Amendments To The Alcoholic Beverages Act Of Circulation

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Alkoholisko dzērienu aprites likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law of circulation of alcoholic beverages to make the movement of alcoholic beverages Act (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2004, nr. 10, 13; Latvian journal 2010, nr. 59; 2012, no 6.) the following amendments: 1. Make the text of article 1 as follows: "the terms used in the Act comply with the Act On excise tax" used to excise taxable object terms and their explanations, as well as Advertising in the law, the electronic media law and consumer protection law the terminology and explanation. " 2. in article 6: make the first part of paragraph 1 by the following: "1) social, medical and educational institutions, police, troops and other armed formations and area, as well as education services hotels;" to supplement the first part with a 1.1 point as follows: "11) State and local authorities, with the exception of the institutions of cultural and sports premises and it territories;" make the first part of paragraph 5 by the following: "5) from 22.00 to 8.00, except the retail places where alcoholic drinks are implemented only in situ and their consumption is provided on the site, as well as duty-free trade stores;" to supplement the first part of paragraph 8 by the following: ' 8) using the distance contract. "; Add to article 1.1 and 1.2 of the part as follows: "(11) the retail sale of alcoholic beverages, except beer, in which absolute quantities of alcohol does not exceed 5.8% vol., in addition to in the first subparagraph the limits set at the same time substantially all of the following conditions: 1) liquor deployable separate showroom in the self-service area or the alcoholic beverage retail organisation, operating each buyer individually; 2) spirits showroom self-service area and individual buyers service instead of ensuring continuous video surveillance, video recording of the performance in real time and save it for at least seven days after recording; 3) separated in the showroom area deployable self-service only alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and accessories, as well as items associated with alcoholic beverages (for example, drinks containers opening devices for use in beverage containers). (12) the retail sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited State and local cultural and sports area, if it is in the first paragraph of this article, paragraph 1 of the objects and cultural and sports institutions, the flow of visitors is inseparable from the object visitors. "; make the second paragraph as follows: "(2) the spirit drinks prohibits the sale to persons under 18 years, and these people may not buy them. To verify the person's age, the retailer is obliged to require the person to produce identity document. "; Add to article 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 in part as follows: "(21) persons aged 18 to 25 years, buying drinks, is obliged to present an identity card to a retailer in all cases regardless of whether the retailer has requested it. (22) the drinks are forbidden to sell persons age a retailer is reasonable doubt and which after the retailer's request does not produce identity document confirming the person's age. (23) the monitoring and control of any request, the buyer is obliged to certify your person and age on presentation of an identity document. (24) the retailer shall ensure that retail trade in alcoholic beverages directly to workers before the start of the performance of the duties of the job and not less frequently than once a month to be briefed on the alcoholic beverages retail rules. "; Add to article 3.1 part as follows: "(31) prohibited to offer spirits tasting outside separate showroom in self-service areas that are placed in the only alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and accessories, as well as items associated with alcoholic beverages." 3. Express article 10 the first paragraph by the following: "(1) the alcoholic beverage advertising be included in information that warns the public about alcohol use negative impacts, as well as inform you about the alcoholic beverage sales, purchasing and transfer of minors prohibition. Such information must, at least 10 percent of the advertising in question. " 4. Supplement article 11 the third paragraph with the paragraph 5 by the following: "5) environmental advertisements." 5. the transitional provisions be supplemented with 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 by the following: "9. the amendment of this law article 6, first paragraph, point 1 (on the retail of alcoholic beverages ban education service in hotels), and article 6, first paragraph, point 1.1, and 1.2 (for the retail trade in alcoholic beverages ban State and local authorities and their territory) shall enter into force on 1 September 2014. 10. Amendment of article 6 of this law, the first subparagraph of paragraph 5 shall enter into force on 1 august 2013. 11. Article 6 of the Act 1.1 part shall enter into force on January 1, 2014. 12. Economic operators who until July 31, 2013 received special permission (license) the retail sale of alcoholic beverages or beer retail activity indicated the place where the spirits can realize the aim and consumption on the site, and which go beyond this law article 6, first paragraph, the limit set in paragraph 5 (declared working time is also the time period from 22.00 to 8.00) until 2013 September 30 shall submit an application to the State revenue service special permissions (licenses) for renewal. In this case, he is exempt from State fees for special permissions (licenses) of the renewal. 13. If the application for the retail of alcoholic beverages or beer retail special permission (license) is not submitted to this renewal of the transitional period referred to in point 12, the State revenue service, starting with October 1, 2013, revoke the relevant special permit (license) for the specified site or the special permission (license) if it declared one place of business. 14. This law, article 11 paragraph 5, third paragraph shall enter into force on 1 July 2014. " The Parliament adopted the law of 20 June 2013. The President a. Smith in 2013 on July 5.

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