The Amendments To The Law On Mail

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Pasta likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law of mail do mail Act (Republic of Latvia Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 2009, No 14; Latvian journal, 2009, nr. 190; in 2012, 100 no; 13. No, 69; 2014, 98, 113. no; 2015, nr. 248.) the following amendments: 1. Express article 8 by the following: ' article 8. The right to provide a postal service Operator has the right to initiate the provision of postal services, if that article 9 of this law in the order is registered in the register of postal operators. If the Governor a month from the date of receipt of the notification of registration are not in writing informed the applicant of the registration statement of refusal to register it, it is considered that the merchant is a registered postal operator. " 2. in article 9: Add to the article name with the words "and the removal from the register"; Add to the first paragraph after the words "and their submission to the Regulator" by the words "and the order in which the economic operator is to be recorded in the register of postal operators or excluded from the register of postal operators"; to supplement the first sentence with the following: "the register of postal operators specify information for postal operators current supplied by the postal services."; to supplement the article with third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth by the following: "(3) to register mail register of authorised economic operator, the operator shall submit to the Regulator or a personal registration statement. (4) the Governor after receiving notice of the registration shall assess the enterprise register of the Republic of Latvia and the State revenue service is maintained in the registry and databases publicly available information about merchants and merchants recorded in the register of postal operators, if not in the fifth subparagraph of this article, these conditions. (5) the Governor shall not be registered in the register of postal operators the operator in the following cases: 1) the last date in the data updating State revenue service public tax debtor database posted, it has been found that the operator to date of receipt of the notification of registration, or a day when merchants intended to record in the register of postal operators, is to tax debt, including State social security payment owed a total of more than 150 euro; 2) by a decision of the competent authority has stopped the economic operator's economic activity; 3) is launched the operator's insolvency or winding-up proceedings; 4) postal operator in the cases laid down in this law are deprived of the right to provide a postal service and the postal service have the right to provide a period of prohibition. (6) the Regulator turns off the mail from postal operators economic operators registered in the following cases: 1) postal operator's economic activity is suspended; 2) postal operator is excluded from the commercial register; 3) received a mail notice of the operator's activities; 4) postal operator within 12 months from the date it is registered in the list of the postal operator has not started the provision of postal services; 5) postal operator in accordance with this law, Regulator, in accordance with the procedure laid down in article 12 of the information submitted in the reporting year has not provided postal services. (7) the Governor shall record in the register of postal operators that the postal operator for three years, deprived of the right to provide a postal service, on the basis of the State revenue service submitted a notice that the postal operator repeatedly punished during the year in accordance with the Latvian Code of administrative offences article 201.12 of 169.3 or that violated the excise taxable movement rules, or for smuggling and the State Revenue Service decision entered into force. The three-year time limit shall run from the date of the decision of the State revenue service entered into force. Date on which this decision takes effect, the State revenue service indicated in the notification submitted to the Regulators. (8) the Governor in making the entry in the register of postal operators under the seventh paragraph of this article and article 11 of this law, the first paragraph, shall state the grounds why the trader deprived of the right to provide a postal service, and the postal service prohibition law. (9) If the operator has refused the registration in the register of postal operators, or operator is excluded from the postal operator has the right to register, resubmit the registration statement, subject to the conditions referred to in the fifth subparagraph. (10) the Governor, before turning off mail merchants from the mail list of economic operators in accordance with the sixth subparagraph of this article, (4) and (5), at least 30 days advance written notice to the postal operator for exclusion from the list of postal operators and require it to provide details of their Regulator, or postal operator providing postal services. " 3. Replace article 11, third paragraph, the number and the word "the" in article 8 with a number and the words "article 9". 4. Replace article 30 of the sixth paragraph, the words "official publication" journal "by the words" in its homepage on the internet ". The Parliament adopted the law in 2016 on October 27. The President r. vējonis 2016 in Riga on November 15.

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