Amendments To The Military Service Act

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Militārā dienesta likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law of military service to do military service Act (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2002, nr. 14; 2003, 2, 15; 2004, nr. 14. No; 2005; 2006, 8 No No 14; 2007; 2008 to 10. No, no 3; 2009, 2, 14, 15, 21. no; Latvian journal, 2009, 200. no; 2010, 51 no) the following amendments: 1. Supplement article 2 with the following paragraph 3.1: "31) extended first aid — assistance by soldiers, their duties, give life to a critical State for existing victims of soldiers, using the vital function stabilization equipment, medical materials and medicines, the use of which has mastered the relevant knowledge and skills."
2. Express article 16 the second paragraph as follows: "(2) military service cannot be a nickname and cannot accept the Latvian citizen: 1) which is punished for committing a criminal offence regardless of delete or remove a criminal record;
2) which is recognized as criminal suspects or accused;
3) against whom criminal proceedings initiated for an reabilitējoš end;
4) who has committed a criminal offence, but from the released;
5) which does not match the service for health reasons;
6) which are or have been the USSR, Latvian SSR or foreign security services, intelligence services or counterintelligence services of the State or non-employee, agent, or conspiratorial apartment resident holder. "
3. Express 17.1 the first paragraph by the following: "(1) children and young people aged from 10 years to 21 years can run in a voluntary movement," Jaunsardz ", which is aimed at youth education in the field of national defence, and citizenship and patriotism. Youth education in the field of the protection of public interests as a jaunsarg education program organized and implemented under the authority of the Minister of defence of the existing direct regulatory authority — the center of Recruiting and jaunsardz or its authorized persons. Jaunsarg interest model curricula for education approved by the Minister of defence. "
4. Replace article 19, second paragraph, the word "regulations" with the words "Minister of defence".
5. Supplement article 26 of the fifth sentence with the following: "foreign military schools of the trainees in a group of soldiers does not include soldiers, appointed by the (approved) posts in the Cabinet or the Parliament."
6. Replace article 29, first paragraph, the words "of the suspect, the accused or defendants in the criminal case" with the words "is a suspect or defendant in criminal proceedings".
7. Express article 33 of the fourth subparagraph by the following: "(4) If a soldier has finished the military education course, which is not specified in this Act, his unit commander (boss) require a Special Commission of the Minister of defence duly assess the compliance of the military education of a soldier awarded the rank."
8. Article 34 be expressed as follows: "article 34. Ranks and restore the soldier rank robbed, if he is convicted of a serious or particularly serious crime or if the criminal proceedings initiated against him is killed relatively releasing the soldiers from criminal responsibility for serious crimes. In this case, the officer's rank robbed President, trainer higher rank — national armed forces Commander, the soldiers and the other instructor rank: unit commander (boss), and it can only be restored in accordance with the reabilitējoš decision or soldiers. "
9. Supplement to chapter V, article 35.1 as follows: "article 35.1. Provisional rank use rights (1) the national armed forces commander officer during the international operation of the service, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or the European Union, the military and the Organization of multinational headquarters in a Member State may be granted right to use temporary rank, which is one rank higher than the officer assigned to rank, in order to ensure compliance with the officer ranks of the international operations and headquarters staff of the stated service. Provisional rank must not be higher than the position the appropriate rank, which appoint officers in this article, the service tasks.
(2) the rank the officer operating the statutory social and other guarantees received for the rank that a validly granted to him by the President.
(3) a temporary rank use rights procedure, as well as the temporary use of the arrangements of the rank is determined by the Minister of defence. "
10. Article 43: make the second subparagraph of paragraph 9 by the following: "9) soldier is punished for committing a criminal offence;"
Add to the second part of paragraph 10 and 11 by the following: ' 10) against soldiers launched criminal proceedings terminated on a reabilitējoš basis;
11) soldier has committed a criminal offence, but from released. ";
to make the fourth subparagraph by the following: "(4) If a soldier is punished for committing a crime of negligence and soda not involving the deprivation of liberty, is guilty of a criminal offence of negligence but of punishment or not released reabilitējoš is terminated the criminal proceedings initiated against the soldier for committing the crime of negligence, Minister of defence, taking into account the soldier's specialty or service need, entitled professional service contract before the expiry of the end."
11. Express article 44 of the third paragraph as follows: "(3) soldiers who are punished for committing a crime or against whom criminal proceedings are launched on an reabilitējoš basis terminated, or who has been convicted of committing a criminal offence, but from the released, retired from active service with the date when the Court judgment or the judgment comes into lawful effect. If a soldier who has been punished for committing a crime, or the date of entry into force of the decision on remand, he retired from active service with the date that the judgment or the decision on the beginning of the sentence. "
12. Express article 66 the eighth part of paragraph 3 as follows: "3) if reserve soldier is suspect or defendant in criminal proceedings for an intentional criminal offence, is punished for intentional criminal offence regardless of the deletion or removal of the conviction, has committed an intentional criminal offence, but of punishment or against soldiers released the criminal proceedings initiated for the purpose of committing a crime on an end reabilitējoš;".
13. in article 69: turn off the first part of paragraph 5;
to supplement the first part of paragraph 11 with the following: "11) leave up to 10 days."
14. transitional provisions be supplemented with paragraph 19 by the following: "19. This law, article 43 second paragraph, point 10 and 11 above shall not apply to conditions of soldiers who entered the service before 2010 December 31."
The law shall enter into force on January 1, 2011.
The Parliament adopted Act 2010 on October 21.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V. 10.2010 November