Amendments To The Law "on Prevention Of Conflict Of Interest In The Activities Of Public Officials"

Original Language Title: Grozījumi likumā "Par interešu konflikta novēršanu valsts amatpersonu darbībā"

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the amendments to the law "on prevention of conflict of interest in the activities of public officials" to make the law "on prevention of conflict of interest in the activities of public officials" (Latvian Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2002, no. 11, no. 12; 2003; 2006, 2., no. 20; 2007, nr. 14; 2008, 24 no; 2009, 10, 24 no; Latvian journal, 2010, 94, no. 162; 2011, no. 76; 2012, 104 no; 2013, no 6; 2014, 32, 38, 228. no; 2015, no 107, 190; 2016, 31 No.) the following amendments: 1. in article 4: replace the first subparagraph of paragraph 4, the words "Office of the Director of the Parliament and his Deputy" with the words "Secretary-General" of the administration of the Parliament; Express 2.3 subparagraph, the first sentence as follows: "The State officials also considered persons who occupy the port Board Chairman, port manager, a member of the Board of the port of Liepaja special economic zone was the Chairman of the Management Board, the members of the Board or a Manager. '; to supplement the article with a fifth by the following: "(5) For Government officials to also be a person who temporarily perform other public officials in Office. With respect to the following public officials apply the provisions provided for in the law, which applies to public officials whose duties it performs. " 2. in article 7: replace the words "the fifth part of the parliamentary Office of the Director and his deputies" with the words "Secretary-General" of the administration of the Parliament; replace the seventh paragraph, the word "type" with the words "the regular force unit and the National Guard"; Add to article 9.1 of the part as follows: "(91) If public people employed in the institution of the person is asked to meet government officials in Office (article 5) and, therefore, in addition to the person described in this article is to be followed for the limitations of the offices connection and make this law article 8, referred to in the first and second subparagraphs, the head of the public body, the person on the national officer posts at run time but not more than 18 months may allow the post, if it does not create a conflict of interest and does not harm the public officers for duty directly. " 3. Supplement article 13, paragraph 6, third paragraph, after the word "of" with the words "soldiers and militia". 4. Turn off the article 17, first paragraph, the words "to engage in any form of advertising or". 5. Article 20: replace the words "in part 5.1 the parliamentary Office of the Director of" with the words "Secretary-General" of the administration of the Parliament; Supplement to the eighth article as follows: "(8) the Cabinet of Ministers issued the rules on the internal control requirements of corruption and conflict of interest risk prevention for the public people's bodies." 6. Supplement article 24 with 1.1 part as follows: "(11) the public officer who is also a lawyer, Declaration, providing information that is linked to the professional activities of lawyer: 1) provides information on other posts, which it holds in addition to government officials, as well as the post of company contracts or authorisation, which it carries out the obligations laid down or where the performance (the first part of this article, paragraph 3) showing only information about the lawyer's professional duties, and noted it as the other posts that it performs additional national officer post; 2) provides information for the reporting period in all types of income (the first part of this article 8) of a lawyer's professional activity, indicating the total amount of earned income but does not identify income sources — natural or legal persons; 3) does not indicate information about the transactions the lawyer's professional activities (the first part of this article). " 7. Supplement article 25, first subparagraph with the following sentence: "this law, in article 4, in the fifth paragraph of public officials shall submit to this law, the first paragraph of article 23 of the Declaration referred to in paragraph 1 only if the corresponding duties of a position for more than one month." 8. Turn off article 26, second sentence of the fourth subparagraph. 9. transitional provisions be supplemented with paragraph 27 and 28 by the following: "27. Those Liepaja special economic zone Board members that after Baltimore City Council delegation or in accordance with the recommendation of the Liepaja special economic zone law to 2016 30 April post approved by the Cabinet, the post issued connecting the permission of Liepāja City Council. 28. The Cabinet of Ministers to 2017 March 1 does this law, article 20 of the eighth provided. " The Saeima adopted the law on 9 June 2016. The President r. vējonis 2016 in Riga on June 29.