Amendments To The Law "on State Budget For 2011"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi likumā "Par valsts budžetu 2011.gadam"

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The Saeima has adopted and the President issued the following law: amendments to the law "on State budget for 2011" to do the law "on State budget for 2011" (Latvian journal 2010, 206. no) the following amendments: 1. Put 1, 2, and 3 of the article as follows: "article 1. To approve the State budget for 2011 revenue 4 261 185 381 claims in lats in accordance with annexes 1 and 2.
2. article. To approve the State budget for 2011 editions 4 754 794 602 lats in accordance with 1, 3, 4 and 5 of the annex.
3. article. (1) to confirm the amount of municipalities mērķdotācij 215 499 265 lats, including: 1) municipal basic, general secondary education, vocational education, special education, and part of the interest education programmes and sports school teacher pay and State social insurance contributions 154 559 798 lats in accordance with annex 6 and 7;
2) municipal special pre-school institutions, boarding school and sanitarium type boarding school, special boarding school for children with physical and mental disabilities 48 615 467 lats in accordance with Annex 8;
3) municipal education institutions and five-year-old sešgadīg child in training teachers employed and pay State social insurance contributions 12 324 000 lats in accordance with Annex 9.
(2) the Cabinet, based on the Ministry of education and science of the information provided, have the right to change the first paragraph of this article 1, 2 and 3 of the annexes referred to in paragraph determine the funding distribution by local authorities. "
2. To make article 6 by the following: "article 6. To approve the State budget long-term commitment for the maximum allowable amount in accordance with Annex 11. "
3. Express article 8 by the following: ' article 8. According to the agricultural and rural development Act 44 000 000 lats of State responsible for State joint stock company "rural development" guarantees provided under the agricultural and rural development guaranteed loan programs. "
4. Article 13 be expressed as follows: "article 13. Allow Finance Ministers to the Cabinet in accordance with the procedure laid down in the delete 2011 loans 7 596 853 lats liquidated enterprises (companies) or commercial companies. "
5. Express article 19 and 20 by the following: ' article 19. This law was used in the preparation of the forecast gross domestic product 13 415 900 000 lats.
20. article. (1) provide that in accordance with the law "on State social insurance" the social insurance special budget revenue, the proportion of annual social security funding in the amount of services is as follows: State pension special budget — 74.54 percent; disability, maternity and sickness special budget: 18.23 percent; the employment special budget: 6.19 percent; work-special budget: 1.04 percent.
(2) the cabinet shall have the right to change the first paragraph of this article under the social insurance special budget, the share of revenues if: 1) shall enter into force laws that have a financial impact on the State social insurance special budget expenditure;
2) changes during the year and the number of beneficiaries of pensions and allowances and pensions average about and in addition to the necessary expenditure not covered by each of the special budgets for the planned appropriations — not exceeding the amount of the social insurance special budget in the statutory appropriation. "
6. Article 30 of the expression as follows: "article 30. The Minister of Finance has the right to increase this statutory appropriations 74. resort "in the annual State budget execution process transferable funds" in the "features 02.00.00 contingencies". The increase in appropriations may not exceed 0.2 per cent of this law, in article 19, the gross domestic product projections, the increase in the amount not including social safety net strategy measures necessary financing. The increase in appropriations for the Finance Minister to immediately inform the Cabinet and the Parliament. Expenditure for that purpose, if allowed to take parliamentary budgetary and financial (tax) the Commission shall, within five days of receipt of the relevant information is examined and it has not objected to the increase of appropriations. "
7. Express article 39 the following: ' article 39. With the aim to continue fiscal consolidation and meet the Maastricht convergence criteria, which ensure the introduction of the euro in 2014, when preparing the 2012, 2013 and 2014 the State budget bill (Bill budget package), the Cabinet of Ministers shall further provide for the general government deficit reduction and fiscal consolidation measures to the General Government budget deficit according to the European system of accounts methodology in 2012 is less than 3.0 percent of gross domestic product in 2013, not exceeding 1.9 percent of gross domestic product, and 2014 is not more than 1.1 percent of gross domestic product. "
8. Express article 48 the following: ' article 48. State joint stock company "Latvian State forests" includes the General State revenue payment for the State capital (revenue from dividends) 51 693 449 lats. "
9. Express article 51 as follows: "article 51. Provide that the national joint stock company "national real estate" are not included in the 2011 State budget State expropriation of revenues 327 586 lats, but redirecting them to real estate (real estate cadastre no 0100 009 0030) z. a. Compiler Boulevard 14, Riga, reconstruction and renovation, in order to ensure the European regulators group for electronic communications BEREC of office premises in Riga, Latvia, and the residue off the State budget, if by commissioning the total actual cost will be less than that amount. "
10. To supplement the law with the provisions of article 56 and 57 as follows: "article 56. (1) the Ministry of finance, through financial cohesion of 2012, the law "on financial cohesion" article 9 of the sixth part of demographic criteria specified in percentage.
(2) the Cabinet of Ministers, in preparing the draft law "on the State budget for 2012 ', provides:

1) grant to local authorities about children bērnunamo and occupants, old people's homes and centres which placed them up to January 1, 1998. The amount of the grant determined to be planned, taking into account the average expenditure per child in State children's homes in and occupants;
2) grant them the municipalities, which have a lower revenue rate per capita after financial cohesion.
(3) Cabinet of Ministers up to 31 December 2011 shall be submitted to the Parliament a draft law "On financial cohesion."
57. article. (1) the State which provides bailiff statutory opening of accounts of sworn bailiffs, no later than July 1, 2011.
(2) the order in which the court bailiffs can open and use the accounts to the Treasury, as well as submit payments and Treasury what to do, set by the Cabinet of Ministers. "
11. Make annex 1 Annex 1 of this Act in the version of the.
12. Make annex 2 annex 2 of this Act in the version of the.
13. Express 3. this law, given in annex 3.
14. Express annex 4 Annex 4 of this Act in the version of the.
15. Express 5. attachment of this Act given in annex 5.
16. Make annex 6 Annex 6 of this law in the wording.
17. Make the annex 8 of this Act in the version given in annex 7.
18. To supplement the law with Annex 11 of this Act in the version given in annex 8.
The law shall enter into force on the day following its promulgation.
The Parliament adopted the law in 2011 on April 14.
President Valdis Zatlers in Riga V 2011 April 29 annex 1: WORD of the law "amendments to the law" on State budget for 2011 "" annex 1 Annex 2 WORD of the law "amendments to the law" on State budget for 2011 "" annex 2 annex 3 WORD law "amendments to the law" on State budget for 2011 "" annex 3 Annex 4 WORD law "amendments to the law" on State budget for 2011 "" annex 4 Annex 5 WORD law "amendments to the law" on State budget for 2011 "5. Annex 6. attachment in WORD format law "amendments to the law" on State budget for 2011 "" annex 6 Annex 7 WORD law "amendments to the law" on State budget for 2011 "" Annex 7 Annex 8 WORD law "amendments to the law" on State budget for 2011 "Annex 8".

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