finds that a Member State language knowledge does not meet the Cabinet defined the skill level, the State language centre is obliged to inform in writing the President of the Council, as well as invite members concerned in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law to learn the national language.
Receive the information referred to in the third subparagraph of Council President: 1) is obliged to immediately provide funds to members can learn the national language;
2) member is obliged within six months to learn the State language proficiency set by the Cabinet of Ministers level.
After the fourth paragraph of this article, the end of the period set by the Member State are made the language skills test.
If the Member does not appear again on the State language skills to the test or are repeatedly found that Member State language skills do not meet the Cabinet defined the skill level, the State language centre is obliged to submit to the Court after a municipal location requirements the application for cancellation of their mandate. The case in the District Court as the Court of first instance.
Mandate is cancelled with the date of entry into force of the judgment of the Court of Justice for the annulment of their mandate.
The document, which the justice bodies in accordance with this article, the third, fourth and sixth, to the extent necessary for the withdrawal of their mandate shall assess, by the sixth part of this article the requirements referred to in the application. "
2. Express article 12 paragraph 4 by the following: "4 Member) to ensure that statutory training as required, as well as to provide, at the request of a Member State language training and other necessary learning."
3. To supplement the transitional provisions with paragraph 8 by the following: ' 8. Article 4 of this law in the second, sixth, seventh and eighth subparagraphs are not subject to the provisions of the members elected to local councils in 2009 elections. To ensure the national language skills learning members elected by municipal councils of 2009 elections, applied this law, article 4 of the third, fourth and fifth. "
The Parliament adopted the law of 23 September 2010.
The President of the Parliament instead of the President g. Much 2010 in Riga on October 5.