Amendments To The Law Of The Land

Original Language Title: Grozījumi Zemesgrāmatu likumā

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The Saeima has adopted and the President promulgated the following laws: the law of the land to make land registry Act (Republic of Latvia Supreme Council and Government Informant, 1993, 14./; The Saeima of the Republic of Latvia and the Cabinet of Ministers rapporteur, 1997, no. 5; in 1998, no. 23; 1999, no. 23; 2003, no. 9; 2004, no. 10; 2006, 6., no. 14; 2009, no. 10; Latvian journal nr. 206., 2010; 93. in 2011, no; 13. No, 188; 2014, 216, 228. no; 2016, 31 No.) the following amendments: 1. Express article 47 the second subparagraph by the following: "in the land of the fourth part of the first section (18 p.) extra points: 1) vendor, or a person who is good for shore; 2) the amount of capital the Latvian currency, which extends rights; 3 the debtor if the shore a) does not apply to all property, but only to the co-owners of the alleged part. "
2. Add to the third chapter of the third subsection as follows: "in the third SUBDIVISION of the INDIVIDUAL requirements of building rights to record 55.1 plot with building legislation hampers, simultaneously: 1) shall check the partition section of the third part of the first building on the right, the indicating open bin building right partition number; 2 building rights) revealed the recording partition, including the successive land partition number, building right in the short term "AT" and the sequence number. When the building entitled, the difficulty of the parcel compartment to the right of the building. building the right partition 55.2 found and news at the record in accordance with the requirements of the law on the right of building partitions and partition of the first paragraph of the first section: 1), the words "building right"; 2 building rights); 3) plot of land, subject to the right of the building cadastre and the area of the sign; 4) building (building), built on the basis of the law building, as the building rights an essential part and its cadastral designation; 5) difficult to parcel owner. Difficult to change the owner of the parcel, building the right partition on the amendment of the land owner. After building the right to 55.3 (section 1129.9 of the first part of the article), on the basis of the building (construction), the partition that contains the associated with the building of national land, and building the right switch partition. If the building right shall terminate the dispute (article 1129.7 of the civil code, first paragraph), the land registry Department of the judge the decision on building the right to termination shall be taken no later than one working day after expiry of the term of the right of the building, based on the request of the interested party, expressed by typing in the land rights building. " 3. in the first subparagraph of article 56.1: adding to paragraph 1 by the word "credit" with the words "(also a corporation whose legal basis is determined by the Development financial institutions act)"; Add to part with 1.1 as follows: ' 11) a credit institution who for the good of the land rights of the securities bar — on mortgages and related strengthening of the aprobežojum of the business of credit institutions in the laws governing the credit institution given in the company transition; ".
4. Turn off the article 60 of the second subparagraph of paragraph 3, the words "on the property rights of renewal".
5. Turn off the article 61 in the third paragraph, the words "Noting the request of the shore" sneak peek "date".
6. Add to article 62 of the fourth subparagraph by the following: "the land register Records building rights on land not separated part of the real, if its plan is not registered within the cadastre information system, information on part of that land registration of the cadastral information system of land registry department obtained from the cadastral information system." 7. Add to article 72 of the fourth paragraph as follows: "If this Act 56.1 1.1 of the first paragraph of article 50 referred to the volume of requests or other objective reasons it is not possible to consider the second part of this article, the time limit expires, the Chief of the land, this time limit may be extended to two months."
8. Supplement article 135, paragraph 4 as follows: "4) State Land Office and local authorities — for each building rights to the recording, transitions and deletion." The law shall enter into force on January 1, 2017. The Parliament adopted law 2016 10 November. The President r. vējonis 2016 in Riga on November 25.