The Amendments To The Public Procurement Law

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Publisko iepirkumu likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the amendments to the public procurement law to make public procurement law (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2006, nr. 10, 6. No; 2007; 2009, no. 17; Latvian journal 2010, 91 no; 2012, 24, 109 no; 2013, 129 no). the following amendments: 1. Add to article 81 by 8.1 points as follows: ' 81) in the cases specified in the law, to draw up the minutes of administrative offences and impose administrative penalties for violations of public procurement and public-private partnerships; ". 2. transitional provisions be supplemented with 50 and 51 points by the following: "50 to a corresponding amendment of the Latvian Code of administrative offences of procurement monitoring Bureau decision on administrative infringement of the public procurement and public-private partnerships in the field of administrative penalties: disqualification to take government officials — the executive positions in the following order: 1) the procurement monitoring Bureau, after the decision has become the undisputed and non-appealable, informed of all decisions taken by its authorities that punished the person occupying the position of the public official, as well as the higher authority (except in higher institutions or higher institution are not Cabinet) or capital owners or holders, if the institution is a corporation; 2) after it became the undisputed and non-appealable, convicted person is obliged to the period referred to in the decision not to occupy such positions of public officials whose duties include decision making public procurement and public-private partnerships in the field or procurement contracts, general arrangement, partnership contracts or concession contracts, as well as to take the relevant decisions and not to conclude the appropriate contracts. Government officials from such posts the person punished resign within one month from the date of the decision to become the undisputed and non-appealable. 51. The Cabinet of Ministers to 31 December 2013 shall prepare and submit to the Parliament a draft law, which provides for amendments to the Latvian Code of administrative offences, determining the administrative penalty, disqualification to take certain positions — order. " The law shall enter into force on the day following its promulgation. The Parliament adopted the law in 2013 on September 5. The President of the Parliament instead of the President's Āboltiņ 2013 in Riga on September 19.